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Public Dokusan 5

Don't Know Mind, Four Noble Truths, Anger, Duality, Interview, Building, Non-...
Jul 31 2020

Suzuki Roshi Sun-Faced Buddha, Moon-Faced Buddha

Serial: BZ-02621

Sesshin Day 5


Birth-and-Death, Practice Period, Emotions, Intimacy, Attachment, Dogen, Bell,...
Jun 17 2018

Sun-Faced Buddha, Moon-Faced Buddha

Serial: BZ-02611

 Shuso Talk


Book of Serenity, Blue Cliff Record, Hate, Non-attachment, Don't Know Mind,...
May 12 2018

Precepts Class 4

Serial: BZ-02548

PP Class

Precepts, Bodhisattva Precepts, Conversation, Anger, Greed, Emotions, Evil,...
May 25 2017

The State of the Dysfunction

War, Composure, Separation, Non-attachment, Oneness, Attachment, Religion, Peace,...
Mar 12 2016

Ordination and Patience

Priest, Lay, Attachment, Transmission, American, Dharma Transmission, Ordination,...
Sep 12 2015

Four Horses Six Paramitas

Commitment, Subject-and-Object, Attachment, Big Mind, resistance, Hindrances, Daily...
Aug 15 2015

Buddha's Enlightenment

Serial: BZ-02343


Forgiveness, Emotions, Attachment, Intuition, Big Mind, Ego, Discrimination, Daily...
Dec 07 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

Three Stories About Love

Karma, Humility, Buddha Mind, Conversation, Big Mind, Separation, Instruction, Buddha...
Apr 14 2012

Non-Attachment to Buddha Nature Is Buddha Nature

Priest-and-Lay, Monastic Practice, Buddha Nature, Priest, Lay, Transmission, Non-...
Nov 05 2011

The Four Noble Truths

Serial: BZ-02163

Routine and Depression, Saturday Lecture

Suffering, Faith, Karma, Death-and-Dying, Four Noble Truths, Hate, Liberation, Daily...
Mar 05 2011
Berkeley Zen Center

Resuming Big Mind - The Purpose of Sesshin

Serial: BZ-02143

Rohatsu Day 1

Karma, Suzuki Roshi, Monkey Mind, Big Mind, Concentration, Posture, Interview, Non-...
Dec 05 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

Master Ma Is Unwell

Serial: BZ-02092


Moment by moment life, Nothing Special, What is achievement?

Saturday Lecture

Zenki, BCR-3, Composure, Discrimination, Gaining Mind, Non-discrimination, confusion...
Mar 27 2010
Berkeley Zen Center

The Landscape of the Self

Attachment, Non-attachment, Ego, Anger, Hate, Composure, Patience, Bowing, resistance...
Aug 29 2009

Six Paramitas

Serial: BZ-02021

Dealing with Suffering, Sesshin

Paramitas, Attachment, Patience, Non-attachment, Precepts, Big Mind, Renunciation,...
Mar 21 2009
Berkeley Zen Center

Platform Sutra. Hui Neng. Commentary on Poem: Prajna: Serial No. 01083, Side B

Serial: BZ-01083B

Rohatus, Day 7, second tape

Attachment, Karma, Ego, Big Mind, Non-attachment, Hindrances, Continuous, Mindfulness...
Dec 13 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Platform Sutra: Non attachment within attachment: Serial No. 01081

Serial: BZ-01081

Rohatsu, Day 5, side B

Attachment, Samadhi, Composure, Discrimination, Offering, Non-attachment, Platform...
Dec 11 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Platform Sutra: Non Attachment within Attachment: Serial No. 01451

Serial: BZ-01451

Rohatsu, Day 5, side A

Attachment, Discrimination, Samadhi, Composure, Manjushri, Offering, Non-attachment,...
Dec 11 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Platform Sutra of 6th Ancestor Hui Neng

Serial: BZ-02008

Non-attachment Within Attachment, Rohatsu Day 5

Hui Neng, Attachment, Discrimination, Non-attachment, Composure, Offering, Platform...
Dec 11 2008
Berkeley Zen Center

Fath of Delusion

Serial: BZ-01154A

Teaching Retreat

Birth-and-Death, Mindfulness, Attachment, Buddha Mind, Karma, Four Noble Truths,...
Aug 30 2008
Part 2 of 2
Berkeley Zen Center

Blue Cliff Record: Case #2 Joshu on Hsin Hsin Ming

Serial: BZ-01430

"I alone am the holy one throughout heaven and earth", Saturday Lecture

Joshu, Attachment, Hsin Hsin Ming, BCR-2, Discrimination, Attachment, Non-...
Apr 14 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

Attachment and Non-attachment

Serial: BZ-01428

Blue Cliff Record: Case #2 Nansen's "What is the Way?", Saturday Lecture

Attachment, Non-attachment, Nansen, Mumonkan, BCR-2, Attachment, Diversity, Ordinary...
Mar 31 2007
Berkeley Zen Center

Blue Cliff Record: Case #2

Serial: BZ-01193

Joshu's "Don't Know", Saturday Lecture

Joshu, BCR-2, Attachment, Discrimination, Non-attachment, Hate, Duality, Building,...
Oct 15 2005
Berkeley Zen Center

Emotions and Attachment

Serial: BZ-00574

Sesshin Day 7

Emotions, Attachment, Attachment, Four Noble Truths, Dream World, Emotions, Two...
Feb 26 2005

March 29th, 2003, Serial No. 00545

Attachment, Non-attachment, Composure, Interview, Happiness, Discrimination, Emotions...
Mar 29 2003

Summer Practice with Guests

Serial: BZ-00115


Practice Position, Attachment, Teacher-and-Student, Buddha Nature, Sangha, Daily Life...
Aug 08 2002

February 7th, 2002, Serial No. 00471

Sanctuary, Non-attachment, Bell, Separation, Hate, Duality, Doubt, War, Peace,...
Feb 07 2002

October 20th, 2001, Serial No. 00093, Side A

Birth-and-Death, Attachment, Offering, Buddha Nature, Conversation, Rinzai, Aspects...
Oct 20 2001

March 1st, 2001, Serial No. 00131, Side B

Attachment, Karma, Non-attachment, Karmic Consequences, Buddha Nature, Enemies,...
Mar 01 2001

Why Do We Practice?

Serial: BZ-00083B

Saturday Lecture

Practice, Don't Know Mind, Ego, Monastic Practice, Big Mind, Manjushri,...
Sep 09 2000
Berkeley Zen Center

March 25th, 2000, Serial No. 00207, Side A

Blue Cliff Record, Attachment, Four Noble Truths, soto, Soto Zen, Rinzai,...
Mar 25 2000

December 3rd, 1998, Serial No. 00184, Side B

Demons, Priest, Interview, Tassajara, Precepts, Religion, Non-attachment, War,...
Dec 03 1998

August 1st, 1996, Serial No. 00254

Attachment, Lotus Sutra, Karma, Non-attachment, Nirvana, Samsara, Repentance, Teacher...
Aug 01 1996

ial No. 00786, Side A

Samadhi, Attachment, Mundane Life, Posture, Non-attachment, Sixth Patriarch,...

January 29th, 1994, Serial No. 00549

Attachment, Samadhi, Precepts, Non-attachment, Don't Know Mind, Discrimination,...
Jan 29 1994

Non-Attachment as Distinct from Detachment

Serial: BZ-00662B

One-Day Sitting

Non-attachment, Attachment, Peace, Commitment, Passions, Pure Existence, Echo,...
Apr 10 1993
Berkeley Zen Center

Book of Serenity: Case #91

Serial: BZ-00714A

More of Dreams, Sesshin Day 2

SER-91, First Principle, Dream World, Subject-and-Object, Dragons, Buddha Nature,...
Sep 01 1991
Berkeley Zen Center

November 29th, 1990, Serial No. 00258

confusion, Complete Perfect Enlightenment, Offering, Concentration, Attachment,...
Nov 29 1990


Gratitude, Attachment, Daily Life, Non-attachment, Subject-and-Object, Teacher-and-...
Nov 24 1990
Berkeley Zen Center

October 22nd, 1990, Serial No. 00495

Birth-and-Death, War, Liberation, Greed, Manjushri, American, Lay, Intuition,...
Oct 22 1990

October 20th, 1990, Serial No. 00494, Side B

Ordinary Mind, Priest, Priest-and-Lay, Lay, Attachment, Commitment, Samsara, Non-...
Oct 20 1990

Mumonkan: Case #41

Serial: BZ-00492B

Bodhidharma Pacifying Eka's Mind, Saturday Lecture

Bodhidharma, Eka, MM-41, Bodhidharma, Ordinary Mind, Eka, Echo, Non-attachment,...
Sep 22 1990
Berkeley Zen Center

Boddhisatva Practice: Four Methods

Serial: BZ-00366B

Saturday Lecture

Anger, Pure Existence, Priest, Equanimity, Daily Life, Non-attachment, Emotions, Ego...
Sep 17 1988
Berkeley Zen Center

Four Noble Truths, Four Vows

Serial: BZ-00889A

Saturday Lecture

Four Noble Truths, Vows, Bodhisattva Vow, Vows, Four Noble Truths, Attachment,...
May 02 1987
Berkeley Zen Center

March 4th, 1987, Serial No. 00334

Serial: BZ-00334

Sesshin Day 5

Concentration, Doubt, Posture, Equanimity, Mindfulness, Silent Illumination, Nirvana...
Mar 04 1987

Seven Factors of Enlightenment: Part III

Serial: BZ-00869B

Rohatsu Day 6

Enlightenment, Concentration, Equanimity, Composure, Attachment, Concentration,...
Dec 06 1985
Berkeley Zen Center

Mindfulness Practice in Sesshin

Serial: BZ-01523A

Vipassana and Samadhi, Saturday Lecture

Mindfulness, Vipassana, Samadhi, Concentration, Mindfulness, Attachment,...
Jan 19 1985
Berkeley Zen Center

Composure: The Third Paramita

Serial: BZ-00009B

Saturday Lecture

Paramitas, Kshanti, Composure, Happiness, training, Monastic Practice, Demons,...
May 01 1982
Berkeley Zen Center

Unknown Date, Serial 00242

Hate, Oneness, Subject-and-Object, Discrimination, Attachment, Non-attachment, Non-...