Buddha's Enlightenment

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but i want my morning
for a paper on the sir
played for day take a chance surgeon roshi for inviting me to give a talk
we yeah
this is dan for of our two thousand and nineteen will hard to session and so here take chain middle of it right now
much as good i hope it's good for you ah
the southern she began as
talks on monday saying that he was going to talk about know what is enlightenment
ah we're still getting there i think about what he talked about yes gonna get nuts and bolts of enlightenment i want to expand on that little and also ah
tell some of the story in the back story around what is enlightenment so ah
only is a saturday or sunday that we can be ceremony
saturday so saturday
after lecture will going to have put as enlightenment ceremony which is a great joyous celebration will we
trump around and don't make a mess and get you know chant loudly and and my celebrate
the fact that ah
that's amazing event happened so long ago twenty six hundred years ago and because it happened here we are
so generally
what is enlightenment in east asian tradition is celebrated on the the if the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month and ah
not the westernization of the calendaring in japan that's been kind of set on december eighth ah
and in a lot of the rest of the bodice world right way
in the east asian tradition we so event
what is enlightenment
but his birthday and but his death on different different days and a lot of the southern and southeast asian traditions their here's sort of combined and tell what's called vesak which generally takes place
the first mode of the first nine months
can we are
a polish enlightenment so
the basic outlines to story i think can do that long ago in noise and year
turkey gautama was derived from in a predilection wandering through the settings and forests
determined to free himself from the bondage of old age sickness and death he was convinced that he could do that
ha so he became a wandering mendicant
and he started studying and traveled and communities
what are the other rebounds monty it's sharma us ah other people who had left the world and we're also sitting there on form of nice
so at the age of thirty five after six years and practicing
while numerous forrest masters
the had gone about as far as he could go
as i'm gonna come back as his last teacher
was more dakka
who had a community of students and the dark as accomplishment was many ah
accomplishment of
the mind of
the perception nor non perception
and he acknowledged that the border
had attained that level of awareness hand he was placed by that and ah decided that the buddha would be an appropriate add apt to turn over the responsibility
the of his commodity to
ah and
what a thought about this
and cancer to this you know this is a pretty good meditation but this is really not what i'm looking for and he did not want to be saddled with the responsibility for teaching preliminary catching something that he felt was not
he had just want to and then it was not complaint
so on

off by herself
at our practice
all the ascetic practices that that he could rant he ah he it had brought with them five friends from darkest community and so the six of them took up residence
the in the forest and leave our town to be very ah
very strict with themselves
let's see if i have inscription

how power as if a lot of stuff is a wonderful book called the life of buddha when say
a corruption of different narratives a variety of narratives from the from the police centers and commentaries about ah
the life of in the section on enlightenment is very good and sexually that about what presented the enlightenment is very interesting so ah
he went into the forest and he had this
he had this fashion
nice similes a panty him said that he was like a piece of wet wood
and then if he wanted to build a fire
what wrong what not barnwell ah you know you wanted town senate and dry it and he felt that ah his body mind was soaked still soaked with ah
to desire
and so that's why he decided that he would take up this authentic path and ah
that's what gets rotated ah they pushed their own endurance and they refused
the wash meant and they looked on he and his friend looked on look for the the fruits of this to her of these austerities okay
strove to reach beyond google from the limits of body and mind ah
now sense for suppose i can vote on a food saying just a morsels each time i tell
can as often as i did so my body reached the state of extreme machination my limbs became
like joint and segments of vine stems or bamboo stems because meeting so low my ribs shut it out as gaunt as the crazy rafters of an old both was born and the on my eyes sunk far down in their sockets name
like to go home of water at the bottom of a well
if i need water or evacuated my bowels i fell over on my face there
if i tried to ask my body by rubbing my rooms on my hands the hair rotted at its roots fell away from my body as i wrote because i'm eating several others pretty graphic you know don't ah this
i can cut down to spoiler alert as to work
for better was on the brink of self eradication in trying to subdue himself and his restless passions that already identified as part of his problems he succumbed and use of first man himself into submission as the senate
the this time counseled
he moved into the forest and he said to himself i have different all my fears and say moved into the forest or was it was pretty dangerous in the new forest there there were snakes and they were tigers and bears and ah
defending his fans didn't know that his fans went away event
came to
ignored them
a big comeback so he was very fearful ah but he said there him is also very and tournament ah
at the same time he has tried to go deeply into and problems
yeah the problem of birth and death ah
he started to question himself he started to question whether this was a path
ha i thought whenever a monk or robin has felt painful racking piercing feeling is striving
can equal this but not exceeded
but by this grueling pennants i have became no distinction higher than the young and state
that is worthy of a noble ones knowledge ambition
he asked might there be another way to enlightenment
and that was a critical thought
english as a woman bed i think was a turning moment in ah and
yeah you may know the story you may not but ah
i found a memory
emma was on of a time when he was a young boy
i never sitting under a train was during the
plowing festival in a shocker tribe
and his father was was there and of for people of the community where they are working in the fields energetically joyously
he said i thought of a time when my father was working and i was sitting in the cool shade of a rose apple tree
quite secluded from sensual desires
secluded from unwholesome things
and i had entered in town and board of the first jhana first meditation nice
not all bad at the time because he was a boy but in reflection now from mobile the work and training that he had done he saw oh that was the first of things
of these concentration so it was a home was are arc of concentrations that were part of the the indian meditation training and you're also a part of buddhism on
so i'd enter upon an abode over the first jhana which is accompanied by thinking and exploring when happiness and pleasure born of seclusion the seclusion he doesn't mean isolation it means just
foreign of
born free from
desires it's it's actually what sojourn with says in the first line of the changing mean it's
the boy is easy
you can avoid
partiality were picking and choosing so in that moment sitting under that tree as a boy
hey experience that
and i hadn't remembered it
why was time letting he on over six years that he was on a spiritual quest
he hadn't remembered that
my reflected upon his time under the rose apple tree
watching his father work
yeah when a simple pleasure that winstead sprung from his state of mind
one that he compared to the front of concentration and meditation
the harm to come in to your commentator says under the canopy of the protective order
it has father's benevolent but none interfering presence
found child experienced to taste joy that point of relaxed contemplation
ah the pleasure that was just being and living
ah and in the midst of the ascetic practices that he was doing
came flooding back
it was amazing to him
he said he thought
mommy there's another way
he also lost
it will come again
that was something a little scary
why have that pleasure
ah much was interesting
the fear with the anxiety seem to come out of nowhere
so i i'm afraid why am i afraid of such pleasure and wondered

can i expand on insisted it has pleasure that has nothing to do with central desires and unwholesome things
that how could hatch and race
that pleasure one
what for when he resided in that moment
hell that was the impetus for him to
move forward
it's a wonderful story
something work at the pair of fence meditation
he studied with or
the kilometers an extreme as much darker and he studied all of these ah that's limitations that were
ah can be described as
very advanced medications medications that come in the in the final four formless janez
ah but there are medications about
in bobo mutations from losing the body
my attention of neither perception nor non perception
source like
k disappearing
you can think
like as okay it happens to all of us at times in our meditation
but you can't live like that
what would he listen and it's we're talking with worry about this yesterday she was talking about in in the context of
and that those meditations you could describe as the a trance states
and ah
well i'll have them at certain moments in our lives but again we don't live there you know you can't whereas
what the border was recognized in that moment as a child was
a step that seems to me very much
in his body
and fight and it's body
as precisely
a place that one can live
you can't make it happen necessarily
but has ah
has my old teacher
a she said ah
the right moment does an accident and sauce and mix you accident prone

doesn't look so accident prone
yeah when over countries said it
no ha
for was on
the prelude town
but as are
sitting down
so ah
he found a place and outside of bodhgaya
and he sat down at the foot of the bodhi tree
ah and there is purportedly
what or descendant of that tree at bodhgaya probably i've been there something probably have been there i think the the environment is somewhat different than it was
a sport drink it's hard the first for a recluse
they have competing chanting same sound systems and you know but ah
yep far
he sat down the around the banks and the river
and he said he described the scene he said there i saw a beautiful stretch of countryside a beautiful grove acquire flowing over a lovely forward and a village nearby for support and i thought to myself in gay this has a good place for young man sent on
quite beautiful
so he sat there for six days and then we know the drama he was tempted by mara who sent babies of a social dancing girls to in trades him men you know beautiful food
and and also know challenged him he said basically mara said who do you think you are
you know
who authorize you to me the enlightened one
and tabular
touch the earth
and said the earth as my witness
and ah
and yes answered
yeah he

have you get this sounds like one of the ants in reliable raymond's mother walking trails that like doesn't make them finish and in you can see my i brought the orcs and and the aunts came into gathered around him
ah so the earth has a partner to put his work
for castle i admit night before his enlightenment
he had five dreams

the force dream that nazi ah
important but so i decided before i sat down there ah him is so weak he said in a take some four billion didn't have any he saw a corpse that was lying on the ground has robes were just
threads and so he unwrapped a cloth around his corpse
ah and he took it down to the river
and washed it
and washed himself but he almost
i hardly had the strength to get out of the river again and i finally crawled onto the and he was lying there and this young girl said jota
saw him
and she has been been offerings ten the forest gods but she saw a monk lying near by this by the stream and she brought him rice milk
to eat
and i mean it and or
he was refreshed
and following that he took up he took up the seat and has a seven last night yeah is he had his dreams ah first one was that the earth was his great bed
and the himalayan mountains whereas pillow
ah his left hand rested in the eastern sea and his right hand in the western sea and both panting in the southern sea much all which made him awoken can annex held
the second dream was are there was a woman a warning vine and fig vine growing at it as novel reaching up to the sky
and when he which meant when he had awakened the noble eightfold path
he would climb this vine and proclaim it ten
or the celestial beaks
the same train was a white worms
my blackheads crawling up from his feet
the covered him as far as his knees
sure that many while caused householders
mobdro for lifelong refuge
tell these teachings that he was about to discovered
the fourth chan was for a different colored birds coming from the for directions fell it as feet and track entirely white
she said people from the forecasts prince noble warriors merchants in laborers have been gone for us in town
life of practice in a dharma
all eyes enlightenment themselves
so it was available to everyone
the first time was that he walked back and forth on top of a mountain great mountain of excrement
but he hasn't soiled by it
what's suggested that employee may seem gifts of robes and food and lodging in medicine
and ever used them
folly and unattached and just give them out
ah as he could
that's a whole can from me as dreams you know that the board come when having a dance and payment knowledge knowledge haven't become the buddha
he sat under the tree he was tempted resistant the temptations
and ah
he was awakened in the course of a visit brighton meant he remembered as past lives'
he moved through all of the vagina is all the concentrations ah and then return to his body
he took like me
he conceived the core elements of his teaching
to the middle way
the four noble chance need for pair
an occasion of dependent origination thinking that that everything arises dependent upon other factors and causes
and i saw all of this in in graphic terms
that was
what if pretty much fun you know for him he can short lead thick know that what was done how can be done
and he was quite content can sit there he sat there for seven weeks
and harm
don't come back to
questions of preference i think modern will need to somebody it's discussion between surgeon and ross yesterday ah you know yeah
for we need to go anywhere
he was he questioned whether
what had discovered could even been shored
and ah he was be searched by indra in the other celestial beings who said the world needs your teachings
ah yeah would have been easy and also quite pleasant to spend the rest of exists his existence under hundred and tree
he never call and was
convinced okay i should try to teach this
ah and ios like to tell the story ah of as first teaching
ah he went forth and was dressed as a
as a monk and he went for it and it was another mendicant are approaching them at the road ah and
they played in each other and i said oh you and the buddha said
hi am completely enlightened one
for said well good for you and walked i
no i like to think the buddha you get the ball that wow
that kind of dental work as a pedagogical methods ah
i proceeded on ah
huh what a catch
what i was born in
so varanasi so like a very nicely and when he approached varanasi
has the five friends with deserted him they deserted him go because they thought that kid chickened out you know that had taken forward he was it was below him as lazy ha and that they saw him
and first they wanted they will be going away but they saw
something has happened here
and ah he granted him warmly and they said
something's different about you what is it
and together they sat down and he offered the first turning of the will ah you can read this or in the center's damage occurred ventura santa the chance the first turning to the wheel that's why he catches intentions the
my choice speaking directly to their concern about him been to sell out ah
need for paper foil or and need for beds it's a beautiful
in-depth talks about the kinds of suffering and the sources are suffering and talks about the path can the end of suffering
and that was the beginning of the tent as teaching kay ganda kitchen and they they heard it and they were awakened as well and they became the first monks
and you're twenty six hundred years later
embodying this teaching
can i think that when i look at him going forth
we talk about
ah no preference
what should we even talking about for the last three days
have a preference to go force you know he was responding tell a request
he was a request saying
the kitchen set yet have gifts that you'll have are valuable and can serve others
please share them
and on that basis it wasn't a question of whether
you want a town or didn't want him he just said like a got ten student yes
and saying that yes
ah probably was saying yes to a life that wasn't necessarily
convenient or always pleasant
but it was a wife of meaning and purpose
life that shows
to offer the benefits of his understanding to other people

i thought that try expands and of was apple tree is good for us to reflect on
not so much because of all had experiences likeness as children
but because we're all having extracts his likeness over time
i sent in here we sit together in this peaceful aboard
today yesterday tomorrow
avail ourselves of the opportunity
for that is test to arise it's not something that the a bed
the way i think of
he has enlightenment he has not something he told all these things you in in a lot less difficult meditations he practices austerities but more when he said that on a train is just like i'm putting myself in the way of
of allowing myself to be open and receptive
and let's see what happens i have a i haven't had to wash in that
that's the right way for me
it's also i think it's significant that ah
he sat down under a tree
that often you find when you sit outside
i think about it sitting outside sometimes feels presented top of my head has been lifted off
hang i just open and receptive to the universe which can pour in its many treasures ah so it's good to sit outside it's warm
but of course his are inside and outside
nevertheless had spent to sit outside when you can
and i have a funny rome less than the noise when the go top to indoors out these feature a lot of us a of them and attention is outside people's the climate allows for ah yeah you know in northern traditions with for this
yeah we find is really beautiful places and we
make buildings and go inside you know but may have to take ourselves we have to guard against the weather ah any rate on
the and under the rose apple tree or moments that
yeah had toppled in the forty five years in thirty five years he hadn't remembered that moment until until it was ripe
ah and so just
what we're doing as fake as allowing for ripening
more allowing for those moments to happen we're allowing for us to
both to recall them but also to create
and then let them operate on us let them operate on our bodies and our minds and find
the vibration that's an inherent
in our abilities
so i think i'm gonna stop there and take a few questions and i also want to observe that the the time limits we've been
challenges to set sgt you have any comment
in short

hello i saw as
a fine
but not on for
was already there
elvis not working but he but it had to be manifest by freedom of activity
i'm not sure to be the answer but to start
do you think

talk about
the average
desires estate a child
that fear
elaborate on fear and would i connect large firms i tried
oh and i think it's a long discussion about what that would that fear is of the fact is something biologically hardwired into us
what the last


last so long as mountains and quotation
was us his words upon being awakened
ah military
i mean i think it's over i alone beneath beneath the sky and above the earth and the world
oh well that's when that's on to learn more
right that's what i was born outside

that's why i'm most responses
harmony out of order
charm we only needs fate one come on guys
right that's right
as i and all beams are together addicted togheter much was saying you know has been on separation
i think test were in his contract surgeons question on
it comes back town
taiwan's change and rocca turkic tetra to tatra to a job body and mind so dropping body and mind is not the state of
it's neither perception nor nine more non perception dropping body and mind means dropping young ten the great body of the whole universe
and i think that it was the experience that
you know that he was a that he was celebrating end ah
that the universe celebrating with earthquakes and showers of flowers and and all six like yes moment washing or nature as or one

as a mark of our
well if you made about can charges it's it's it's janice that that in carbon quality is one of the characteristics that that you
yeah i won't say i can it i would say it's what emerges
i'll tell them yeah
i serve like this also use the areas
ask someone telling the story and got a were at the time when i said session and kentico she had okay oh gee him i know any six or something like that
and we sat in at the time there was no boring actually it was almost like being outside was a tent ah and also been a sailing ship because it can't add the cat had ah you know ten lines holding it down
down and when the web blog you can have between the lines and and the to wines crank can everything was really beautiful ah and somewhere in session about
does far into it one night ah i just felt
a column dissolving if you will
there was an inner catch that said oh
hey i was afraid
and i
the anxiety
johnny out of that experience of openness
and the next day by chance getting category rushing lectured lectured about that that kind of effect that as i'm approaching car
yeah curve as we're approaching ah some
expanse perception of openness often there's a fair you know it was feel that will lose up our body will be losing myself or mind and my my soda drawback basically he said doesn't seem to be afraid of
and or
have tried to practice than ever since and mostly i bribed said method as dead kind of awareness comes up i feel basic choice and my choice is just breeze
because i have a visualize it is yeah just falling back into the arms of the buddhists
and as anything unsafe that can happen there
so that's my suggestion but i understand that the fair
have more flex and fear of losing more than herself
you can
one more evidence
up your mouth
a physical
as race
so if i think about the heart sutra or tranches mantra chant every day to ha
the pivotal moment of hard cetera
what out any hindrances no fears exist that to me is that has a pivot point of the cetera
ah and are having pets tattooed you talking about it
i would need to add an ottawa time but thank you very much and in terrain
they are valid last time that we have for the rest of session here