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Priest, Anger, Karma, Shikantaza, Delusion
Mar 06 2021

The Three Natures

Buddha Nature, Birth-and-Death, War, Bodhisattva Way, Precepts, Dharma Transmission,...
Apr 25 2020

The Blue Mountain and the White Cloud

American, Teacher-and-Student, Interdependence, Lotus Sutra, Culture, Priest, Big...
Jul 27 2019

Whole-Hearted Practice

Buddha Mind, Dharma Transmission, Samadhi, Birth-and-Death, Rinzai, soto, Chanting,...
Mar 17 2018

Open Your Intuition

Intuition, Posture, Right Speech, Forgiveness, Demons, Subject-and-Object, Aspects of...
Nov 04 2017

The Point of Zazen

Gaining Mind, Dragons, Demons, Beginners, Peace, Mindfulness, Rinzai, Samadhi,...
Aug 05 2017

Not Always So

Religion, Priest, Gratitude, Ordination, Teacher-and-Student, Enemies, Culture,...
Mar 18 2017

Seeing and Non-Seeing

Buddha Nature, Impermanence, Monastic Practice, Aspects of Practice, Platform Sutra,...
Apr 12 2015

Case 16 of Denkoroku

Priest, Absolute-and-Relative, Mindfulness, Heart Sutra, American, Lay, Conversation...
Apr 13 2014

The Life of Vow

Vows, Aspects of Practice, Practice Period, Buddha Mind, Subject-and-Object, Daily...
Nov 02 2013

Zen and Psychotherapy

Monastic Practice, Buddha Nature, Samadhi, Mindfulness, War, Priest, Dragons, Aspects...
Aug 03 2013

Samdhinirmocana Sutra

Posture, Oneness, Duality, Subject-and-Object, Mahayana, Non-violence, Heart Sutra,...
Apr 14 2013

Mindfulness and Mindlessness

Mindfulness, Hindrances, Patience, Four Foundations, Posture, Hate, Aspects of...
Jan 19 2013

The Self Settling the Self on the Self

Birth-and-Death, Aspects of Practice, Chanting, Posture, Teacher-and-Student,...
Nov 10 2012

Mother and Father in Zen Practice

Birth-and-Death, Fox, Intuition, Impermanence, Attachment, Teacher-and-Student,...
Aug 11 2012

The Cosmic Frog

Hindrances, Big Mind, Discrimination, confusion, Duality, Posture, Buddha Nature, Non...
Dec 08 2011

Being Time

Beginners, Ordination, Mindfulness, Buddha Nature, Priest, Funeral, Gratitude,...
Dec 05 2011

Non-Attachment to Buddha Nature Is Buddha Nature

Priest-and-Lay, Monastic Practice, Buddha Nature, Priest, Lay, Transmission, Non-...
Nov 05 2011

Lineage Precept Vein - Not One, Not Two

Transmission, Precepts, Intuition, Monastic Practice, Dharma Transmission, Lineage,...
Jan 15 2011

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Mindfulness, Posture, Hindrances, Anger, Priest, Concentration, Subject-and-Object,...
Aug 08 2009

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind

Aspects of Practice, Posture, Big Mind, Practice Period, Composure, Anger, Ego,...
Nov 15 2008

Shusho Hossen

Serial: BZ-00630


Giving-and-Taking, Bodhidharma, Absolute-and-Relative, Dragons, stubbornness,...
Jun 28 1992
Berkeley Zen Center