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Women Ancestors Class 2

Lay, Priest, Transmission, Monastic Practice, Dharma Transmission, Teacher-and-...
Nov 24 2020

Women Ancestors Class 2 1

Lay, Priest-and-Lay, Priest, Transmission, Monastic Practice, Dharma Transmission,...
Nov 17 2020

Dead Or Alive

Birth-and-Death, Duality, Oneness, Teacher-and-Student, Samadhi, Funeral, Precepts,...
Nov 07 2020

What Do You Call The World

Book of Serenity, Echo, Mindfulness, Six Realms, New Year, Teacher-and-Student,...
Sep 19 2020

Humpty Dumpty

Repentance, Platform Sutra, Politics, Karma, Peace, Ordination, Teacher-and-Student,...
Sep 05 2020

Public Dokusan 6

Six Realms, Teacher-and-Student, Nirvana, Politics, Zoom, Doubt, War, Sangha, Dragons...
Aug 14 2020

The Mother Line of Buddhism

Serial: BZ-02709



War, Peace, Teacher-and-Student, Hindrances, Offering, Samsara, Sangha, Patience,...
Oct 20 2019

The Blue Mountain and the White Cloud

American, Teacher-and-Student, Interdependence, Lotus Sutra, Culture, Priest, Big...
Jul 27 2019

Sojun Roshi's 90th Birthday Party

Building, Dharma Transmission, Lay, Teacher-and-Student, Tassajara, Fundraising,...
Jul 20 2019

Daowu's Condolence Call

Serial: BZ-02687

Sesshin Day 4


Blue Cliff Record, Doubt, Teacher-and-Student, Birth-and-Death, Funeral, Lineage,...
Jun 22 2019


Precepts, Attachment, Addiction, Ordination, Bodhisattva Precepts, Priest, Teacher-...
Jun 09 2018

The Heart of Priest and Lay Practice

Priest, Gaining Mind, Lay, Lay Practice, Ego, Practice Period, Priest-and-Lay,...
Apr 21 2018

Blue Cliff Record Case 9: Joshu's Four Gates

BCR-9, Birth-and-Death, Ego, Attachment, Teacher-and-Student, Daily Life, Buddha...
Feb 03 2018

Joshu's Four Gates

BCR-9, Discrimination, Addiction, Ego, Non-discrimination, Buddha Mind, Separation,...
Jan 06 2018

Jewel Mirror Samadhi Part 1

Transmission, Echo, Duality, soto, Five Ranks, Dharma Transmission, Teacher-and-...
Sep 02 2017

Ordinary Mind is the Way

Ordinary Mind, Intuition, Conversation, Teacher-and-Student, Non-duality, Beginners,...
Jul 29 2017

Heart Sutra

Serial: BZ-02555

Sesshin Day 4


Discrimination, Four Noble Truths, Buddha Nature, Teacher-and-Student, Heart Sutra,...
Jun 10 2017

Grandmotherly Mind

Soto Zen, Teacher-and-Student, Big Mind, Practice Position, Precepts, training, Right...
Mar 25 2017

Not Always So

Religion, Priest, Gratitude, Ordination, Teacher-and-Student, Enemies, Culture,...
Mar 18 2017

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind: Study Yourself

Serial: BZ-02507


Aspects of Practice, Teacher-and-Student, Bowing, Practice Period, Rinzai, Dragons,...
Oct 23 2016

Plum Blossoms

Concentration, Dharma Transmission, New Year, Teacher-and-Student, Bell, Priest-and-...
Jan 30 2016

What is the World: An Appropriate Response

Teacher-and-Student, Blue Cliff Record, Book of Serenity, Dharma Transmission,...
Jan 09 2016

Family Ties

Serial: BZ-02445

Aspects of Practice


Ordinary Mind, Aspects of Practice, Practice Period, Silent Illumination, Five Ranks...
Nov 14 2015

Hui Neng and the Poetry Contest

Serial: BZ-02440

Aspects of Practice


Platform Sutra, Lineage, Heart Sutra, Practice Period, Doubt, Politics, Teacher-and-...
Oct 17 2015

Feel Me Good

Practice Period, Teacher-and-Student, Practice Position, Family Practice, Priest-and-...
Oct 03 2015

Ordination and Patience

Priest, Lay, Attachment, Transmission, American, Dharma Transmission, Ordination,...
Sep 12 2015

What Makes Zen Center Run

Practice Period, Teacher-and-Student, Practice Position, Family Practice, Priest-and-...
Aug 22 2015

Practice of Dialogue

Four Noble Truths, Ordinary Mind, Chanting, Teacher-and-Student, Global Warming,...
Jul 18 2015

Hearing the Cries of the World

Dharma Transmission, Transmission, Peace, Sangha, Constancy, Priest-and-Lay,...
Jan 31 2015

Rohatsu Day 7

Observe, Ego, Demons, Teacher-and-Student, Birth-and-Death, Diversity, Dragons,...
Dec 06 2014

Joshu's Newborn Baby

Discrimination, Buddha Nature, Ego, Don't Know Mind, Subject-and-Object, Teacher...
Aug 23 2014

Case 17 Book of Serenity

Serial: BZ-02351


SER-17, Intuition, Continuous, Discrimination, Observe, Equanimity, Hate, Duality,...
Feb 21 2014
Berkeley Zen Center

Form and Formlessness in Zen Practice

Precepts, Practice Period, Daily Life, Bodhisattva Precepts, Lay, Teacher-and-Student...
Oct 05 2013

Dogen's Vow

Vows, true dharma, Lineage, Bodhisattva Vow, Precepts, Soto Zen, Repentance, Karma,...
Aug 31 2013

Blue Cliff Record Case 14

BCR-14, Teacher-and-Student, Blue Cliff Record, Intimacy, Practice Position, training...
Jul 13 2013

Practice Period Standards

Serial: BZ-02307

Shin Ji, One-Day Sitting

Karma, Practice Period, Forgiveness, Commitment, Repentance, Continuous, Don't...
May 11 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Don't Slam the Door

Precepts, Buddha Ancestors, Gratitude, Teacher-and-Student, Bell, Vows, Attachment,...
Mar 02 2013


Serial: BZ-02294

Sandokai, Sesshin Day 2

Suzuki Roshi, Sekito Kisen, Anger, Birth-and-Death, Emotions, Funeral, American,...
Feb 17 2013
Part 4 of 4
Berkeley Zen Center

The Self Settling the Self on the Self

Birth-and-Death, Aspects of Practice, Chanting, Posture, Teacher-and-Student,...
Nov 10 2012

Mother and Father in Zen Practice

Birth-and-Death, Fox, Intuition, Impermanence, Attachment, Teacher-and-Student,...
Aug 11 2012

Genjo Koan - Section 9

Serial: BZ-02247

No Gaining Idea, Sesshin Day 2, All dharmas are without self

Subject-and-Object, Duality, Non-duality, Precious Mirror, Impermanence, Heart Sutra...
Jun 21 2012
Berkeley Zen Center

Sangha Practice

Berkeley Zen Center, Four Noble Truths, Sangha, Liberation, Bodhisattva Precepts,...
Mar 31 2012

Nirvana-The Death of the Ego

Serial: BZ-02230

Buddha's Parinirvana, Sesshin Day 1

Suzuki Roshi, Teacher-and-Student, Fearlessness, Separation, Birth-and-Death, Nirvana...
Feb 18 2012
Part 1 of 2
Berkeley Zen Center

No Gaining Mind Amidst Undulations

Serial: BZ-02228

Big Mind and Shikantaza, Saturday Lecture

Nirvana, Time, Letting Go, Teacher-and-Student, Gaining Mind, Teacher-and-Student,...
Feb 04 2012
Berkeley Zen Center


Blue Cliff Record, Oneness, resistance, Commitment, Teacher-and-Student, Silence,...
Sep 17 2011

Zazenshin Class

Discrimination, Subject-and-Object, Teacher-and-Student, Doubt, Separation, Dragons,...
Jun 09 2011

Zazenshin Lojong and Real Life

Obstacles, Practice Period, Instruction, training, Mindfulness, Teacher-and-Student,...
Jun 04 2011

Ordinary Mind Is The Way

Serial: BZ-02178

Shuso talk

Ordinary Mind, Practice Period, Teacher-and-Student, Subject-and-Object, Birth-and-...
May 21 2011

Zazenshin Class

Dragons, Buddha Ancestors, Teacher-and-Student, First Principle, Non-duality, Lineage...
May 19 2011

Our Approach To Practice Period

Serial: BZ-02174

Peaceful and Harmonious Abiding, One-Day Sitting

Sangha, Ango, Practice Period, Practice Period, Continuous, Commitment, Forgiveness,...
May 07 2011
Berkeley Zen Center