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The Blue Cliff Record (Chinese: 碧巖錄; pinyin: Bìyán Lù; Japanese: 碧巌録; rōmaji: Hekiganroku; Korean: 벽암록; romaja: Byeokamrok; Vietnamese: Bích nham lục) is a collection of Chan Buddhist kōans originally compiled in Song China in 1125, during the reign of Emperor Huizong, and then expanded into its present form by Chan master Yuanwu Keqin (1063–1135; Japanese pronunciation: Engo).

The book includes Yuanwu's annotations and commentary on 100 Verses on Old Cases (頌古百則), a compilation of 100 kōans collected by Xuedou Chongxian (980–1052; 雪竇重顯, Setcho). Xuedou selected 82 of these from The Jingde Record of the Transmission of the Lamp, with the remainder selected from the Yunmen Guanglu (雲門廣録, Extensive Record of Yunmen Wenyan, 864–949).

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Waking Up

Rinzai, Blue Cliff Record, Bell, Book of Serenity, Aspects of Practice
Jun 26 2021

This Little Light Of Mine

Shosan, Blue Cliff Record, Bodhisattva Vow, Dokusan, Freedom
Jun 20 2021

Sojun And JiJuYu Zanmai

Samadhi, uchiyama, Ego, Blue Cliff Record, Tassajara
Mar 13 2021

Teachers, Disciples

Silence, Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Transmission, Rinzai
Feb 06 2021


Silence, Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Transmission, Rinzai
Feb 06 2021

Alive Or Dead

Blue Cliff Record, Diversity, Tassajara, Bodhisattva Vow
Jan 16 2021

Birth and Death, Part 1

Birth-and-Death, Don't Know Mind, Blue Cliff Record, Light-and-Darkness, Posture...
Dec 19 2020

Women Ancestors Class 3

Blue Cliff Record, Gratitude, Soto Zen, soto, Lineage, Vows, Transmission, Culture,...
Dec 01 2020

Looking Back To Look Forward

Emotions, Blue Cliff Record, Diversity, Culture, Enemies, New Year, Dharma...
Nov 14 2020

The Whole Earth Is Medicine

Manjushri, Blue Cliff Record, Heart Sutra, Hindrances, Perfect Wisdom, Describe,...
Oct 17 2020

An Appropriate Response

training, Mindfulness, Blue Cliff Record, Non-violence, Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Peace...
Aug 01 2020

The Practice of Patience

Patience, Constancy, Blue Cliff Record, Cultivation, Concentration, Equanimity, Anger...
Nov 02 2019

Daowu's Condolence Call

Serial: BZ-02687

Sesshin Day 4


Blue Cliff Record, Doubt, Teacher-and-Student, Birth-and-Death, Funeral, Lineage,...
Jun 22 2019

Zenki Class 3

Serial: BZ-02680

PP Class 3


Birth-and-Death, Blue Cliff Record, Liberation, Buddha Mind, Samsara, Religion, Heart...
May 30 2019

Preferences, Expectations, Letting Go

Serial: BZ-02619

Sesshin Day 3


Book of Serenity, Blue Cliff Record, Oneness, Ego, Daily Life, Hindrances, Observe,...
Jun 15 2018

Sun-Faced Buddha, Moon-Faced Buddha

Serial: BZ-02611

 Shuso Talk


Book of Serenity, Blue Cliff Record, Hate, Non-attachment, Don't Know Mind,...
May 12 2018


Blue Cliff Record, Building, Book of Serenity, Emotions, Lineage, Sangha, Gratitude,...

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Part 2

Five Ranks, Buddha Nature, Blue Cliff Record, Transmission, Oneness, Mindfulness,...
Sep 02 2017

Sei Jo and Her Soul Are Separated

Blue Cliff Record, Daily Life, Forgiveness, Separation, Constancy, Diversity, Oneness...
May 13 2017


Big Mind, Non-violence, Birth-and-Death, Evil, New Year, Daily Life, Blue Cliff...
Jan 28 2017

The Great Way Not Difficult Difficult

Separation, Subject-and-Object, Blue Cliff Record, Precious Mirror, Practice Period,...
May 14 2016

Yunmen's Jewel

Serial: BZ-02463

Koan Class Blue Cliff Record Case 62


BCR-62, Book of Serenity, Buddha Mind, Duality, Subject-and-Object, Soto Zen, Blue...
Mar 07 2016

Medicine and Science Mutual Cure

Serial: BZ-02454

 Blue Cliff Record Case 87


BCR-87, Anger, Duality, Manjushri, Peace, Forgiveness, War, Blue Cliff Record,...
Jan 16 2016

What is the World: An Appropriate Response

Teacher-and-Student, Blue Cliff Record, Book of Serenity, Dharma Transmission,...
Jan 09 2016

Iron Grindstone Liu

Serial: BZ-02443

Aspects of Practice


Blue Cliff Record, Book of Serenity, Monastic Practice, Practice Period, Liberation,...
Nov 02 2015

Ummon's Every Day Is A Good Day

Blue Cliff Record, Buddha Nature, Practice Period, Zazen Mind, Silence, Posture,...
May 16 2015

Everyone Has a Light

Blue Cliff Record, Duality, Oneness, Practice Period, Berkeley Zen Center, Passions,...
Nov 15 2014

Pick Up a Speck of Dust

Big Mind, Birth-and-Death, First Principle, Blue Cliff Record, Peace, Constancy,...
Oct 18 2014

The Stone Bridge of Joshu

Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Practice Period, stubbornness, Tassajara,...
May 31 2014

Blue Cliff Record Case 2

Serial: BZ-02365

Shuso talk

BCR-2, Attachment, Blue Cliff Record, Ordinary Mind, Lineage, Daily Life, Practice...
May 17 2014

Blue Cliff Record Case 14

BCR-14, Teacher-and-Student, Blue Cliff Record, Intimacy, Practice Position, training...
Jul 13 2013

Zazen and Willingness

Ego, Posture, Blue Cliff Record, Silence, Instruction, Offering, Dharma Transmission...
Jul 14 2012


Blue Cliff Record, Oneness, resistance, Commitment, Teacher-and-Student, Silence,...
Sep 17 2011

Zenki and Shoji

Birth-and-Death, Blue Cliff Record, Samsara, Nirvana, Impermanence, Liberation,...
Sep 03 2011

A Remembrance of Rebecca Mayeno

Serial: BZ-02145

Rohatsu Day 3


Blue Cliff Record, Heart Sutra, Conversation, Priest, Lay, Forgiveness, Fox, Funeral...
Dec 07 2010

Things I Have Faith In

Right Effort, Blue Cliff Record, Oneness, New Year, Big Mind, Samadhi, resistance,...
Aug 21 2010

Tao Wu's Condolence Call

Serial: BZ-02064

Shuso talk


Practice Period, Teacher-and-Student, Impermanence, Blue Cliff Record, Intimacy,...
Nov 07 2009

Tao Wu's Condolence Call

Serial: BZ-02062

Shuso talk

Blue Cliff Record, Continuous, Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, true dharma,...
Oct 24 2009

August 28th, 2009, Serial No. 01549, Side H

American, Monastic Practice, training, Transmission, Blue Cliff Record, Culture,...
Aug 28 2009

Entering The Dragons Cave

Blue Cliff Record, Four Noble Truths, Dragons, Monastic Practice, War, Enemies,...
Aug 01 2009

Tao Wu's Condolence Call

Blue Cliff Record, Birth-and-Death, Offering, Echo, Duality, Buddha Nature, Funeral,...
Feb 15 2009

Body Exposed in the Golden Wind: Case 27, Blue cliff Record; Serial No. 01157

Serial: BZ-01157

Saturday talk.

BCR-27, Blue Cliff Record, Global Warming, resistance, Building
Sep 06 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

June 7th, 2008, Serial No. 01137

Discrimination, Five Ranks, Separation, Blue Cliff Record, Impermanence,...
Jun 07 2008

May 24th, 2008, Serial No. 01135

Practice Period, Manjushri, Attachment, Blue Cliff Record, Separation, Instruction,...
May 24 2008

February 17th, 2008, Serial No. 01115

Birth-and-Death, Blue Cliff Record, Buddha Mind, Impermanence, Funeral, Gratitude,...
Feb 17 2008

Tenzo Kyokun

Serial: BZ-00994B

Teaching Retreat

Tenzo Kyokun, Ego, Monastic Practice, Concentration, Anger, Blue Cliff Record,...
Sep 02 2007
Part 1 of 2
Berkeley Zen Center

September 24th, 2006, Serial No. 01388

Intimacy, Dharma Transmission, Blue Cliff Record, Lineage, Transmission, Lotus Sutra...
Sep 24 2006

August 12th, 2006, Serial No. 01178

Death-and-Dying, Blue Cliff Record, Tassajara, Practice Period, Anger, Ego, Patience...
Aug 12 2006

June 3rd, 2006, Serial No. 01238

Blue Cliff Record, Heart Sutra, Daily Life, Funeral, Practice Period, Commitment,...
Jun 03 2006

September 10th, 2005, Serial No. 01187

Bowing, Blue Cliff Record, Daily Life, Fox, Bell, Tassajara, Priest, Funeral,...
Sep 10 2005