Your North Star Precept

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that time
lots of a cross
from running for about a week from la mancha solstice and also time
hard title take the sanford want it now
about a week past will hot summer session what seemed like it went on for office
it's actually called wonderful to be immersed in and i come up with or hand
i know for glad that we could have done this together services for last saturday ah of our a program for a decade
vases from prepared by twenty twenty ah
i guess i was thinking this fine with
not long any for is now forty six years behind us ah although actually to wow of it is precisely what was happening now
a lot
this is the last saturday of a formal program it just to save a whole have informed the thousand on my toes and probably next saturday tell and you can sign up on the bulletin protect open the window to make it available for people will just saying on those days
and also
from more sitting in a kitchen is on magazine
and the tools are wonderful yeah okay
ah tan plump of hong kong i think maybe it's lasted in some ah
the of events in various newspapers and online so people come have i don't know and com signal person may nineteen chosen may have tea and then i have a ah
we have a celebration worthy ah
but ah well right out
they are hindrances that would like to release he was coming here and replace them in oh
riverside's bonfire that we have and was on
unsolved the name cards about the people who have died here before and after midnight and then we go and have of hannah
relatively low key party
whence monster
no way
describing substance and their partners sugar
so please come and join us for that it's really wonderful location and we will welcome you and take care of you
i just via
the bodhisattva morning which is more patterns and renewal of the bodhisattva precepts
and i've been thinking about that and i wanna try something
all different to this morning
my bad as a context
seven something about the yeah
the notion of the precepts as our north star
ah and mrs something that bothers teachers has spoken of a lot
silver star ah
of history
and cosmological history ah
the social history about the north star and in astronomy astrology cosmology and so forth ah
northstar is also it's polaris it's the pole star ah and when it's known for his it generally or
the holds of possession that's very close to it hold still in the sky in and watch it in the northern hemisphere
ah and i saw online as i was researching this yesterday it's like ah
time-lapse photography what it shows us if you focus on and north star yet on the center and all the other stars
the the trial as the earth is going round ah yes circles around and one store i don't quite more as at it's it's really it's really beautiful so the entire mobile sky moves around this point
ah because it's all applaud
no exactly at the restaurant or at paul ah so much the wrong
donna worth
yeah remember ah
yeah him
our were drinking gourd
ah from that goes back town boss where it goes back to burma samurai in civil rights movement is a question of way while it's provenance was but proposal was advised to people who are on her soaps were escaping from the underground on the underground railroad
the who are they not a ticket north and so ah that would follow
a drink and go up with a bit deeper
and the term top stories of the depot if you follow over alignment ah it points to the north star so ah gets kind of the the message of that song to gets the that's the bidens you know a naturally accomplice you just need to know
woolworths store is to have a new direction
he also has your has your first paris and you stretch your arms sideways my right hand is gonna be pointing to missed
at last count is coming pointing to west
a strong land rather say in the northern hemisphere
it was interesting work to polaris that worked at me sad as a star it's like four hundred and thirty light years away
but it's actually
a triple star system
ah it's it's three stars so it's like ah catherine been a supporter what a tragedy or and framework pages three and one
and what's that that's what we're saying
so this cosmology was wrong improvement ah through every culture
and you'll find it an improbable time in india but then ah in and on tantric buddhism and also and then he a chinese buddhism and was involved in town for shingon
and attended school in japan
they they had a daddy
more can both add some who was ah
the bani saad for
basically who were presented and resided ah yeah
in polaris in the north star
morgan was a protector
protected all of us and my song often depicted ah
not a sword a sword of wisdom standing on a turtle
ah of gonna get around but not not so fast
but by steadily
and that's just the wilson
i just think atmospheric here ah ha
the real question is ah
how do i ask north star
and the are conscious of kick i took note on as develop the site this discussion for the precepts as a whole i like the what store
the riding the by orient our life
as my hand sauce and as since september she says the precepts are not commandments
fascist guides by watch me adjust our minds and north star yes
something council's direction it's not a destination
that's about that's an important point because it's not a destination you know never
going to arrive at the north star
you're never going to arrive at our young bodies at some perfection
of the precepts where he never strong from him but in fact
this blog or practice just like the wanna sit with our barney's exam
the lines wander off when our bodies wander off if i find cannot star
what can i try to the direction that we intend to be moving in
he's just a part of
why in cash it
i'm gonna try important events reliable
because mobile land and abroad on land and some kind of uncharted ah wilderness or ah
a year on the same ah we can always find the north star
can want i walked ourselves in relationship to that
my press would kidnap hand smoke so few steps of the precepts as a whole and as the north stars has an orange store
ng something that will be dying
a chaplaincy training program where i've been working for the last seven years yes
halloween even a one or more tightly
more back
what one might consider
runs north star present one song
the facade that
drawing from from all the bodhisattva precepts like you've just recited and a renewed ah
what is the essence of bad in terms of law practice in terms of how you off or how you want to live
and ah what's the essence of that
why not stay you can return him when as is inevitable we straight away
what was it was a temple we lose their composure when their patients
i spot perhaps on skillfully
yep on that occasion
it's really helpful to have something a principle
can i travel channel and it's also very helpful for me i find it this is what we've been domain and or a chaplaincy training or to actually have it in words for oneself
tobacco tax wasn't herself so that you can hear myself saying it and redirect yourself
so does i can't have had a couple of examples ah
for some small for my a non-stop precept that has come up and came up how house
dialogue why
and out of on
then sometimes challenge in reality of of community life
more people rather than inside the pacing santa money or whatever coming near in for people who are in need
and they come to your bar or they've come to you in the street or whatever and the same
more vast and it's
it seems until fall overwhelmed by that and since at to to actually
follow the rules on which the person maybe overwhelmed
and were more responsive were sensitive to that we we get that
principal when i've been working more than a conclusion i both have been in a row row we don't talk about it very much anymore
ah because ever get somebody close but it boils down to have ah for roads
i will not abandon you
when someone comes in vast mad
i have my mobile phone tonight what the person
ah first i need
but i won't cut away from them
and you know i don't donate a more able to meet every need but
i was nineteen i had and you know you can knock on our door or class at any time
hello i don't make an offer
samsung if it is true
in context them obasanjo ah
the founder was not going to be able to supply everyone who walks in here with food and clothing and housing
but while i turn anyone away from the practice and was fundamentally what we have to offer ah so that i want abandoned you
i thought soldier
so not
ten episodes your
ghost or pressure but i've taken as a current teaching ah number such law
katrine anyone or anything like an object
so about to trump whatever one encounters robots whether it's a person for roberts this cup to travel as part of myself
so tetradic subjectively
plants are examples
i'm sure
examples ah and
what i would like to down
yes all time malice take a few moments for some insurers to take a few moments and consider what my vulnerable at store and precept
think about putting words
we'll take a couple of minutes to do that however likely to turn to somebody cause more next time and will take a few minutes from downtown french person to share with over frozen
and a
enamel switch
if you're so inclined maybe we can hear some of them so it's
find your stab a posture
when you press
how they just kept a couple of minutes and sounds yes

my running
i don't want to go
i i just want the
how how i want you to find what is the same show was central to you as a human being to live
personalize it for him to set makes sense okay so let's have a couple of minutes of silence in
how you out of it

what's your folks and just
improves on that for a minute

how can just over time
so find someone close tail and turn towards them and let's take about two minutes ah
this tell our to share decide which one goes for share what you are most toy preceptors and if the person so just hang out a second for personal listening needs clarification and for the first person has said it and maybe explicate and a little
find ask as question or to process was love at the time and then the name was given a cure will switch okay begin

right right
yeah like this business concerns
and zero

he please sweatshirt presenters
earlier ticket
good finisher just
turn back towards the front of forward

the to had the men can see and how many of your faces so does would have a the two people have sympathy would like to share
what have a lot of exploitation by camping same in an interview to say someone a word comes from fine but watch much be concise cozy
he'll speak up
your blessing to and
my bad
has confidence in massachusetts done medicine without getting attached
see them realize a to wear a robe verbalizing is useful because in the situation was ah
j a conceptual contemptuous can be a conventional energy or you need to build yourself a poor message and photo over my experience that that works for me it's like mana ganda hana table can
is something cool and i consider myself that my and me
yeah yeah i'm going so he didn't do it i'm just i'm just saying rye or
i'm encouraging people to find hundred and roads and just a feeling
yeah well the over works in progress
i will not turn away yeah
thank you
branched off season
down time with his body
so dances food is medicine and keep says to expound the body to expand the bible with the body it was this body and foremost great yeah food as medicine is ah
each other from the bermuda
top bad because who was saying what's the most important things the most important thing is getting
but it's a little talk okay
something i've been working with are not thirty years i am free i am clear and healthy i am here and when i get go off each of those years ago his word and great meaning that if i can do it in my lucky in my cycling in anything vidmate when i'm going to a
he listen near my brain would be going i agree i agree or not yet again
morpheus strong a graves i loved i am all came about
he kept each woman love
the was provided
finding joy in your vomit

could also have a party with console to see my joy
the of us know
trial was to a small piece of magic toy action in interaction
so we're both in magic
oh sir
because our paper
say to myself
he you with the kind i guess

martian surface i and
yeah situations where does not mean they are to and the kindness faster you know that's good this is good
social on
on the business
where did you do
this guy from
oh no
so sky falls power for water
that fuck that's like a
the cattle or women palm it has gotta like afghanistan she throws herself at the bottom of the he says running a brewing and translates i'm helping
four percents but it's a
yeah actually was mobile store with that that i wrote about
so a few people and so a lot of durable not their chopsticks no chopsticks for a time and a after what happened for four times by several wash and photos chopsticks and onto before
here's happy
you can tell me
that's it
this cherished
that's that's what seven was i try
you should have there
why will transition can lecture episode facilities
as a potential
minister well finance answers curves in yeah
well asked why
started i can see what like to work
now if you're going to free
a straightforward
for has done fast
that's got lotsa
some people would describe it that way
what a tower
grace would i hate
what i hate
so can i ask a question of intent
animals has to suffer the
behind the inquiry so i'd tell them
yeah maybe it's not appropriate but i wonder if a want to my boss what we hate
so we have
think of what i mean by a brazier
i about that
i couldn't say embrace would i resist and then that would have sounded like in college but i decided to stay stronger what i eat
i need it
headliners wires
my chest i do it
in order to
become free of haiti
you for clarification
yeah thank you
charles to
haha i will not run away from this step
yeah that's
yeah that was was some of my and checks i think but it's true angeles to yeah it's a time because better it had its we have to hold the rope ourselves well
all of the ocean says
a pattern with me
maxwell a time
what's going to want to run away
that's what i looked at by i push to run away but can be able to start
to able to make time stand still
just don't know to stand her ground ah
and find comfort there that's what a time that's that's that's wrong a strong practice
so ah
it's quite wonderful i just so wonderful water ah the interact distressed became will fly
oh of the can ah i'm not sure anything else needs to be said about this so tangible much enjoy it i am during to show that they ensure even though the truth was that time i have
over the last so i had more trouble come to the zendo ah
which has revealed more or less found