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Patachara Story

Serial: BZ-02602

Women's Sesshin


Four Noble Truths, Peace, Lay, Discrimination, Politics, Obstacles, Ordination,...
Mar 04 2018

The Therigata

Right Speech, Right Effort, Ordination, Humility, Mahayana, Discrimination,...
Mar 03 2018

Alexandra's Encouragement

Serial: BZ-02587

Day 6


Big Mind, Composure, Peace, Happiness, Describe, Mindfulness, Conversation, Doubt...
Dec 08 2017

Blue Cliff Record Case 43 - Tozan's Heat and Cold

Serial: BZ-02111

Shuso talk - Sesshin Day 5


BCR-43, Posture, Liberation, Happiness, Separation, Conversation, Emotions, Priest...
Jun 27 2010

Reality Revealed in the Workplace

Serial: BZ-02104

Shuso talk

Birth-and-Death, Darkness and Light, Light-and-Darkness, Silence, Liberation,...
Jun 12 2010

Practicing Stillness in Motion

Serial: BZ-02102

Shuso talk

Subject-and-Object, Samadhi, Practice Period, Five Ranks, Absolute-and-Relative,...
May 29 2010

Shuso Way-Seeking Mind Talk

Enthusiasm, American, War, Conversation
May 17 2010