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May 5th, 1994, Serial No. 00738

Serial: BZ-00738


Samadhi, Big Mind, Silence, Bell, Happiness, Continuous, Birth-and-Death,...
May 05 1994

March 20th, 1994, Serial No. 00963, Side A

Buddha Mind, Blue Cliff Record, resistance, Posture, Silence, Intuition, Chanting,...
Mar 20 1994

February 26th, 1994, Serial No. 00979, Side B

Don't Know Mind, Priest, Silence, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Culture, Forgiveness,...
Feb 26 1994

January 9th, 1994, Serial No. 00983, Side A

Beginners, Gratitude, Birth-and-Death, Bell, Silence, Separation, Culture, Religion,...
Jan 09 1994

August 7th, 1993, Serial No. 00655, Side A

Subject-and-Object, Separation, Instruction, Greed, Soto Zen, Hate, Dragons, soto,...
Aug 07 1993

May 17th, 1993, Serial No. 00666, Side A

Perfect Wisdom, Buddha Nature, Heart Sutra, Buddha Mind, Subject-and-Object,...
May 17 1993

March 20th, 1993, Serial No. 00285, Side A

Intimacy, New Year, Monastic Practice, Teacher-and-Student, Silence, American,...
Mar 20 1993

January 16th, 1993, Serial No. 00647, Side A

Conversation, Posture, Instruction, Silence, Zazen Mind, Beginners, Monkey Mind, Zoom...
Jan 16 1993

ial No. 00220

Nirvana, Religion, Daily Life, Happiness, Evil, Liberation, Silence, Interview,...

Title Unknown

Serial: BZ-00645A

Rohatsu Day 7

resistance, Doubt, stubbornness, Duality, Fundraising, Harmonizing, Obstacles,...
Dec 06 1992
Berkeley Zen Center

November 28th, 1992, Serial No. 00644, Side B

Buddha Ancestors, American, Don't Know Mind, Peace, Bell, Tassajara, Zoom,...
Nov 28 1992

October 24th, 1992, Serial No. 01481

Duality, Birth-and-Death, Non-duality, Buddha Nature, Silence, Subject-and-Object,...
Oct 24 1992

September 26th, 1992, Serial No. 00638, Side B

Silence, Don't Know Mind, resistance, Concentration, Peace, Emotions, Politics,...
Sep 26 1992

September 17th, 1992, Serial No. 00610

Mahayana, Mindfulness, Silence, Subject-and-Object, Aspects of Practice, Blue Cliff...
Sep 17 1992

Is Buddha Happy? Harmony, Universal Logic

Serial: BZ-00632A

Communion and Communication cont., Saturday Lecture

Happiness, Composure, American, Buddha Mind, Demons, Ego, Politics, Sangha,...
Jul 18 1992
Berkeley Zen Center

June 26th, 1992, Serial No. 00727, Side A

Bodhidharma, Duality, Avalokiteshvara, Samsara, Silence, Describe, Building, Ego...
Jun 26 1992

Shosan Ceremony

Serial: BZ-00708A


Shosan, Forgiveness, Right Effort, Silence, Practice Period, Gratitude, Peace,...
Jun 15 1992
Berkeley Zen Center

May 18th, 1992, Serial No. 00713, Side B

American, Monastic Practice, Demons, Culture, Silence, Lineage, Describe, Religion...
May 18 1992

May 9th, 1992, Serial No. 00712, Side B

Silence, confusion, Emotions, Anger, Greed, Funeral, Discrimination, Conversation,...
May 09 1992

Tozan's Five Ranks

Serial: BZ-00731A


Five Ranks, training, Ego, Absolute-and-Relative, Non-duality, Silence, Mahayana,...
Dec 14 1991
Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

Patience, Posture, and Practice

Serial: BZ-00693A

Rohatsu Day 5

Posture, Zazen, Patience, Buddha Nature, Instruction, Non-duality, Silence, Building...
Dec 05 1991
Berkeley Zen Center

Vimalakirti Sutra; Oneness and Duality

Serial: BZ-00707A

Rohatsu Day 4

Vimalakirti, Oneness, Duality, Duality, Silence, Manjushri, Discrimination, Non-...
Dec 04 1991
Berkeley Zen Center

Vimalakirti Sutra; Suffering

Serial: BZ-00706B

Rohatsu Day 3

Vimalakirti, Suffering, Duality, Manjushri, Oneness, Non-duality, Silence, Blue Cliff...
Dec 03 1991
Berkeley Zen Center

Exacting Practice

Silence, Continuous, Describe, Bell, War, Peace, Priest, Addiction, Composure,...
Oct 19 1991
Berkeley Zen Center

October 12th, 1991, Serial No. 00751, Side B

Instruction, Darkness and Light, Book of Serenity, Right Speech, Precepts,...
Oct 12 1991

July 18th, 1991, Serial No. 00623

Serial: BZ-00623


Intuition, Buddha Nature, Discrimination, Aspects of Practice, Tassajara, Building,...
Jul 18 1991
Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

July 1st, 1991, Serial No. 00969

Practice Period, Triple Treasure, Giving-and-Taking, Sangha, Attachment, Dragons,...
Jul 01 1991

February 7th, 1991, Serial No. 00267

Heart Sutra, Chanting, Avalokiteshvara, Monastic Practice, Lineage, Practice Period,...
Feb 07 1991

January 5th, 1991, Serial No. 00687, Side A

confusion, Blue Cliff Record, Bodhidharma, Evil, Aspects of Practice, Silence, Right...
Jan 05 1991

Thinking and Practice

Bodhisattva Ceremony, Anger, Cultivation, Sangha, Posture, training, Obstacles,...
Oct 06 1990
Berkeley Zen Center

October 15th, 1988, Serial No. 00368, Side B

Gratitude, Vinaya, Religion, Patience, Silence, Greed, Mahayana, Nirvana, War,...
Oct 15 1988

June 4th, 1988, Serial No. 00896, Side A

Samadhi, Offering, Platform Sutra, Concentration, Daily Life, Buddha Nature,...
Jun 04 1988

May 7th, 1988, Serial No. 00897, Side A

Happiness, Birth-and-Death, Fasting, Nirvana, Evil, Heart Sutra, Tassajara, Practice...
May 07 1988

January 16th, 1988, Serial No. 01464

Happiness, Lay, Obstacles, Interview, Silence, Bell, Offering, Posture, Building,...
Jan 16 1988
San Francisco Zen Center

December 13th, 1987, Serial No. 00304

Serial: BZ-00304

Sesshin Day 6

Lineage, Religion, Silence, Diversity, Lotus Sutra, Doubt, Subject-and-Object,...
Dec 13 1987

December 10th, 1987, Serial No. 00307

Serial: BZ-00307

Sesshin Day 3

Renunciation, Priest, Forgiveness, Intuition, Patience, Interview, Silence, Happiness...
Dec 10 1987


Serial: BZ-00906

Saturday Lecture

Genjokoan, Intimacy, Daily Life, Bell, Monastic Practice, Subject-and-Object, Samadhi...
Jun 13 1987
Berkeley Zen Center

Genjokoan III

Serial: BZ-00908B

Sesshin Day 2

Genjokoan, Religion, Eka, Echo, Heart Sutra, Describe, Bodhidharma, Interview,...
Jun 05 1987
Berkeley Zen Center

Fundamentals of Zazen

Serial: BZ-00885A

Saturday Lecture

Zazen, Posture, Instruction, Beginners, Dream World, Commitment, Enemies,...
Feb 07 1987
Berkeley Zen Center

Blue Cliff Record: Case #43

Serial: BZ-00878A

Hot and Cold Buddha, Sesshin Day 4

Buddha, BCR-43, Hate, Posture, Emotions, Silence, Nirvana, Tassajara, Anger, Ego...
Jun 07 1986
Berkeley Zen Center

March 11th, 1986, Serial No. 01496

Posture, War, Daily Life, Lay, Judgement, Politics, Commitment, Silence,...
Mar 11 1986

Buddha's Parinirvana

Serial: BZ-00873B

Eight Aspects of an Enlightened Person, Saturday Lecture

Parinirvana, Eight Aspects, Enlightenment, Eight Aspects, Nirvana, Samadhi, Daily...
Feb 16 1986
Berkeley Zen Center

November 9th, 1985, Serial No. 00866, Side B

Concentration, Evil, Berkeley Zen Center, Silence, Passions, Four Noble Truths,...
Nov 09 1985

The Eight Janas and the Origins of Zen

Serial: BZ-00429A

One-Day Sitting

Consciousness, Happiness, Concentration, Pure Existence, Hindrances, zen meditation,...
Jul 20 1985
Berkeley Zen Center

Sitting Sesshin as a Beginner

Serial: BZ-00425B

Sesshin Day 1

Sesshin, Zazen, Peace, Intuition, Hate, Posture, Anger, Silence, Concentration, Bell...
Mar 16 1985
Berkeley Zen Center

Introductory Sesshin: Zazen Questions

Serial: BZ-00409B

Carrying the Stick, Beginners' Sitting

Zazen, Posture, Concentration, Kyosaku, Birth-and-Death, Describe, Anger, Harmonizing...
Feb 09 1985
Berkeley Zen Center

July 13th, 1984, Serial No. 00389, Side A

Peace, Silence, Birth-and-Death, Aspects of Practice, Intimacy, War, Subject-and-...
Jul 13 1984

Conflict Between Intention versus Desire

Serial: BZ-00434B

"What to do with our Oni (devil)", Sesshin Day 2



Intention, Desire, resistance, training, Daily Life, Tassajara, Demons, Silence, Evil...
May 20 1984
Berkeley Zen Center

On Love: The Four Unlimited Abodes

Serial: BZ-00001B

Saturday Lecture

Love, Enemies, Equanimity, Emotions, Lovingkindness, Happiness, training, Politics,...
May 21 1983
Berkeley Zen Center

Organic Gardening and Composting

Serial: BZ-00005B

Interdependency and Impermanence, Saturday Lecture

Interdependence, Impermanence, Mindfulness, Mindfulness, Don't Know Mind,...
Apr 02 1983
Berkeley Zen Center