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Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Hate, Evil, War, Enemies, Diversity
Jan 18 2021

Courage, Part 2

Doubt, Buddha Ancestors, Attachment, Renunciation, Sangha, Continuous, Hate,...
Oct 31 2020

Virtual Skit Night

Offering, Zoom, Hate, Posture, American, Lay, Transmission, Discrimination,...
Jul 13 2020

Teaching Truth

War, Enemies, American, Ego, Evil, Dharma Transmission, Transmission, Hate, Offering...
Jul 11 2020

Your North Star Precept

Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, Hate, Renewal, training, Composure, Interview,...
Dec 14 2019

The Meaning of Shakymuni Buddha's Enlightenment, Part 1: Hsin Hsin Ming

Passions, confusion, Hate, Sanctuary, Diversity, Composure, Dragons, Non-duality,...
Dec 02 2019

Untitled Talk

Greed, Tassajara, Hate, Anger, Renunciation, Demons, Gratitude, Impermanence,...
Nov 09 2019

Choices and Preferences

Passions, Eka, Heart Sutra, uchiyama, Attachment, Bodhidharma, confusion, Describe,...
Sep 21 2019

Making a Buddha

training, Daily Life, Separation, Hate, War, Bell, Culture, Building, Anger, Priest...
Sep 20 2019

Beloved Community (Study Sesshin PM)

Serial: BZ-02698

Study Sesshin PM


Enemies, Hate, Lotus Sutra, Evil, Bodhisattva Way, Vows, Oneness, Bodhisattva Vow,...
Sep 07 2019
Berkeley Zen Center


Hate, Mindfulness, Big Mind, Equanimity, Duality, Monastic Practice, Interdependence...
Jun 01 2019

Nirvana the Waterfall

Oneness, Composure, Nirvana, Big Mind, Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Commitment,...
May 25 2019

Hsin Hsin Ming

Big Mind, Hate, Duality, Anger, Hsin Hsin Ming, Addiction, Greed, Discrimination,...
Mar 16 2019

Way-Seeking Mind Talk

Death-and-Dying, Berkeley Zen Center, Conversation, Hate, Vows, Precepts, Lay...
Dec 14 2018

State of the Union

Composure, Politics, American, Demons, Silence, Greed, Passions, Evil, Conversation,...
Jun 30 2018

Triple Treasure: Buddha Dharma Sangha

Practice Period, Buddha Nature, Peace, War, Intuition, Equanimity, Passions, Hate...
Jun 02 2018

The Position of Shuso

Practice Period, Big Mind, Hate, Intimacy, Conversation, Culture
May 25 2018

Sun-Faced Buddha, Moon-Faced Buddha

Serial: BZ-02611

 Shuso Talk


Book of Serenity, Blue Cliff Record, Hate, Non-attachment, Don't Know Mind,...
May 12 2018

Faith In Practice

Karma, Buddha Ancestors, Confession-and-Repentance, Doubt, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Evil...
Mar 24 2018

Beloved Community

Community, Non-violence, Vows, War, Hindrances, Evil, Bell, Conversation, Hate,...
Jan 20 2018

The Self in Times of Turmoil

Conversation, Hate, Observe, Evil, Culture, Sanctuary, Instruction, Emotions,...
Aug 26 2017

Duality as a Cause of Suffering

Lotus Sutra, Duality, Greed, War, Peace, Evil, Non-duality, Nirvana, Samadhi, Hate...
Jul 22 2017

Working with Our Mind

Mindfulness, Ego, Peace, Hate, Anger, Continuous, Describe, Culture, Lay
Jul 15 2017

Practice with Earth Day

Anger, true dharma, Attachment, Hate, Building, Avalokiteshvara, Buddha Nature,...
Apr 22 2017

Joshu Cuts the Cat

Duality, Buddha Nature, Book of Serenity, Hate, Demons, Judgement, Peace, Priest,...
Mar 04 2017

Dogen's Uji: Time Being Part 2

Continuous, Karma, Karmic Consciousness, Obstacles, Echo, Enemies, Transmission,...
Feb 12 2017

The Five Hijabs

Evil, Religion, Hate, Building, Describe, Attachment
Jan 21 2017

The Year of the Rooster 2017

Addiction, Sanctuary, War, Politics, New Year, Composure, Patience, Hate, Intuition,...
Dec 17 2016

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind: Attachment, Non-Attachment, or Universal Friendliness

Big Mind, Oneness, Attachment, Hate, Instruction, Absolute-and-Relative, Forgiveness...
Nov 12 2016

Happy Birthday

Karma, Dragons, Hate
Sep 17 2016

Hsin Hsin Ming: More to Come

Serial: BZ-02484

Sesshin Day 5


Buddha Mind, Emotions, Attachment, Anger, Hate, Don't Know Mind, Big Mind,...
Jun 12 2016

Hsin Hsin Ming

Serial: BZ-02474

Class 1 PP -  edited


Big Mind, Subject-and-Object, Platform Sutra, Attachment, Discrimination, Non-...
May 05 2016

Zen and Soul

Bodhisattva Ceremony, Vows, Anger, Right Speech, Big Mind, Greed, Hate, Ego, Karma,...
Jan 23 2016

What Is Acceptance

Forgiveness, Two Truths, Dependent Origination, Anger, Heart Sutra, Darkness and...
Aug 08 2015

The Purpose of Buddhism

Vows, Karma, Repentance, Bodhisattva Vow, Hate, training, Greed, Lay, Building, War...
Mar 21 2015

Joshu's Way Is Not Difficult

Serial: BZ-02378

Shuso talk

Attachment, Non-duality, Ordinary Mind, Duality, Don't Know Mind, Subject-and-...
Jun 20 2014

Kyogen's Man Up A Tree

Ego, Subject-and-Object, Heart Sutra, Sanctuary, Building, Funeral, Passions, Evil,...
May 24 2014

Case 17 Book of Serenity

Serial: BZ-02351


SER-17, Intuition, Continuous, Discrimination, Observe, Equanimity, Hate, Duality,...
Feb 21 2014
Berkeley Zen Center

Suffering and Faith

Anger, Death-and-Dying, Four Noble Truths, Practice Position, Duality, Don't...
Feb 15 2014

An Experience of Feeling Wrong

Anger, War, Peace, Evil, Conversation, Culture, Passions, Continuous, Hate, American...
Jan 31 2014

Brain Washing 1,7,3,5

Serial: BZ-02339


Dogen, Tenzo Kyokun, Anger, Birth-and-Death, Emotions, Daily Life, Hate, Dragons,...
Dec 03 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Zazen Instruction

Serial: BZ-02338


Zazen, Posture, Pure Existence, Discrimination, Five Ranks, Religion, Emotions,...
Dec 02 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Blue Cliff Record Case 89

Serial: BZ-02318

Find Out for Yourself, Saturday Lecture

Priest, Avalokiteshvara, BCR-89, Intuition, Instruction, Priest, Daily Life, Precepts...
Jul 06 2013
Berkeley Zen Center


Serial: BZ-02315

Working with Pain, Sesshin

Discrimination, Pain, Birth-and-Death, Attachment, Conversation, Bodhidharma, Enemies...
Jun 21 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

On The Bodhisattva Ceremony

Serial: BZ-02309

Karma, Saturday Lecture

Katagiri Roshi, Karma, Confession-and-Repentance, Precepts, Repentance, Karma, Peace...
May 25 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

The Noble Truth of Suffering

Four Noble Truths, Happiness, Daily Life, Patience, Silence, Conversation, Hate...
Apr 13 2013

Six Qualities from the Abhidhamma

Serial: BZ-02289

Tranquility, Agility, Pliancy, Workableness, Proficiency, Saturday Lecture

No-Self, Abhidharma, Zazen, Daily Life, Composure, Nirvana, Hindrances, Attachment,...
Feb 02 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Mindfulness and Mindlessness

Mindfulness, Hindrances, Patience, Four Foundations, Posture, Hate, Aspects of...
Jan 19 2013

The Dharma of Martin Luther King

Non-violence, Liberation, Interdependence, Global Warming, Anger, Hate, Buddha Nature...
Jan 12 2013

Sandokai Lecture Four

Serial: BZ-02281

Couplet 5, Rohatsu Day 4

Bell, Practice Position, Discrimination, Practice Period, Chanting, Subject-and-...
Dec 05 2012
Berkeley Zen Center