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Cypress Tree in the Garden

Serial: BZ-02664
Bodhidharma, Priest, Greed, Conversation, Buddha Nature, Interview, Oneness, Observe...
Mar 02 2019

Three Treasures: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Serial: BZ-02663
Bodhisattva Ceremony, Precepts, Sangha, Chanting, Greed, Non-violence,...
Feb 23 2019

Denko Roku 1: Shakyamuni

Serial: BZ-02662 Study Sesshin Day 1  
true dharma, Transmission, Liberation, Nirvana, Dogen, soto, Chanting, Buddha Nature...
Feb 16 2019

Taking Refuge

Serial: BZ-02661
Impermanence, Heart Sutra, Conversation, Four Foundations, resistance, Mindfulness,...
Feb 09 2019

Innermost Request

Serial: BZ-02660
Heart Sutra, Instruction, Nirvana, Intimacy, Mahayana, Posture, training
Feb 02 2019

Three Turnings of the Wheel

Serial: BZ-02659
Mahayana, Bodhisattva Vow, cognitive process, Vows, Gratitude, Four Foundations,...
Jan 26 2019

Drifting Thoughts, Stepping Back - Temporal and Eternal Mind

Serial: BZ-02658
Big Mind, Ego, Karma, Gratitude, Discrimination, Samadhi, Renewal, Rinzai, Interview...
Jan 19 2019

Negative Capability Sesshin

Serial: BZ-02657
training, Bodhisattva Vow, Doubt, Aspects of Practice, Heart Sutra, Vows, American,...
Jan 12 2019

Zen Training

Serial: BZ-02656
training, Practice Position, Posture, Instruction, Gaining Mind, New Year, Bell, Evil...
Jan 05 2019

Being Shuso and Learning to Say Yes

Serial: BZ-02655
Practice Period, Don't Know Mind, Buddha Nature, training, Lay, Patience, Bowing...
Dec 15 2018

Way-Seeking Mind Talk

Serial: BZ-02870
Death-and-Dying, Berkeley Zen Center, Conversation, Hate, Vows, Precepts, Lay...
Dec 14 2018

Buddha's Enlightment

Serial: BZ-02654 Rohatsu Day 7  
Duality, Attachment, Non-discrimination, Soto Zen, Composure, soto, Discrimination,...
Dec 08 2018

This Sesshin was Wonderlfully Done

Serial: BZ-02653 Rohatsu Day 6  
Silence, Big Mind, Priest, Vows, Offering, Doubt, Obstacles, Culture, Lay, Ego...
Dec 07 2018

Provider of Many and Varied Opportunities To Experience and Penetrate the Arising and Cessation of Suffering

Serial: BZ-02652 Rohatsu Day 5  
Impermanence, Anger, Mindfulness, Monkey Mind, Vows, Demons, Greed, Happiness, Birth-...
Dec 06 2018

Merit Gathas by Robert Aitken: The Dragon Who Never Sleeps

Serial: BZ-02651 Rohatsu Day 4  
Bell, Vows, Offering, Bodhidharma, Priest-and-Lay, Buddha Mind, Soto Zen, Aspects of...
Dec 05 2018

Arousing the Thought of Enlightenment

Serial: BZ-02650 Rohatsu Day 3  
Instruction, Lotus Sutra, Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Don't Know Mind, Subject-and-...
Dec 04 2018

Birth, Death and Breath

Serial: BZ-02649 Rohatsu Day 2  
Birth-and-Death, Concentration, Duality, Passions, Peace, Ego, Impermanence, Observe...
Dec 03 2018

Six Qualatative Factors as Applied to Zazen

Serial: BZ-02648 Rohatsu Day 1  
Posture, Obstacles, Big Mind, Nirvana, Peace, Anger, Equanimity, stubbornness,...
Dec 02 2018


Serial: BZ-02647
Precepts, Karma, Anger, Monastic Practice, Samadhi, Birth-and-Death, Sangha,...
Dec 01 2018

Introduction to Joshu

Serial: BZ-02646
Ordinary Mind, Passions, Hindrances, Patience, confusion, Culture, Karma, Gratitude,...
Nov 24 2018

Compassion Flexibility the Victims of Paradise

Serial: BZ-02645
Building, Global Warming, Right Speech, Offering, American, Happiness, Religion, Ego...
Nov 17 2018

Being Time

Serial: BZ-02644
Buddha Nature, Sixth Patriarch, Doubt, Equanimity, Transmission, Dharma Transmission...
Nov 10 2018

Maylie Scott Bears the Unbearable Sesshin: Close Aspects of Practice

Serial: BZ-02643
Berkeley Zen Center, Peace, Conversation, Transmission, Offering, Dharma Transmission...
Nov 03 2018

Calling Out Hungry Ghosts

Serial: BZ-02642
Six Realms, Demons, Observe, Culture, Peace, Liberation, Mahayana
Oct 27 2018

I See You

Serial: BZ-02641 Women's Sesshin  
Conversation, War, Gratitude, Interview, Discrimination, Building, Priest
Oct 21 2018

Resilience through Shared Grief

Serial: BZ-02640
Vows, Separation, Passions
Oct 13 2018

Tea Ladies and Their Mind-Refreshing Teaching

Serial: BZ-02639 Sesshin Open Aspects of Practice  
Sixth Patriarch, Heart Sutra, Soto Zen, Priest, Aspects of Practice, soto, Practice...
Oct 06 2018

Kyogen's Man Up in a Tree

Serial: BZ-02638
Ego, Duality, Peace, Bodhidharma, War, Priest, Oneness, Conversation, Instruction...
Sep 29 2018

Ryaku Fusatsu

Serial: BZ-02637
Karma, Precepts, Four Noble Truths, Vows, Repentance, Duality, Addiction, Renewal,...
Sep 22 2018

Magnanimous View

Serial: BZ-02636
Gaining Mind, Big Mind, Right Effort, Mindfulness, Instruction, Impermanence,...
Sep 15 2018

Zazen Posture and the Problem of Touch

Serial: BZ-02635
Posture, Big Mind, Conversation, Instruction, Silence, Manjushri, Passions, Culture...
Sep 08 2018

Adjusting Posture

Serial: BZ-02634
Posture, Instruction
Sep 07 2018

Eight Awarenesses of Great Beings

Serial: BZ-02632 Study Sesshin Part 1  
Mindfulness, Tassajara, Concentration, Precepts, true dharma, Bodhisattva Precepts,...
Sep 01 2018

Eight Awarenesses of Great Beings

Serial: BZ-02633 Study Sesshin Part 2  
true dharma, Concentration, Mindfulness, Equanimity, Light-and-Darkness, Dependent...
Sep 01 2018

Ending Racism

Serial: BZ-02631
Mindfulness, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Current Events, American, Happiness, Observe,...
Aug 25 2018

Questions of Old Age

Serial: BZ-02630
Practice Position, Emotions, Equanimity, Impermanence, Mindfulness, American,...
Aug 18 2018

Beating the Drum

Serial: BZ-02629
Buddha Ancestors, Practice Period, Confession-and-Repentance, Vows, true dharma,...
Aug 11 2018

Universal Cosmic Stillness

Serial: BZ-02628  SESSHIN  
Ordinary Mind, Samsara, Observe, Discrimination, Religion, Peace, Emotions
Aug 04 2018

Just Me

Serial: BZ-02627
Describe, Concentration, Instruction, Ordinary Mind, Gratitude, Rinzai, Aspects of...
Jul 28 2018

No Recipe

Serial: BZ-02626
Passions, Mindfulness, Dharma Transmission, Anger, Happiness, Transmission,...
Jul 21 2018

Habit Energy

Serial: BZ-02625
Buddha Nature, Practice Period, Gratitude, Buddha Mind, Instruction, Doubt, training...
Jul 14 2018

Prodigal Daughter

Serial: BZ-02624
Gaining Mind, Repentance, Religion, Ego, Instruction, Gratitude, Silence, Hindrances...
Jul 07 2018

State of the Union

Serial: BZ-02623
Composure, Politics, American, Demons, Silence, Greed, Passions, Evil, Conversation,...
Jun 30 2018

Everything is Broken

Serial: BZ-02622
Bodhisattva Vow, War, Happiness, Vows, Buddha Nature, Renunciation, Rinzai,...
Jun 23 2018

Suzuki Roshi Sun-Faced Buddha, Moon-Faced Buddha

Serial: BZ-02621 Sesshin Day 5  
Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Emotions, Intimacy, Attachment, Dogen, Bell,...
Jun 17 2018

Intimacy and Attention

Serial: BZ-02620 Sesshin Day 4
Big Mind, Composure, Intimacy, Zazen Mind, Lineage, Conversation, Vows, Precepts,...
Jun 16 2018

Preferences, Expectations, Letting Go

Serial: BZ-02619 Sesshin Day 3  
Book of Serenity, Blue Cliff Record, Oneness, Ego, Daily Life, Hindrances, Observe,...
Jun 15 2018

Daikan Eno and The Hundred Dharmas

Serial: BZ-02618 Sesshin Day 2  
Repentance, Doubt, Big Mind, Anger, Karma, Greed, Ego, Heart Sutra, Sixth Patriarch,...
Jun 14 2018

The Six Qualitative Factors That Keep Us Balanced and Centered

Serial: BZ-02617 Sesshin Day 1  
Daily Life, Posture, Composure, Building, Heart Sutra, Hindrances, Mahayana, Karma,...
Jun 13 2018


Serial: BZ-02616
Precepts, Attachment, Addiction, Ordination, Bodhisattva Precepts, Priest, Teacher-...
Jun 09 2018