Confession-and-Repentance Talks

Repentance is reviewing one's actions and feeling contrition or regret for past wrongs, which is accompanied by commitment to and actual actions that show and prove a change for the better.

In modern times, it is generally seen as involving a commitment to personal change and the resolve to live a more responsible and humane life. In other words, being sorry for one's misdeeds. It can also involve sorrow over a specific sin or series of sins that an individual feels guilt over, or conviction that they have committed. The practice of repentance plays an important role in the soteriological doctrines of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Analogous practices have been found in other world religions as well. In religious contexts, it often involves an act of confession to God or to a spiritual elder (such as a monk or priest). This confession might include an admission of guilt, a promise or intent not to repeat the offense, an attempt to make restitution for the wrong, or in some way reverse the harmful effects of the wrong where possible.

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true dharma, Doubt, Confession-and-Repentance, Vows, Evil, Karma, Hindrances,...
May 30 2020

Cultivating the Mind and Practice of the Six Paramitas: Practicing Generosity From the Inside Out

Serial: BZ-02704


Mahayana, Confession-and-Repentance, training, Branching Streams, Bodhisattva Way,...
Oct 06 2019

Beating the Drum

Buddha Ancestors, Practice Period, Confession-and-Repentance, Vows, true dharma,...
Aug 11 2018

Faith In Practice

Karma, Buddha Ancestors, Confession-and-Repentance, Doubt, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Evil...
Mar 24 2018

Precepts Class 2

Serial: BZ-02544

PP Class

Vinaya, Precepts, Priest, Lay, Confession-and-Repentance, Offering, Karma, Attachment...
May 11 2017

Dogen's Vow

Repentance, Vows, Karma, Doubt, Confession-and-Repentance, Precepts, true dharma,...
Sep 01 2013

On The Bodhisattva Ceremony

Serial: BZ-02309

Karma, Saturday Lecture

Katagiri Roshi, Karma, Confession-and-Repentance, Precepts, Repentance, Karma, Peace...
May 25 2013
Berkeley Zen Center

The Ways of Change

Confession-and-Repentance, Impermanence, Bodhisattva Precepts, Buddha Ancestors,...
Jan 14 2012

Anything Is Possible

Repentance, Buddha Nature, Anger, Humility, Bodhisattva Ceremony, Ordinary Mind,...
Aug 13 2011

May 5th, 2008, Serial No. 01130

Confession-and-Repentance, Tassajara, Practice Period, Karma, Building, Repentance,...
May 05 2008

Lay Ordination

Serial: BZ-01327

Buddha's Robe, Saturday Lecture

Rakusu, Lay Ordination, Precepts, Ordination, Lineage, Buddha Nature, Lay, Confession...
Jun 11 2005
Berkeley Zen Center

February 21st, 2005, Serial No. 01310

Confession-and-Repentance, Karma, Vows, Non-violence, Priest, Repentance, Gratitude,...
Feb 21 2005

February 22nd, 2003, Serial No. 00182, Side A

Confession-and-Repentance, Separation, Patience, Emotions, Conversation, Culture,...
Feb 22 2003

February 14th, 1998, Serial No. 00342, Side B

Precepts, Confession-and-Repentance, Repentance, Commitment, Teacher-and-Student,...
Feb 14 1998

May 30th, 1996, Serial No. 00251

Buddha Nature, Repentance, Nirvana Sutra, Evil, Duality, Karma, Confession-and-...
May 30 1996

July 27th, 1991, Serial No. 00971, Side A

Confession-and-Repentance, Repentance, Vows, Buddha Ancestors, Triple Treasure,...
Jul 27 1991