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Awareness of and Responsiveness to the Body

Serial: BZ-02714
Emotions, Bodhisattva Vow, Posture, Vows, Offering, Instruction, Politics, Gratitude...
Nov 30 2019

Words of My Perfect Teacher

Serial: BZ-02713
Samsara, Nirvana, Mindfulness, Posture, Interdependence, Mahayana, Passions,...
Nov 23 2019

Untitled Talk

Serial: BZ-02712
Greed, Tassajara, Hate, Anger, Renunciation, Demons, Gratitude, Impermanence,...
Nov 09 2019

The Practice of Patience

Serial: BZ-02711
Patience, Constancy, Blue Cliff Record, Cultivation, Concentration, Equanimity, Anger...
Nov 02 2019

Calling Out to Hungry Ghosts

Serial: BZ-02710
Oct 26 2019

The Mother Line of Buddhism

Serial: BZ-02709  0103  
War, Peace, Teacher-and-Student, Hindrances, Offering, Samsara, Sangha, Patience,...
Oct 20 2019

Joyful Effort

Serial: BZ-02708
Right Effort, Conversation, Gaining Mind, Enemies, Karma, Sanctuary, Enthusiasm,...
Oct 19 2019

Paramita of Concentration

Serial: BZ-02707
Silent Illumination, Concentration, Intimacy, Aspects of Practice, Impermanence, Book...
Oct 12 2019

October 10th, 2019, Serial No. 02705

Serial: BZ-02705
Precepts, Bodhisattva Vow, Soto Zen, Mahayana, Vows, Intuition, Vinaya, Buddha Nature...
Oct 10 2019

October 10th, 2019, Serial No. 02706

Serial: BZ-02706
Karma, Mindfulness, Practice Period, Precepts, Instruction, Buddha Nature, Peace,...
Oct 10 2019

Cultivating the Mind and Practice of the Six Paramitas: Practicing Generosity From the Inside Out

Serial: BZ-02704 Sesshin
Mahayana, Confession-and-Repentance, training, Branching Streams, Bodhisattva Way,...
Oct 06 2019

Together Action

Serial: BZ-02703
Intimacy, Four Noble Truths, Aspects of Practice, Culture, Hindrances, Observe, Bell...
Oct 05 2019

Give Up Hope

Serial: BZ-02702
Hsin Hsin Ming, Bell, Lotus Sutra, Impermanence, uchiyama, Tassajara, Practice Period...
Sep 28 2019

Choices and Preferences

Serial: BZ-02701
Passions, Eka, Heart Sutra, uchiyama, Attachment, Bodhidharma, confusion, Describe,...
Sep 21 2019

Making a Buddha

Serial: BZ-02700
training, Daily Life, Separation, Hate, War, Bell, Culture, Building, Anger, Priest...
Sep 20 2019

Copenhagen Teachings

Serial: BZ-02699
Conversation, Funeral, Intimacy, Equanimity, Attachment, Birth-and-Death, American,...
Sep 14 2019

Beloved Community

Serial: BZ-02697 Study Sesshin AM  
American, Building, Diversity, War, soto, Repentance, Soto Zen, Priest, Non-violence...
Sep 07 2019

Beloved Community

Serial: BZ-02698 Study Sesshin PM  
Enemies, Hate, Lotus Sutra, Evil, Bodhisattva Way, Vows, Oneness, Bodhisattva Vow,...
Sep 07 2019

Going Beyond

Serial: BZ-02696
Heart Sutra, Intimacy, Impermanence, Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Renewal,...
Aug 24 2019

Striding Off The Hundred-Foot Pole

Serial: BZ-02695
Hindrances, Describe, Culture, Silence, Passions, confusion, Vows, War, Peace,...
Aug 17 2019

What's Love Got To Do With It

Serial: BZ-02694
Passions, Priest, Precepts, Impermanence, Bowing, Constancy, Daily Life, Practice...
Aug 10 2019

Master Ummon's Everybody has Their Own Light

Serial: BZ-02693
Darkness and Light, Light-and-Darkness, Buddha Nature, Duality, Demons, Concentration...
Aug 03 2019

The Blue Mountain and the White Cloud

Serial: BZ-02692
American, Teacher-and-Student, Interdependence, Lotus Sutra, Culture, Priest, Big...
Jul 27 2019

Sojun Roshi's 90th Birthday Party

Serial: BZ-02691
Building, Dharma Transmission, Lay, Teacher-and-Student, Tassajara, Fundraising,...
Jul 20 2019

Beat Zen Square Zen and Zen

Serial: BZ-02690
Monastic Practice, Duality, Non-duality, Birth-and-Death, true dharma, American, Lay...
Jul 13 2019

Inspirations for Practice

Serial: BZ-02689
Right Speech, Religion, Ego, Equanimity, Lineage, Conversation
Jul 06 2019

About the Shuso

Serial: BZ-02688 Sesshin Day 5  
Practice Period, Bell, Tassajara, Posture, Cultivation, Mindfulness, Precepts,...
Jun 23 2019

Daowu's Condolence Call

Serial: BZ-02687 Sesshin Day 4  
Blue Cliff Record, Doubt, Teacher-and-Student, Birth-and-Death, Funeral, Lineage,...
Jun 22 2019

Man Up A Tree, Talk 3

Serial: BZ-02686 Sesshin Day 3  
Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Gratitude, Big Mind, Describe, Ego, Renunciation, Bodhidharma...
Jun 21 2019

Love Sesshin

Serial: BZ-02685 Sesshin Day 2  
Instruction, Platform Sutra, Bodhisattva Vow, Big Mind, Birth-and-Death, Bell,...
Jun 20 2019

Tosotsu's Three Barriers

Serial: BZ-02684 Sesshin Day 1  
Birth-and-Death, Big Mind, Buddha Mind, Practice Period, Instruction, Buddha Nature,...
Jun 19 2019

Man Up a Tree, Talk 2

Serial: BZ-02683
Birth-and-Death, Buddha Mind, Renunciation, Ego, Big Mind, Separation,...
Jun 08 2019

Zenki and Shoji Class 4

Serial: BZ-02682 PP Class 4  
Four Noble Truths, Six Realms, Birth-and-Death, Impermanence, Lay, Vinaya, Platform...
Jun 06 2019


Serial: BZ-02681
Hate, Mindfulness, Big Mind, Equanimity, Duality, Monastic Practice, Interdependence...
Jun 01 2019

Zenki Class 3

Serial: BZ-02680 PP Class 3  
Birth-and-Death, Blue Cliff Record, Liberation, Buddha Mind, Samsara, Religion, Heart...
May 30 2019

Nirvana the Waterfall

Serial: BZ-02679
Oneness, Composure, Nirvana, Big Mind, Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Commitment,...
May 25 2019

Shoji Part 2

Serial: BZ-02678 PP Class
Birth-and-Death, Death-and-Dying, War, Subject-and-Object, Posture, Peace, Commitment...
May 23 2019

Man up a Tree

Serial: BZ-02677
Renunciation, Ego, Practice Period, Buddha Nature, Don't Know Mind, Priest,...
May 18 2019

Shoji: Birth and Death

Serial: BZ-02676 PP Class 1
Birth-and-Death, Nirvana, Samsara, Buddha Nature, Six Realms, Impermanence,...
May 16 2019

Shuso Way-Seeking Mind Talk

Serial: BZ-02675
Berkeley Zen Center, training, Practice Period, Religion, Emotions, Forgiveness,...
May 13 2019

Practice Period 31st Opening Sesshin

Serial: BZ-02674
Practice Period, Birth-and-Death, Bodhidharma, Practice Position, Bodhisattva Vow,...
May 11 2019

Choosing Fredom

Serial: BZ-02673
Mindfulness, Four Noble Truths, Intimacy, Obstacles, Instruction, Dependent...
May 04 2019

Practicing with Prayer

Serial: BZ-02672
Chanting, Peace, Heart Sutra, Continuous, Instruction, Echo, Separation, Conversation...
Apr 27 2019

Don't Be Stingy

Serial: BZ-02671
Precepts, Lay, Separation, Lay Practice, Dharma Transmission, Don't Know Mind,...
Apr 20 2019

Practice Like A Fool, Like An Idiot, Like A Fool On The Hill

Serial: BZ-02670
Half-Smile, Culture, Silent Illumination, Echo, Samadhi, resistance, Mahayana,...
Apr 13 2019

Buddha's Birthday

Serial: BZ-02669
Buddha's Birthday, Buddha Nature, Peace, Posture
Apr 06 2019

Four Focuses

Serial: BZ-02668
Emotions, Gaining Mind, Mindfulness, Hindrances, Anger, Attachment, Buddha Ancestors...
Mar 30 2019

Taking What is Good

Serial: BZ-02667
Right Speech, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Vows, Offering, Liberation, Precepts, Patience,...
Mar 23 2019

Hsin Hsin Ming

Serial: BZ-02666
Big Mind, Hate, Duality, Anger, Hsin Hsin Ming, Addiction, Greed, Discrimination,...
Mar 16 2019

Let the Mystery Be

Serial: BZ-02665
training, Heart Sutra, Skandas, Daily Life, Practice Period, Silence, Posture,...
Mar 09 2019