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The Rinzai school (Japanese: 臨済宗, romanized: Rinzai-shū, simplified Chinese: 临济宗; traditional Chinese: 臨濟宗; pinyin: Línjì zōng),named after Linji Yixuan (J. Rinzai, died 866 CE) is one of three sects of Zen in Japanese Buddhism, along with Sōtō and Ōbaku. The Chinese Linji school of Chan Buddhism was first transmitted to Japan by Myōan Eisai (1141 –1215). Contemporary Japanese Rinzai is derived entirely from the Ōtōkan lineage transmitted through Hakuin Ekaku (1686–1769), who is a major figure in the revival of the Rinzai tradition.

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Rinzai, Freedom, Global Warming, Big Mind, Jukai
Aug 14 2021

Waking Up

Rinzai, Blue Cliff Record, Bell, Book of Serenity, Aspects of Practice
Jun 26 2021

Fukanzazengi, Part 2

Dragons, Non-thinking, Rinzai, soto, Shikantaza
May 15 2021

Teachers, Disciples

Silence, Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Transmission, Rinzai
Feb 06 2021


Silence, Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Transmission, Rinzai
Feb 06 2021

Way-Seeking Mind Talk

Lineage, Rinzai, Precepts, Interview, Kinhin
Jan 25 2021

Letting Go

Oneness, Emotions, Commitment, Book of Serenity, Five Ranks, Instruction, Posture,...
Sep 26 2020

Drifting Thoughts, Stepping Back - Temporal and Eternal Mind

Big Mind, Ego, Karma, Gratitude, Discrimination, Samadhi, Renewal, Rinzai, Interview...
Jan 19 2019

Just Me

Describe, Concentration, Instruction, Ordinary Mind, Gratitude, Rinzai, Aspects of...
Jul 28 2018

Everything is Broken

Bodhisattva Vow, War, Happiness, Vows, Buddha Nature, Renunciation, Rinzai,...
Jun 23 2018

Enlightenment Zazen Comfort True Comfort

Thoroughness, Four Noble Truths, Practice Period, Attachment, Composure, Buddha...
May 05 2018

Whole-Hearted Practice

Buddha Mind, Dharma Transmission, Samadhi, Birth-and-Death, Rinzai, soto, Chanting,...
Mar 17 2018


Fukanzazengi, Dragons, Berkeley Zen Center, Instruction, zen meditation, Posture,...
Jan 28 2018

Defying Gravity 2

Birth-and-Death, Dharma Transmission, Composure, Rinzai, Transmission, Culture, Lay,...
Dec 16 2017

Save the World Save Yourself

Serial: BZ-02586

Day 5


Impermanence, Berkeley Zen Center, Harmonizing, Composure, Rinzai, Priest, Mandala,...
Dec 07 2017

The Point of Zazen

Gaining Mind, Dragons, Demons, Beginners, Peace, Mindfulness, Rinzai, Samadhi,...
Aug 05 2017

Dogen's Uji: Time Being Part 3

Duality, Buddha Nature, training, Nirvana, Rinzai, Obstacles, Lotus Sutra, Culture,...
Feb 12 2017

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind: Study Yourself

Serial: BZ-02507


Aspects of Practice, Teacher-and-Student, Bowing, Practice Period, Rinzai, Dragons,...
Oct 23 2016

Master Ma is Unwell

Serial: BZ-02503

Koan Class 1

Birth-and-Death, Bodhidharma, Fox, Book of Serenity, Lineage, Buddha Mind,...
Oct 10 2016

Effort: The Book of Serenity and Not Forcing Things

Book of Serenity, Right Effort, American, Gaining Mind, Duality, Posture, Harmonizing...
Jul 09 2016

Family Ties

Serial: BZ-02445

Aspects of Practice


Ordinary Mind, Aspects of Practice, Practice Period, Silent Illumination, Five Ranks...
Nov 14 2015

The Stone Bridge of Joshu

Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Practice Period, stubbornness, Tassajara,...
May 31 2014

Sandokai Lecture One

Serial: BZ-02278

Title and Couplet 1, Rohatsu Day 1

Big Mind, Platform Sutra, Discrimination, Oneness, Lineage, Absolute-and-Relative,...
Dec 02 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Introduction to Bendowa

Aspects of Practice, true dharma, Transmission, Ordinary Mind, Dharma Transmission,...
Oct 14 2012


Buddha Mind, Birth-and-Death, Peace, Dependent Origination, Daily Life, Building,...
Jul 21 2012

The Cosmic Frog

Hindrances, Big Mind, Discrimination, confusion, Duality, Posture, Buddha Nature, Non...
Dec 08 2011

Just Enough Problems

Karma, Big Mind, Bell, Offering, Interdependence, Rinzai, Enemies, soto, Silence,...
Dec 07 2011


Mindfulness, Zazen Mind, Four Foundations, Instruction, Concentration, Rinzai,...
Jul 23 2011

Just This - Dogen's Fukanzazengi

Serial: BZ-01161C

Have Know Kidzendo, Saturday Lecture

Fukanzazengi, Dogen, Duality, Dragons, Posture, Non-duality, Instruction, Buddha...
Sep 27 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

September 27th, 2008, Serial No. 01564

Non-duality, Duality, Dragons, Posture, Buddha Nature, confusion, Instruction, Lay,...
Sep 27 2008

March 22nd, 2008, Serial No. 01121

Silent Illumination, Discrimination, Intuition, Duality, Teacher-and-Student, Non-...
Mar 22 2008

Find Out the Root of the Problem for Yourself

Serial: BZ-01118

Dokan and Gyoji: Let one teacher help you find your solution, Saturday Lecture

Continuous Practice, Aspects of Practice, Continuous, training, Intuition, Gaining...
Mar 01 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

The Shape of Buddhanature: Essence in Form

Serial: BZ-01100

Clarifying Illumination of Enlightenment, Rohatsu Day 2

Practice, Enlightenment, Humility, Buddha Nature, Buddha Mind, Don't Know Mind,...
Dec 03 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

Seigen Gyoshi asks Daikan Eno about:

Serial: BZ-01441

Falling Into Classifications, Sesshin Day 2

Seigen Gyoshi, Daikan Eno, Discrimination, Gaining Mind, Four Noble Truths, Teacher-...
Jun 21 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

Six Factors of Zazen

Serial: BZ-01431

One-Day Sitting

Zazen, Concentration, Birth-and-Death, Daily Life, Emotions, Samadhi, Posture,...
Apr 15 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

Dogen's Acupuncture Point of Zazen

Serial: BZ-01423

Beating the cart or beating the horse, Saturday Lecture

Zazenshin, Dogen, Lineage, Separation, Dharma Transmission, Dogen, Transmission,...
Mar 03 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

Enlightenment as Everyday Life; "Nothing Special"

Serial: BZ-01421

Koun Ejô and Suzuki-roshi commentaries, Sesshin Day 3

Enlightenment, Koun Ejô, Samadhi, Daily Life, Thoroughness, Continuous, Gaining Mind...
Feb 19 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

Commentary on "Brown Rice is Just Right"

Serial: BZ-01401

Suzuki-rôshi's lecture in "Not Always So", Rohatsu Day 1

Suzuki Roshi, Teacher-and-Student, Pure Existence, Monastic Practice, Sixth Patriarch...
Nov 27 2006
Berkeley Zen Center

Aspects of Practice

Serial: BZ-01392

Fall 2006, Saturday Lecture

Aspects of Practice, Practice Position, Daily Life, Offering, Aspects of Practice,...
Oct 14 2006
Berkeley Zen Center

September 24th, 2006, Serial No. 01388

Intimacy, Dharma Transmission, Blue Cliff Record, Lineage, Transmission, Lotus Sutra...
Sep 24 2006

Blue Cliff Record: Case #10

Serial: BZ-01384

"You Empty-Headed Fool", Sesshin Day 2

BCR-10, Darkness and Light, Buddha Nature, Duality, Rinzai, Birth-and-Death, Daily...
Sep 03 2006
Berkeley Zen Center


Serial: BZ-01217

Part I, Sesshin Day 2

Fukanzazengi, Silent Illumination, Lineage, Discrimination, Daily Life, Sanctuary,...
Feb 19 2006
Berkeley Zen Center

February 4th, 2006, Serial No. 01213

Priest, Silence, Discrimination, Aspects of Practice, Practice Period, Beginners,...
Feb 04 2006


Serial: BZ-01211

Saturday Lecture

Bell, Bell, Chanting, Subject-and-Object, Separation, Buddha Nature, Bodhisattva...
Jan 21 2006
Berkeley Zen Center

Blue Cliff Record: Case #86: "Everyone Has Their Light"

Serial: BZ-01205

Temple Storehouse, Temple Gate, Rohatsu Day 5

Ummon, BCR-86, Doubt, Buddha Nature, Darkness and Light, Buddha Ancestors, Hindrances...
Dec 02 2005
Berkeley Zen Center

Faith and Doubt Types

Serial: BZ-01203B

Rohatsu Day 3

Faith, Doubt, Doubt, Soto Zen, Rinzai, Karma, soto, Sixth Patriarch, Platform Sutra,...
Nov 30 2005
Berkeley Zen Center

October 23rd, 2005, Serial No. 01195

Practice Period, Mahayana, Aspects of Practice, Hindrances, Ego, Intimacy, Rinzai,...
Oct 23 2005

Mumonkan: Case #3

Serial: BZ-01194B

Gutei's One Finger, Saturday Lecture

Gutei, MM-3, Renewal, Sanctuary, Rinzai, Bodhidharma, Hindrances, confusion, Hate,...
Oct 22 2005
Berkeley Zen Center

September 25th, 2005, Serial No. 01190

Lineage, Chanting, Rinzai, Lay Practice, Dharma Transmission, Teacher-and-Student,...
Sep 25 2005

Breathing Out

Serial: BZ-01186

Sesshin Day 2

Breath, Pure Existence, Renunciation, Buddha Nature, Karma, Don't Know Mind, Big...
Sep 04 2005
Berkeley Zen Center