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Paramita of Concentration

Silent Illumination, Concentration, Intimacy, Aspects of Practice, Impermanence, Book...
Oct 12 2019

Practice Like A Fool, Like An Idiot, Like A Fool On The Hill

Half-Smile, Culture, Silent Illumination, Echo, Samadhi, resistance, Mahayana,...
Apr 13 2019

Family Ties

Serial: BZ-02445

Aspects of Practice


Ordinary Mind, Aspects of Practice, Practice Period, Silent Illumination, Five Ranks...
Nov 14 2015

One Continuous Mistake

Continuous, Buddha Nature, Composure, Silent Illumination, Don't Know Mind,...
Mar 14 2015

Friday Zazen Refresher

Posture, Beginners, Concentration, Silent Illumination, true dharma, Happiness,...
Mar 06 2015


Serial: BZ-02304

Shikantaza, Saturday Lecture

Samadhi, Suzuki Roshi, Vairochana Buddha, Precious Mirror, Darkness and Light, Silent...
Apr 20 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Ordinary Mind - Practice and Composure

Serial: BZ-02184

Shuso talk

Composure, Ordinary Mind, Doubt, Daily Life, Practice Period, Silent Illumination,...
Jun 11 2011

Komyo - Master Hongzhi

Serial: BZ-02147

Light, Rohatsu Day 5

Koun Ejô, Sandokai, Transmission of Light, Komyozo Zammai, Discrimination, Silent...
Dec 09 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Hyakujo and the Great Sublime Peak

Serial: BZ-02110

Extraordinariness of the Ordinary, Sesshin Day 4

Intuition, Posture, Silent Illumination, Doubt, Culture, Instruction, Religion, Heart...
Jun 26 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Transformation of Consciousness into the Eight-fold Wisdom

Serial: BZ-02045

Be careful of estatic states', Sesshin Day 4

Homeless Kodo, Silent Illumination, Offering, Gratitude, Silent Illumination, Evil,...
Jun 20 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

Brown Rice is Just Right

Serial: BZ-02043

Cultivating the Empty Field, Sesshin Day 2

Suzuki Roshi, Ordinary Mind, Silent Illumination, Birth-and-Death, Religion, American...
Jun 18 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

Hongzhi's Guidepost for the Hall of Pure Bliss

Serial: BZ-02042

Silent Illumination, Sesshin Day 1

Jijuyu Zanmai, Pain, Silent Illumination, Constancy, Silent Illumination, Continuous...
Jun 17 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

Class 4 Practice Instructions

Don't Know Mind, Birth-and-Death, Silent Illumination, Emotions, Duality,...
Jun 04 2009

Class 2 Komyo Divine Light

Transmission, Current Events, Silent Illumination, Discrimination, Conversation,...
May 21 2009

March 22nd, 2008, Serial No. 01121

Silent Illumination, Discrimination, Intuition, Duality, Teacher-and-Student, Non-...
Mar 22 2008

Illumination of Zazen

Serial: BZ-01099

Absorption in the Treasury of Light, Rohatsu Day 1

Zazen, BCR-, Silent Illumination, Light-and-Darkness, Samadhi, Manjushri, Intuition,...
Dec 02 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

March 12th, 2006, Serial No. 01313, Side D

Bodhidharma, Practice Position, Silent Illumination, Lineage, Bell, American...
Mar 12 2006


Serial: BZ-01217

Part I, Sesshin Day 2

Fukanzazengi, Silent Illumination, Lineage, Discrimination, Daily Life, Sanctuary,...
Feb 19 2006
Berkeley Zen Center

Shikantaza: Calm Mind

Serial: BZ-00570

Sesshin Day 1

Shikantaza, Birth-and-Death, Posture, Silent Illumination, Bowing, Big Mind, Buddha...
Feb 20 2005

February 18th, 2005, Serial No. 00772

Buddha Nature, Silent Illumination, Mahayana, Heart Sutra, Describe, Nirvana Sutra,...
Feb 18 2005

January 27th, 2005, Serial No. 00595

Blue Cliff Record, Bell, Lotus Sutra, Practice Period, Bodhisattva Way, Silent...
Jan 27 2005

November 20th, 2004, Serial No. 01290, Side B

Silence, Silent Illumination, Emotions, Platform Sutra, Soto Zen, Subject-and-Object...
Nov 20 2004

Gakudo Yojunshu, Point #7

Serial: BZ-01267

Turning Dharma and Being Turned by Dharma, Sesshin Day 1

Gakudo Yojin-Shu, Dogen, Lotus Sutra, Dragons, Buddha Mind, Obstacles, Silent...
Jun 16 2004
Berkeley Zen Center


Serial: BZ-01350

One-Day Sitting

Renunciation, Lotus Sutra, Renunciation, Silent Illumination, Posture, Concentration...
Jul 20 2003
Berkeley Zen Center

April 24th, 2003, Serial No. 00296

Book of Serenity, Silent Illumination, Posture, Practice Period, Rinzai, Dragons,...
Apr 24 2003

March 29th, 2003, Serial No. 00556

Silent Illumination, Karma, Big Mind, Echo, Concentration, Instruction, Demons,...
Mar 29 2003

Master Hongzhi's Practice Instructions

Serial: BZ-00153B

Saturday Lecture

Hongzhi, Practice, Birth-and-Death, Darkness and Light, Light-and-Darkness, Buddha...
Jul 13 2002
Berkeley Zen Center

February 24th, 2001, Serial No. 00131, Side A

Silent Illumination, Instruction, Daily Life, Cultivation, confusion, Branching...
Feb 24 2001

Hongzhi's Practice Instructions

Serial: BZ-00125B

Rohatsu Day 2

Hongzhi, Practice, Birth-and-Death, Dependent Origination, Ordinary Mind, Instruction...
Dec 05 2000
Berkeley Zen Center

July 20th, 2000, Serial No. 00852

Silent Illumination, Lineage, Interview, soto, Attachment, Chanting, Obstacles,...
Jul 20 2000

July 13th, 2000, Serial No. 00853

Silent Illumination, Lineage, Doubt, Dharma Transmission, Buddha's Birthday,...
Jul 13 2000

July 6th, 2000, Serial No. 00854

Lotus Sutra, Blue Cliff Record, Lineage, Monastic Practice, Lay, Intimacy, Practice...
Jul 06 2000

Master Hongzi's Practice Instruction

Serial: BZ-00073A

One-Day Sitting

Hongzhi, Practice, Attachment, Darkness and Light, Silent Illumination, Light-and-...
Apr 18 1999
Berkeley Zen Center

Cultivating Good Habits Foundation of Sitting

Serial: BZ-00356A

Saturday Lecture

Zazen, Posture, Discrimination, Hindrances, Silent Illumination, Buddha Nature,...
Aug 15 1998
Berkeley Zen Center

What Is Our Practice? Zazen Instruction

Serial: BZ-00313B

Sesshin Day 1

Zazen, Instruction, Practice, Silent Illumination, Posture, Big Mind, Samadhi,...
Jun 18 1997
Berkeley Zen Center

June 16th, 1997, Serial No. 00114

Ordinary Mind, Conversation, Buddha Nature, Silent Illumination, Religion, soto,...
Jun 16 1997

June 16th, 1997, Serial No. 00779

Ordinary Mind, Silent Illumination, Conversation, soto, Buddha Nature, Religion,...
Jun 16 1997

Encouraging Words from Hongzhi

Serial: BZ-00794B

Sesshin Day 1

Hongzhi, Silent Illumination, Happiness, Pure Existence, Karma, Discrimination,...
Aug 31 1996
Berkeley Zen Center

August 24th, 1996, Serial No. 00794, Side A

Heart Sutra, soto, Silent Illumination, Buddha Ancestors, Soto Zen, Building, Rinzai...
Aug 24 1996

March 24th, 1996, Serial No. 00809, Side A

Mindfulness, Four Foundations, Right Effort, Instruction, Silent Illumination, Soto...
Mar 24 1996

Hongzhi's Practice Instructions

Serial: BZ-00810B

Emptying Out, Transfer Merit, Saturday Lecture

Hongzhi, Practice, Merit, Silent Illumination, Echo, Instruction, Book of Serenity,...
Feb 25 1996
Berkeley Zen Center

May 20th, 1995, Serial No. 00975, Side A

Practice Period, Instruction, Birth-and-Death, Samsara, Silent Illumination, Book of...
May 20 1995

Master Hongzhi Continued

Serial: BZ-00974B

One-Day Sitting

Hongzhi, Emotions, Silent Illumination, Daily Life, Enemies, confusion, resistance,...
Apr 23 1995
Berkeley Zen Center

Hongzhi's Silent Illumination

Serial: BZ-00974A

Saturday Lecture

Hongzhi, Practice Period, Silent Illumination, Echo, Daily Life, Instruction,...
Apr 22 1995
Berkeley Zen Center

June 11th, 1994, Serial No. 00943, Side A

Silent Illumination, Mindfulness, Concentration, Practice Period, Offering, Four...
Jun 11 1994

Hongzhi: Cultivating the Empty Field

Serial: BZ-00656B

The Backward Step, The Upright Cauldron, Saturday Lecture

Hongzhi, Silent Illumination, Echo, Pure Existence, Anger, Instruction, Teacher-and-...
Oct 09 1993
Berkeley Zen Center

November 14th, 1992, Serial No. 01484

Precepts, Buddha Ancestors, Transmission, Silent Illumination, Buddha Nature, Current...
Nov 14 1992

Hongzhi (Zen Master)

Serial: BZ-00642A

Saturday Lecture

Hongzhi, Priest, Priest-and-Lay, Silent Illumination, Lay, Practice Period,...
Oct 31 1992
Berkeley Zen Center

April 9th, 1992, Serial No. 00605

Lotus Sutra, Silent Illumination, Doubt, Rinzai, Instruction, Six Realms, true dharma...
Apr 09 1992

November 21st, 1991, Serial No. 00272

Soto Zen, Concentration, Liberation, Karma, Obstacles, Four Noble Truths, Commitment...
Nov 21 1991