Words of My Perfect Teacher

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i think for a car
subject for the dollars off
ramos became of rife
that's right
but i absent prefatory ah issues ah speaking of the name of life if he were to find out the aim of life both fighting to our for hudson session or trump again
a vote for one day for several me sashaying for ha
go right the badass ah
i bought twenty five hundred years ago
soon is from towson ah an east asian traditions or guy is absorbed his period always in modern counter job on december eighth bonking as enlightenment me sir
so how mobile sitting hall from five in the morning until
evening or for seven days a burned in a welcome for swag golf pepper home bartender or a minimum of three days to come in and sit with us
if you have questions you can ask you can talk to dr barry has the session director who also as usual will open for of times for bronx as and five forty and the afghan five forty and went over ruptures
ah much aware that this terminal ten fifteen and that's all you can confidence if you'd like but comments you know from that when had told about ah
i'm just recording of their service before when i first came here as years ago it will take the fall after a faux it was robot since ashamed and iraq and for five forty thousand and ah what list
been a second day or something like that and it's like wow it was really different in here and i can tell you what that was fucking was just the whole to have people sitting together was was quite wonderful and i said to myself i won't have to have what was this opportunity
he again
basically i haven't so
theresa i be a lot of people sitting that's right october one i went over to his ah
bradley answer or from her my first day today
ah would consent to her happy day
happy birthday
the burning for the
ha ha
many boy
so i'm gonna start the the poem have little know you can stay relevant and maybe suddenly suddenly got for have a book of poetry out ah which will be of your website it
it's called words of my perfect teacher
it is a review of surgeon on the front
and the innocent time was young people so we'll have a rule of thumb drive with surgeons the fifty sixty lectures on it how well charlie wilson who did the digitizing ah was in kind of his bed about of a
text transcription of audio transcription of tux two words this is about two or three years ago and i instantly the transcriptions of these butchers are anyone
different really weird they were pretty interesting and not at all accurate for poverty is curve ah remarkable terms of words and phrases that the for now and then you could hear something of surgeons voice her expression that ah
that would come out so i sundays and a been talking to each lecture ah i mean fifteen a ruptures into palms ah and working with right much of laws
sadly transcriptions ah to changing a little but not much ah but cutting and pasting the lines so i would have one of those
this is from ah wretch the original lecture which you can and can't here is the thirtieth of october nineteen eighty two
and the title of this poem and the title of veterans and watch pearl ceremony
let me talk about it when the thing itself or not moving the same
let's talk about white men
but you've already made an object of it
so happy hours then train
you know her life is very precious
he's not want to destroy everything
the go through a lot of stuff
but i think we should stop
how short deep any questions
as for each one has ever really different flavor
for this is good i do have questions ah
i don't think it boils down to this fundamental question ah how shall i live
i think that we all have this question he was the right in the middle of her life
he soon after us article question from it's really a spiritual question
it because we have to verve
the fact that we have bodies
the body has to be sustained
even as it matures and strange sense and then ultimately
it begins to bacon
whatever wife's it we have work to sustain with food we have to work we have to put up with the various difficulties and impressions of my life we have to put up with the loss of the funds on the ones that we love with the loss of
our planet itself has a divorce
so there's this pounds well i think it builds upon ah
they first heard it ah
must have been twenty years ago in kathy fisher was sitting in this seat during a lecture don't want maybe because the lecturing here ah
and she began by reading this first that's the introductory verse to ah he kind of encyclopedia of vegetation and practices called the city maga which is translates as the path from pure fuck
here's here's the verse
take a tango
it'll be out a tangle
this generation is entangled in a tangle
so i ask if the builder this question
who succeeds in disentangling is tangle
well in the our tangle this generation is entangled in a tangle
and so i ask if the buddha this question who succeeds in disentangling sustainable
yeah boston and hit me hard when i heard them ah and then they hit me in a in an interesting way you just as i would just
poetic collaboration between me and surgeon ah i felt like there was a similarity of voice and disperse and she didn't identify it if first it sounded like a piece of sort of fiercely modern pole
a tree
ah and then it turns out
front of a civil partner and i looked i looked
we're dancing it's actually this is a he was quoting one of the early part of suitors goblin chapter center
the question here is being asked by ah data by raja who comes like a lot of people to sit down and talk with the boot and ask him a question

so what has the hamster but and it
hold off on head okay and even if i don't care what do you
it was up you much
is that condition that we live in the inner tangle and the outer take off their
the tangled up together
will find ourselves in this tangle
we find it true at our lives we find yourself sitting with his tango we find ourselves facing the aware
don't have a certain point we can't even distinguish
very easily between the so-called a rectangle and a so-called a tango

pulse of oppression of gender oppression or racial oppression or any kind of ah
know kind of shaming a process that turns us that were we fluid gives an effort to turn us into objects
it's that entire in in a tango or an outer tangle

if of hard does i as in our habits and because of
even political decisions that we make
why we allow
not to be destroyed
that for to be paralleled
he said in a tangle how to tango
can we really even discern

so i was practice
what's the part of it
self improvement
do we think we can untangle the inner dangle
didn't think we can untangle the inner tangle that ricky virgin is completely
ah bound up with to so-called outer triangle
this is exactly what they look at
you know ourselves whether we're looking at it in those terms or not
how second
it seems to be official day i was thinking if i had a panel discussion
that bourbon fisher was a part of at ah the was a conference in berkeley he hadn't drunk could after mindfulness conference was over there
one here you have good mindfulness is so
just kind of ridiculous notion but that's what they called it ah but there was pretty good stuff to happen there and
he wanted was on a panel called what is enlightenment
and when he said struck me in it he said
i have seen practice has improved me at all
after you know forty years or more practice
and ah
i would tend to say the same thing
however i feel much the same completely flawed and curious person yeah i always was done don't agree to quickly okay
we're portrait said
but i also agree with his it's made me far more aware of aberdeen's i could improve
yeah ah
i could say i haven't changed at all know
i could say that i have changed a lot and i am a flair that way if i catalogued for you
i don't think i could bear to catalog for you
other ways in which i feel i haven't changed
i also feel that
it's a former things are constantly changing
maybe not always even for the best but they're changing
and i thoroughly
believe in that process of change
ah and i believe it ah
i believe everybody in that we're in this room
has the capacity for that

does he or means living areas
awareness and cultivating but would he do in zazen is just cultivated
very simply cultivating awareness of first of all
the body posture
how am i sitting
how am i bring him
the been made
the of a little bit in to
how am i thinking that's about as far as i go on and that of course see aren't improved part of me completely lose is the thread and of the sudden from
pay attention to the wonderful
orthodox aspects of my posture and my breath i'm thinking about launch
which is not
somehow is not what a fee
he emphasized meditation practices in the vicinity maga
so the soon other
the translation is as placid purification
i think i have a problem right there
because i'm not
the a great believer in purification
what should look small
i wonder if i'm
a carefully for buddhist
because this is part of the basics
that's why the asked a question at that workshop what is enlightenment you know first on summer
grant that meant is
the point that's the meaning of life and practice
i think somewhat character logically
i'm inclined
two bowls that

house in science somebody asked me this the
tools you after him
who came out of evening size him
this somebody new fellow how he got off the step said he said
i'm heartened
took me back for a moment you know
and my answer was
what if i was i wouldn't tell you
but then know that was quick

national girls is too
enlightened activity
watch what
harry act
towards ourselves and others
how how i see
i said my own actions and nice the actions of others in that light
yeah fam
if i guess that as a standard
that's it's current to you that enlightenment is unfolding all around us
and sternly sometimes even in a small gesture that you may two or you may witness
the next moment
when they lose that thread hadn't fallen into delusion

tommy haas which i haven't changed to draw and the ways in which i have changed and i'm trying i tried to turn towards
what is happening at this moment
from expression whether the terrified a teacher a chance zunino
who says
right now it's like this
well it's like this
that's right way
her pants
the aspects to several kinds and people
first and speaking to the population at large
consistent response to up a barrel roger
he asks
oh entangles different angles this tangle
book is that a person established in virtue discerning developing to serpent and mind a practitioner aren't understood that person can untangle this table
harris's as well as much passion a version and ignorance have faded away
plants that outflows ended for them to tangles untangled
so arguments that was slow outflows ended means people who have
which the other sure and no longer have ah
whoever caught by their delusions
and don't miss the outflows don't that don't communicate that to other people don't kind of spread that ever and honestly that's kind of where i have a questions like
i'm not sure i've ever met anyone like that
ah i'm not sure
i'm sure that disentangling that tango
you might be able to take the sort of wisdom and cut right through the not

that the tower means a tangle
you'll find a way to never did
find the world that you are
yeah gotcha that google may be very interesting the like you have a not you know complicated not liking hear you but your headphones up in your pocket and and water use them and you have to you really have to pay attention to untangle the
tango ah it was true they won't work very well have you you're gonna untangle that
so i'm not averse to this entanglement
but for kids it's somewhat endless
in the sense that
a state of
well entropy
can open an entropy
what needs to entropy ah
it's essentially a
a role of thermodynamics a physical rural fat talks about the degree of
disorder or them in centers in a system ah and then that motion is usually
from order to disorder
arafat ah
that's us are thinking that ah consciousness
our minds
maggie a side effect
have a system
of burgess from increasing entropy
the i want something
since from a mature who was ah now theory suggests that consciousness is a byproduct of entropy what steady reminds us that we are stardust operating under the same was as any other form of matter
i find a surprisingly simple result the road
from the research rather wait from states are characterized by the greatest number of possible configurations of interactions between brain networks representing the highest entropy values consciousness in this meal isn't due to conductivity
d in and of itself but how many different way as the brand can connect certain bundles of neurons to others
due to the presence of high entropy
by scientists proved that to maximize the exchange of information between neurons consciousness arises has an emergent property
happy to improve survival but leading to a higher rate of entropy as a result
in other words
he not entirely servers
ten disentangled the tango
the tangle itself
what does great gift can we are given to given to work with
and i so to think i think about disentangling the tango i think
present gunsmoke comes to mind is sort of like
oh then it be like a frat line
but that doesn't sound very good

now it's like this
bosses the tango right now

and have a charge of us for us
let will you be nothing more than a triangle
so you think about
about sutra
which is a great maharaj my on a text on


several special the center is the book the body says to his disciples djibouti
this terrible body sound from microsoft as master they're thinking
however many species of living beings there are we
must lead all those being to nevada so that they can be liberated
well this innumerable immutable infinite number of beings has become liberated
what about high in true think that a single been commemorated
why so
if the a building site for holds the idea that itself a person a woman being
exist peppers is not a true bodhisattva
yet with vast uncountable a major about numbers of beings have been liberated really brought being has been liberated
well i said okay
because mobile bodhisattva holds on to the idea of an essential ego herself
a personality or a separate individuality
come back to ah
the beginning of her
what you is how you know about the bashful infinite being number of beans are becoming very liberated he does not interest think that a single being has been liberated know a single been
does not exist
a appalling
try the emerges from the tango
what being study emerged from the dangle or one exist we exist in entanglement with each other
in our relationships to ourselves and our relationships to each other a very complex
the time etc hands
they are lovely bachelor
since you seem to be in verse today
air conditioned phenomena are like a dream and ammunition a bubble a shadow work for deer or like lightning
he should discern them like this
for that those things i think that the thrust of this when he's saying is that for
in permanent
and i think the implication is that there that substantial
that more complete me
activated by our dreams
they maybe insubstantial
the thing have a reality and effect
sort of right
just flashes into the universe and if we see it just as a visual effect ah we can recognize its transients
but also starts fires
it's not a meal none of these things are on meal both the games that he talks about her insubstantial and and of themselves individually are unreal
so bobby that

the tango and the outer tangle
it's not something that i can entangle are entangled disentangle by myself
it may be something that we work on together
just as we do
we're sitting here facing mobile
yeah putting her own god
amazon right now is full of tangles and here were sitting together
hope that something together
i don't know whether it is
a world of decent april when
oh right
but it feels really different
to sit in the other side by side to make the effort that we do here
and feel alone
and recognize that ron might tango is
how's particularity
to me
yeah i've been on this room is filling it in her or his own way and we have that in common
a different abilities different capacities different circumstances of life
at the bottom
we have much of the same were to do
how can go into
more specificity about what that work might be but
i think it's files on protesters to end and ten questions will just when me just read the
came out in verse to me the inner tangle in the outer tangle
this generation is entangled in technology generation so this is twenty five one hundred years ago right state
things have not changed much this generation is until he in a tangle and so i ask of gautama who succeeds in disentangling this day no
so thank you open to your questions pen
take us on spot
as you re read that i see me i also fear this generation as this not a generations people time but this robot things generate from each other is said policy and
that what i wanted to this comment on briefly was
i agree with what you're saying about
how it seems sort of impossible to disentangle that the tango seems necessary
always be there
expressing love for you were talking about observing since yourselves that don't seem to change that seem to be continually tangled display time with practice and effort
it seems to me maybe that the untangling sort of a misnomer me in untangling is no longer resisting the technical are no longer having problems it
it makes me think of
you know in the mahayana understand this you know so i started as i know to say and the only difference is how we
how we eat it maybe fireplace or never perverted view one thousand
but why wouldn't he wouldn't serve samsara and nirvana or the same
i think it's more adept
the capacity for nirvana to emerge
ah the only place it can emerge his was put in the contents of samsara
and i like
you got your initial cut it was a lot like this generation or it's is entitled and to so they act of generation is the active
creating an entanglement perhaps ah that's interesting
i'm always worry about this and this is one of the conundrums of ah
well burn similar schools of buddhism to me ah
what quick
hop our lenses
and simple that that's terawatt hour that's eating ana and many the market on a view is such and such
and what i try to do is
oso to say
before i dismissed this out of hand
the something going on here
a bot something is this and for some deep wisdom
in those in those pali texts then
i don't have some trouble with so even though i may feel i'm a flaw buddhist i'm where i tried doing is not judge myself but actually hung open the question
team isn't this entanglement i think it's important for us to consider that
so ah
have you ever get yes
interconnection which is a fundamental aspects as
have you seen
i asked him to think about this week penis i was trying to think of it in terms of bob was one is interesting it
ah but of interdependence this infinitely large mad ah were ah
at the center of each
there's a there's a jewel that reflects on the other nodes ah it i'm thinking that also looking in terms of ah looking at it they didn't get referring to researching in terms of neural networks ah
and ah so don't i don't know and they can get that goes further investigation on our parts if you find out any so let's let's talk about it
it seems like the very rich yeah i think i think it's i think it is rich and it's like ah
to i tried to one thing both things
and i've learned since our exam prep or zen training is to be able to hold to see in contradictory things at once so to to hold the fact that
entanglement is the nature of reality and then it's ah we have to learn and even had the talk about consciousness emerging from from entropy is interesting in that respect and to recognize again
ah the message of the publicity is is
but a bandit and done there's not more outflows what they mean removing literally the expression is what must be done has been done
and that's
that are vital stream in buddhism as well tell me love with this contradiction which where i live it this contradiction for some other people
they come down one side or the other but is fun
on the suit asks you if you're life
how'd you wouldn't say or maybe not but he asked you that because of the clothes that you were it wasn't mistaken
in this interpretation so your verbal the answers and dialogue
if your robes tell you to reflect on what that guy once
the dialogue was
i like to think it's where i took the conversation mean i didn't you know it caught me said you off guard
but then i found
africa from my i didn't work out was saying because i firmly believe this about enlightened activity
and i don't have
i certainly don't have any way of evaluating ah
experience if you will have enlightenment or the only standard i have his how do we act with each other
that i have no question about
he has to read into me that is the responsibility for sure i think it's the response we're being yemen but it's also the response when it comes with
the whatever bot one's worrying including bathrobe yeah ah but i was aware at the moment that he was he asked me this question for
pro wilson and i didn't want to dismiss that out of hand

the time

she slammed the ceremony
yeah okay at night
surroundings hundreds
it's august and
so strung together
down to

has to offer chance that we would chat i'm like oh wow
as long as it's happening and it turned out that was
english person and i still i wanted thompson
ah i forget it this was
kansas is that despite it
ah star
last night
ah ah
and i felt that experience that
terms and instruct
that was wrong that
yeah it
to my mind all of those images
our descriptions of reality fleeing or not
and then that's the thing that the the implication of that is that these are transient and the and substantial and i don't think it's all in substantial is just
you know it depends on how you look at time get up
in one sense you know a short time is the short term and short time can be very long time anyway take it that to work
tackle them
sometimes things that bed for really powerful
join us
but sometimes experience than for these changes
on a with table
i just
it's true
aiko you know the nice go to be euroscience that consciousness and entropy i was suggesting that you voted it was that what i heard was that guy with increasing entropy in artifact that arise consciousness and and so we might
think the consciousness as i'm aware when i'm doing this is conscious missing less of that something else but everything your consciousness as the function of consciousness and we are
receivers are price of data or something different is certainly sounds to me like dropping a way of cells leads to greater consciousness such that driving away itself needs to entropy in the self perception well therefore we enter into a place a greater conscious
is which is an artifact of are having allowed entropy to take place and when i think of the comment i will make enlightenment is so much driving off weight so i'm now lighter and express my tango and lighter and now you to be free with whatever not been good
it so less than myself more and more consciousness less and less concerned with the weight of his life more freedom to just be broken gift that we are are you respond ah

awareness and
what's happening perhaps a is just another thing that's happening
ah entropy
not a war conscious of it or not has happening all the time and consciousness is arising out of that complexity so ah the fact that batteries enlightenment is right now
it's happening here now in every moment
but we must it because it's complicated and because we're working with kind of look at one piece of the tangle and maybe it's something else but we're not going to resolve this is destined it's too abstract rest in get less question
so i think there was pumps
it was that my laptop
said as well as five commission
i he hit his amateur inside the circle
help africa with pay taxes out
the pearls that
play the same for robbery
well i have like that
sounded rather than very well
have a hobby hey hope so you can be like a fun job proper somebody buys well lit
not without the out
that the whole thing is about the table chat about also take over and the way when get untangled without stepping up
it's all about a table that
but also may think about the fact that since i've been practicing at the last time of love a national he says train that i will try to untangle and now i'm not stating working with a tangled web or been and six
what i saw that build the practice this is all about be able to have want to first this type the strength that can't give that night out them weren't with the boat with a rubber band is a handsome
well that's good a woman with want to be more elastic right here that will place the