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Appropriate Action

Avalokiteshvara, Right Speech, Lotus Sutra, Book of Serenity, Describe, Diversity,...
Sep 12 2020

Thinking and Non-Thinking

Right Speech, training, Four Noble Truths, Interview, Instruction, American,...
Aug 22 2020

Inspirations for Practice

Right Speech, Religion, Ego, Equanimity, Lineage, Conversation
Jul 06 2019

Choosing Fredom

Mindfulness, Four Noble Truths, Intimacy, Obstacles, Instruction, Dependent...
May 04 2019

Taking What is Good

Right Speech, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Vows, Offering, Liberation, Precepts, Patience,...
Mar 23 2019

Compassion Flexibility the Victims of Paradise

Building, Global Warming, Right Speech, Offering, American, Happiness, Religion, Ego...
Nov 17 2018

Eight Awarenesses of Great Beings

Serial: BZ-02633

Study Sesshin Part 2


true dharma, Concentration, Mindfulness, Equanimity, Light-and-Darkness, Dependent...
Sep 01 2018

The Therigata

Right Speech, Right Effort, Ordination, Humility, Mahayana, Discrimination,...
Mar 03 2018

Right Speech

Right Speech, Vows, Precepts, Karma, Four Noble Truths, Mindfulness, Bodhisattva Vow...
Feb 10 2018

Paramitas: Dana

Dana Paramita, Attachment, Branching Streams, Offering, Right Speech, Precepts, Greed...
Nov 18 2017

Open Your Intuition

Intuition, Posture, Right Speech, Forgiveness, Demons, Subject-and-Object, Aspects of...
Nov 04 2017

Grandmotherly Mind

Soto Zen, Teacher-and-Student, Big Mind, Practice Position, Precepts, training, Right...
Mar 25 2017

Eight Aspects of Enlightened Activity

Eight Aspects, Discrimination, Right Speech, Concentration, Separation, Daily Life,...
Jan 07 2017

More About Difficulty

Practice Period, Absolute-and-Relative, Aspects of Practice, Four Noble Truths,...
May 28 2016

Zen and Soul

Bodhisattva Ceremony, Vows, Anger, Right Speech, Big Mind, Greed, Hate, Ego, Karma,...
Jan 23 2016

Case 16 of Denkoroku

Priest, Absolute-and-Relative, Mindfulness, Heart Sutra, American, Lay, Conversation...
Apr 13 2014

The Middle Way

Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Right Effort, Posture, Culture, Liberation, Observe...
Feb 08 2014

Right Communication

Precepts, Practice Period, Bodhidharma, Bodhisattva Precepts, Right Speech, Intimacy...
May 05 2012

Sangha Practice

Berkeley Zen Center, Four Noble Truths, Sangha, Liberation, Bodhisattva Precepts,...
Mar 31 2012

Loving Speech

Right Speech, Patience, Four Foundations, Offering, Precepts, Lay Ordination, Karma,...
Jul 31 2010

Buddhism in India in the 21st Century

Karma, causation, Right Speech, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Precepts...
Feb 27 2010

Right Speech

Conversation, Four Noble Truths, Right Speech, Right Effort, Passions, Describe, Evil...
Jul 11 2009

Questions and Answers in Buddhism

Religion, Right Speech, Lotus Sutra, Buddha Mind, Vows, Teacher-and-Student, Heart...
Apr 18 2009

The Eighth Characteristic of an Enlightened Person

Serial: BZ-01298

No Babbling (Idle Talk), Saturday Lecture

Enlightenment, Precepts, Right Speech, Dream World, Subject-and-Object, Silence, Ego...
Dec 11 2004
Berkeley Zen Center

Avoiding Idle Talk

Serial: BZ-00346A

Saturday Lecture

Right Speech, Discrimination, Silence, Eight Aspects, Nirvana, Perfect Wisdom,...
Nov 22 1997
Berkeley Zen Center

Diversity - Unknown Date, Serial 00069, Side B

Diversity, Separation, Hate, War, Right Speech, Culture, training, Gratitude, Non-...