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Buddha Nature

Buddha Nature, Doubt, Berkeley Zen Center, Continuous
Mar 27 2021

Dongshan Class 2

Five Ranks, Describe, Duality, Global Warming, Zazen Mind, Light-and-Darkness,...
Sep 01 2020

Dongshan Class 2

Five Ranks, Describe, Duality, Global Warming, Zazen Mind, Light-and-Darkness,...
Aug 31 2020

Dongshan Class 1

First Principle, Transmission, Subject-and-Object, Oneness, Heart Sutra, Continuous,...
Aug 25 2020

Using At Hand

Sanctuary, Bell, Book of Serenity, Building, Oneness, Separation, Zoom, Patience,...
May 23 2020

Copenhagen Teachings

Conversation, Funeral, Intimacy, Equanimity, Attachment, Birth-and-Death, American,...
Sep 14 2019

Don't Be Stingy

Precepts, Lay, Separation, Lay Practice, Dharma Transmission, Don't Know Mind,...
Apr 20 2019

Cypress Tree in the Garden

Bodhidharma, Priest, Greed, Conversation, Buddha Nature, Interview, Oneness, Observe...
Mar 02 2019

Paramitas: Dana

Dana Paramita, Attachment, Branching Streams, Offering, Right Speech, Precepts, Greed...
Nov 18 2017

Time Being

Demons, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Bell, Birth-and-Death, Addiction, Enemies, Greed,...
Mar 25 2016

We All Cover the Ground Equally

Oneness, Four Noble Truths, Practice Period, Buddha Nature, Heart Sutra, Describe,...
Feb 07 2015

Eight Awarenesses and the Easeful Life of Ryokan

Eight Awarenesses, Karma, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Vows, Building, Transmission,...
Nov 30 2013

Don't Slam the Door

Precepts, Buddha Ancestors, Gratitude, Teacher-and-Student, Bell, Vows, Attachment,...
Mar 02 2013


Buddha Mind, Birth-and-Death, Peace, Dependent Origination, Daily Life, Building,...
Jul 21 2012

Encountering Form in Daily Life

Heart Sutra, Aspects of Practice, Offering, Intimacy, Observe, Bell, Mindfulness,...
Oct 08 2011

It's All Right Here

Practice Period, Ordinary Mind, resistance, Branching Streams, Lay Practice, Platform...
Jun 25 2011

The Inanimate Teaching of the Dharma

Bodhisattva Vow, Posture, Subject-and-Object, Ego, Continuous, Separation,...
Feb 20 2010

This Little Light of Mine: Serial No. 01093, Side B

Serial: BZ-01093B

Includes Kid Zendo

Lineage, Continuous, Offering, Funeral, Echo, Gratitude, Equanimity, Transmission,...
Feb 21 2009

This Little Light of Mine

Offering, Lineage, Continuous, Funeral, Echo, Gratitude, Transmission, Discrimination...
Feb 21 2009

Traditional Zen Spirit: Zen Mind Beginner's Mind: Serial No. 01071

Zen Mind Beginner's Mind, Right Effort, Monkey Mind, Posture, Buddha Nature,...
Nov 01 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Traditional Zen Spirit

Right Effort, Monkey Mind, Posture, Buddha Nature, Karma, Practice Period, Teacher-...
Nov 01 2008