Six Paramitas

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side out
so there's a desert
a very good book on the power meters by dale right to a buddhist scholars if someone scholarly
but i really like something that he says in the introduction
which is to study the power meters
is to raise the question
how to learn and live
how shall i live
what kind of person
do i wish to be

and what you suggest
we know that the perfect the the palm

but they are also practices that we
in the process of really
her character
i'll talk more about that later
the scholar donald lopez
describes the etymology of the term per meter
it's commonly translated as perfection
and it has to etymologies
the first derives from the word perama
which means the highest are the most distant
therefore the chief or the primary
you were talking
ah last week about
the surgeon saying that his leprosy always tried to go to the fundamental
i think that's a that's an appropriate gloss on the word as well
it can be
brenda does excellence or perfection

three ill and pretty common hit em all
in ports
pura means beyond
come trumping up
if never again
let's see if this is any better is worse
it's okay
i can hear you hopes on by your picture is present
oh okay
have i now my frozen and i
my life
still choppy with your sound as good
still choppy
are you on your home network or plum mountain know you know what let's take a moment i'm going home okay i know what the message the message on my screen is that your network bandwidth is low program
that's true
so i'm gonna go home where my network bandwidth is very good so please sit zazen for about two minutes go home now

now is it ok

earth to sanga
can you hear me okay
you can tell you it's the don't care all your son
he has a great a little choppy
i don't understand this is why we are as the money in upgrading our system
okay let me think a breath here

they said that
the other etymology divides the would pardon me to into para and meta
parra means beyond
means the further bank or the shore where the boundary and we can means that which has arrived
ah so far me to means that which has gone beyond that which has gone to the other shore ah
and this reflection is is this is also reflected in tibet in translation of the word which means gone to the other shore

the chinese character that has used for the word part meta means crossing over to the other shore which is the store of non fear and the chore of liberation
so this practice of apparent meters
is the natural practice of body surface
and it also is how we can live our lives

so let me say what they are
this is all outlined in ticknor handbook you can find it in the pressure for me to sutra pressure parameter
so the
that's really embedded in
our fundamental teachings it's embedded in the heart sutra with we and every day
in a large number of other texts
and so the six perfections are as follows
donna parramatta
means generosity are giving
sheila power meter sheila been the precepts
the ethics or morality what discipline a proper conduct
this is the rule for monks
which is
patience tolerance forbearance
endurance never the top get more about this as we go on because i think that the kitchener on and suzuki roshi have very interesting very useful ways of framing the perimeter of shanty
very a power meter which means energy
or diligence or effort
and of course there's a logic in which that
ah fits with with patience
in order to practice patience sometimes we have to make a big effort
this jana d h y a une per meter
which is meditation or concentration
most literally means and kind of one pointed concentration which is an element of our
it's an elegant of our meditation practice
and finally the critical one which is pressure per meter
which is wisdom
it's insight into the nature of reality
and it is the catalyst the transformative ah element that works with all of the other parameters it catalyzes them to make them
bodhisattva practices now i'll say little more about that
so really all of these practices
all these parameters the six of them each one of them implies all the others and includes all the others

so you can think of them
as virtues
or as values
these are values that lead or life and need our practice
are also practices
but i think that each one of them needs to be then
ha applied to the various practices that we have so it had decent the values of those practices to me
and they point towards how we move towards liberation
as buddhas and bodhisattvas
and prussia
is the parameter that
really makes them
let the first five
our in a sense
you can you can do them as virtuous action ah in the mundane world
but when they're infused with prajna
then they become part of the realization of our of our full buddha-nature ah
they really the basis for training for people who are practicing on the path of enlightenment
project part me to open the door for all the others so we look at ah one of the chapters of ah
then my beginner's mind ah suzuki roshi talks about donna approaching up r mika
so he talks about giving
a manifestation of wisdom
can you can think of all of these as a manifestation of wisdom
giving morality
patients effort and meditation

so we come back to depression there's the couple of passages that i wanted to read you have that are quite parallel
and i'm starting with passion because it didn't as i said it infuses everything so in arm
the heart of the buddha's the heart of the buddhist teaching ah
did her rights
let us look at a wave on the surface of the ocean
a wave is a wave it has a beginning and an end
it might be high or low more or less beautiful than other waves
but a wave is at the same time water
water is the ground of being of the wave
it's important that a wave knows she is water
and not just a wave
we to live our life as an individual
life is an individual as a wave
we believe that we have a beginning and an end
that we are separate from other living beings
that's why the buddha advised us to look more deeply in order to touch the ground of are being which is nirvana
everything bears deeply the nature of nirvana
everything has been near ized

and then he kept guinea speaks pretty much in line with our teaching so the gene and teaching
he says we don't have to attain nirvana
because we wish we ourselves are always dwelling in nevada
the wave does not have to look for water
it already is water
we are one with the ground of our being
that's really to me it's a beautiful passage and
yesterday i was reading a book ah
by rabbi rummy shapiro called the hebrew prophets
and i was surprised to find
very similar
very similar kind of analogy
ah he saying
ah he's talking about the non duality of god
god as
i am who i am
you should think of it this way
the ocean manifests an infinite number of waves
it is it's nature to do so
it's not a matter of choice
it is what it is to be an ocean
the ocean has a current this too is not a matter of choice
it simply is what is
god manifest beings the way the ocean raises waves

and then he says and is this is interesting news is mrs getting into law perhaps theological discourse he said and god has a current
justice compassion and humility to celebrated by the profits this is a book on them on the been profits
unlike waves however you have a choice to flow with the current or against it
it is not the god will punish you if you choose to go against the current of godliness
has with the ocean you can swim against the current but doing so will exhaust you and you will drown
swimming with the current done the other hand allows the ocean to sustain you and to carry you
so hum and he killed is quite a few similarities here
it may be out lme stop here
and just star
see if there are any comments or questions at this point
you can raise your digital hand and ethic will yoni or rogoff calling your not sure
i'll call on on them okay so if you ever
if you have a question or comment please raise your hand there's one from heather
so am you he talked about this little indirectly but i wonder if you can say it explicitly to make sure i understand it
the precepts be considered the tools or the action steps to experiment or experience the parameters
they experience a date
and what i did say was that of the pie meters
in relationship to all the other parent mages ah you can enter at any point
you can enter by way of meditation you can enjoy by way precepts but
the precepts are
part of the threefold training wiki which is the whole of of the buddhist ah vision now that threefold trading is
concentration and wisdom sheila samadhi and project mama though it's possible for example that
one could practice very deep concentration
and conceivably ignore morality oh
that can happen
an example that i always give
went back to a couple of episodes of the sopranos that i watched where on
this this guy came at a prison where he became a a a very adept yogi and ah when he was a stone killer
no morality
and tom
other teachers have been asked this question so you the thing is that the threefold training all of those have to interact
but it's also true that on are catching me up to ah
those if have had lay a priestly ordination it says that ah

then it was transmitted from bodhi dharma that ah
the precepts are the single gate
to the practice so i think that that morality is essential
the inseparable element does that doesn't make sense
yes i think you're saying it's it's some
it's a very helpful framework or set of
practices the precepts and it's not a whole is not the whole of it but it's a really great park place to start but it it can be the whole of it ah i'm you know the thing about the precepts to me is they are
they are instructions for
how we relate to things i relate related things that are related people and how we relate to ourselves can he be are all instructions for relationship
i think get the hard
of the of this practice is the awakening to the fact that
of oneness
of our connection to to everything
hence the precepts are very particular tools for how to arrive at that spot
and you find him the in the jewish tradition is really interesting there's ah i have a couple of books on it very
what's called lush on hurrah which is
you know wrong speech basically and ah
it is very very detailed in our precepts are pretty detailed says you know do not elevate yourself a above others do not lie and so forth but of these talmudic commentary
the tumblr commentary on
lucia on hurrah
goes into great detail about what is right and what is not right speech
and it's it's really interesting really interesting
i don't think it's i don't feel that it's are at odds with with what we're doing
great thank you gary
how do you think you know your arm
you're reading of the on the jewish tradition and comparing it somewhat to the buddhist tradition that there's a
a universe that versie our that comes through us as humans
and then get it's pretty typical to find the same things and various religions
well i think that you know this is what
it's sometimes called perennial wisdom
and you know it cuts across a lot of it covers a lot of territory on and
you you also hear the expression serve all roads lead up the same mountain right
i i don't think that all roads lead up to say mountain i think all roads lead up to the top of a mountain in a huge range and we you know it's like we stand on the top and we yodel to each other
on it might be different paths it might be some different particularities but ah
you find similar ethical and moral principles in many i wouldn't say all but many religions
but it seems like something
you know it's kind of like you you go outside and you say ah this is amazing and that at ah
is common or that eyes universal like department yeah i think that the ah or the all
is common
to all of us
you said that have the parameters are embedded in the heart sutra
so i was looking at the army and is at war not so river
but just that
you don't really understand the heart sutra we will be
after seeing those are no others that feedback
mighty me the from on
he says looking will give him well as i don't see that so much in the heart sutra literally but so i was just curious about what what you meant by that are imbedded in the heart surgeon
well i think it's that
prajna par me to includes all of the parameters
you don't have project parameters and project for me does not a stand alone
the same it is intimately related to all of the other the other five
i couldn't move but you said embedded in the heart sutra seeking the hot seat your suture
yeah i'm not meaning literally in terms of the words i'm meeting in terms of the
ah the centrality of project
and it's clear that if you have project and the bodhisattvas are doing all these other practices
and you do find him spelled out the project or arnica the heart sutra is is a
highly compressed version of the larger yeah of a larger project by meters sutras and in those they are spelled out directly
thank you
yeah so if you can't let me go on okay
the first part of meta is done upon me tough
and donna is a sanskrit term that means
give it
ah means to give freely
with the heart of compassion to give without expecting anything in return
and the the crack is sadhana was laid out
by shakyamuni buddha as the practice of gay people
ah but it's also the practice of the monks but the lay people were encouraged to
give and they were the one to it without they're giving
the the monastic communities would not survive
so we offer gifts of many kinds
and i think that adopt going back to the heart of giving is just
the activity of connection
so you have different your different interpretations of kinds of giving
at a base level there's a giving of
material goods the things that we need for survival
and for a person
now facing say or
a disaster or and a refugee camp or in a war zone ah
the need for some the goods of survival are matter of life or death so that's a first priority in that context
on a higher level or giving
is he giving up the doorman the giving of teachings
you know and job
this is what our teachers did their their whole lives since who had soldiers dead in which do you where she did and so many the answer is going back in all kinds of distributions they dedicated their lives teachers giving these teachings because of
teachings are teachings of liberation
the teachings of liberation
in the context of
resolving the issues of suffering
ah they're also teachings of liberation in a mundane source in a monday nature i'm thinking of it
i'm really thinking about it today since sir
congress approved
the congressman and but and president biden voted to make june he's a national holiday which is remarkable ah
that is recognizing
the historical fact of liberation
but gets further to go
the highest level
his fearlessness
and this is what is broken up to me in the pivotal verse of the heart sutra
where it says
without hindrance no fears exist
and so the pressure on me to sutra
he is sutured that is designed
to remove us
from the hindrance of
thinking of thinks of having as having a self nature
but the point of that is so that we can face the circumstances of each moment with fearlessness
and finally
the point of that fearlessness
is so that we can simply connect
in that connection is
we all we all understand it we all feel it when it happens and it's arm
yet it's very mysterious
so i've often
read this the and thinking about giving one of my favorite books is ah the gift by lewis hyde
and if you haven't read it i really encourage you to read lewis no side is he has a restaurant would his background but he he's delving in his book into
anthropology social history and ah psycho analysis ah
and one point the book he describes dinner at our village restaurant just an ordinary restaurant in the south of france
can you wrote this
the patrons sit at a long communal table
in each finds before his plate a modest bottle of wine
before the meal begins
a man will pour his wine not into his own glass but into his neighbors
and his neighbor will return the gesture
filling the first persons empty glass
an economic sense nothing has happened
no one has any more wine
can he would have if he poured his own
but society has appeared where there were there was none before
and if you think about those of you who has some awareness of ah
japanese traditions
in japan
you always poor t for the other person
you don't pour your own tea
ah and sometimes he is that
if your arm
some places they have or yogi where you're passing the the ball washing water down the town or across the table and you don't pour your own water you pour water for your neighbor and then you give them the the teapot and the
or water for you so that the idea of that is the creation the very literal not symbolic the very literal creation of society
it's it's really beautiful
so this is a is donna is a circular activity
it's the activity of
the giver
the receiver and the gift
an often what we forget
is that this circle
the circle has to be unbroken
if we hoard a gift for ourselves if we don't pass it on in one form or another and were actually breaking the circle
suzuki where she talked about this was a wonderful
piece of a lecture that found in the window at the camp at some place and made computer talking about money
hum where he was saying
he just believes in it flowing and circulating
and i find that really inspiring
instead of trying to keep it for yourself
give it away
that others benefit for it and went from it and when when that happens then often more flows in to oneself
what you don't do it for that
mitt for that reason actually pure generosity is simply giving and forgetting
we say the emptiness of the giver to give and the one we will receives
so with an empty hand
i offer an empty gift
to an empty receiver
and what arises his gratitude
what arises is connection
dogan talks about this in our the first section of
the body suffers for embracing dharmas she shall bow
ah it has given me not to be greedy
not to be greedy means not to crave not to crave means in worldly expression not the flatter so he's really digging down here you know use he's talking about he's not just talking about values he's talking about actual practices not the flatter
if i flatter someone
invariably it's because i want something from their person night
so if you eliminate flattery
from your
you're a social
can your social repertoire then
you are allowing something else to happen
later in this paragraph he says
we must simply and unfailingly not be greedy
it is like offering treasures that are going to be discarded to people we do not know
which is really interesting right now because our driveway is filled with these treasures ah or even giving them away from the weekend you know i'm just watching and re-watching people and a sort through some of these stuff some of these things somebody came by yesterday is it was a big cow
couch out there and
they said oh this must be an heirloom
and as the latter know if it's an heirloom but it's really beautiful piece of furniture we just
don't need it now and somebody might ah so he needs to be like offering treasures that are going to be discarded to people we do not know that happens every time we put avowed in the you know i'm there on the term ah were literally it's like giving flowers blooming on the day
distant mountains to the to togheter and love that expression just you know it just fills my heart on
the flowers don't belong to us they don't belong to saga
and in our day and age compared to domains day in age com
it actually in our day and age it takes a conscious effort to allow flowers to bloom on a hillside
we were driving to the airport the other day in south san francisco and what we saw you know those beautiful
the a greenish or brownish depending on season is beautiful hillsides in south san francisco ah that are filled with grasses and wildflowers in the right season and now the the developers are creeping up
the hillsides you know and you can see the house so to leave some to leave flowers the space to bloom
is a remarkable thing in our time

since a gift gifted never disregarded for small value
but our effort should be genuine

my favorite line in this whole passages in the next paragraph he says we offer ourselves to ourselves and we offer others to others
this is donna by ducks this is this is gonna crash in up on meta
mrs data that is fully
enacted by wisdom to give ourselves to ourselves how do we do that
of course that's one of the dimensions of our practice
give others to others
you know is there something i can do that
allows yoni to be yoni
you know or a giant to be a giant i don't have any agency for that but i think that the way we do it henderson is i think totally resonant with
sojourns teaching and suzuki roshi teaching is
just to accept each person has they are
in any given moment
that's getting others to others
some going to stop there for a couple of minutes let's see if there's any questions i want to ah we're not gonna get through all the farm meters but i want to talk about the shanty because it's my favorite but if you have a question or comment please

hum right
thank you have them
i've been thinking about
giving others to others as an opportunity to let people find their own way
cause i can't give anything or anyone with a by am
not fill the space so much and meet people
and i i can trust that with their practice they will find their way and i have to fight the am my kind of habit or estate to wanna do something for somebody else and helped them which i think is not letting others find out there's is coming letting me help you
which is other solid a very different dynamic what it what do you think i did you write know and i also think sometimes
one might see something that can help a friend
and when
when one does
maybe the correct way to to offer it is
you know i'm not not not so are holding back christs think of this occurred to me you know ah and i wanted to share with you ah so i mean i think sometimes there are things that we that we might see about others
but basically amedisys again goes back to ah
cause after the conundrum of the control chapter in
ah reminding method
research the best way to control a person is to give them a wide field is to watch them right
and then he also says
not to ignore them
so the watch them means that we're in some relationship to them
and for a relationship to them was going to be some communication yeah but i think you know for me to suck i never
i don't have the
i don't believe that i know anybody else's reality it's it's challenging enough to try to forget what mine is enabled even know that either
well there's there's number of stories where the students thank their teacher from nine am
telling now and let them fight their own way posthumously right but i will say
hard as it was i am very grateful for the things that surgeon said to me
that he thought i needed to know about him
wasn't always easy to hear but i never dismissed it
well when you say that would recruit necessarily but you know i appreciate but that's because that's because we we had a relationship right you signed up for it so you invite him to was a critique your your practice and in your practice practices refined whereas autumn more
pure level versa teacher student is little more delicate i think for maybe i'm asking if it's located to give feedback offer feedback or i've been thinking about is the space for listen to hear me then we can have a relationship in there on that level yeah yeah thank you thank you you have yoni
and then we'll move on

i'm before the lecture started to fuel were talking about making music and
whenever sometimes i'll hear a song and i'll feel like the song was incredible gift to me cause i could bring something up for me and i was wondering
since we're talking about in a given with others others how can my creative acts like that
making music or making art where's that sir fit in
to all took to the army does or just buddhist life in general
well i'm big fan of creativity on
the kinds of music that a play
ah you your folk based
ah and not so different from all kinds of music but it's music has been that has been handed on
for many many years and has been handed on within a tradition the same way that the forms that we have in the zendo are handed on and the song said survive survive because there's something essential in them
you know if there wasn't something essential if a song whether it's the words or humility
if it doesn't have something that catches
people's minds and hearts then it doesn't survive it's survival of the fittest music
you know on
in terms of it's very subtle thing in terms of actually the for me
in the past i love performing i haven't been to i do too little now ah but i'll only love performing when i'm playing with
other people i do not enjoy it by myself and what i had to learn
the hard way was
i feel is a time when
i was somewhat ambitious and my band was somewhat ambitious and we wanted to get we wanted to get a response a certain kind of response
and i would play like that with that intention
and i would come out of feeling completely drained and hollow
because my attention was in getting that response not in entering the music
stopped because stopped playing that way ah a play out and play as an offering to people and they can accept it or not ah but the real satisfaction is
in the larger nexus of
communication between musicians who were onstage and the audience and whatever whatever form that takes whether to listening audience or dancing money as you said something like that so that in many ways that was my my training before i came
two packets and practice
that makes sense
thank you okay i'm will go on
the wanna talk about shanti it it's really interesting
shawty is
what we translate his patience
ah or forbearance
have in the pali suitors there's a line
ah that
there are like which is that patience is the incinerator
of defilements
patience is the incinerator of defilements
defilements or hindrances
and of course it it's linked very closely to the next power meter which is via the energy or persistence
i'm also it's related to donna
one of the things that it means is basically being able to bear
what one experiences
the real test if you if you're looking in the the path of perfection of the city maga ah what do ghosts it says is that that the true test of patience is
patients in the face of insult
so what patients in the face of being unjustly accused
i can turn that inside out also
it's almost harder to bear
what one is justly are properly accused of it's harder to bear once once real harmful errors but anyway patience is the perimeter that you apply
without patients ah it kicked out on rights is
you know you face the world and say this is an unhappy situation i must go somewhere else can you go from place to place wandering like the prodigal son

there's also a wonderful gloss on patients in ah
shanti davis path of the bodhisattva
palm i don't often a view of reddit the the hope the path of the body suffered by the way is a commentary on the power meters
ah and it goes to all of them
but the pivotal chapter is the chapter on patience
and egypt's read patients in the context of frustration ha
and in verse kenny says
if there is a remedy for a situation is difficult
what's the use of frustration
he says if there is no remedy
what's the use of frustration
so i saw on a t-shirt once it does the horror cause somebody had a t-shirt with the motto that worry is not preparation
just pretty good
ah anxiety is not preparation it happened so
when it happens what we can do as the practice of patience is really to investigate
investigated and investigation since another system is one of the ah factors of enlightenment
so investigate
how is it and where is it in your body
so investigate the physical qualities and location and sensation
if there's a pain winters with the goal or mental
is it a tightness is it a sticking pain is it a gnawing hunger
is it in the pit of your stomach is it burning in your chest does it feel like your head is on fire
in those circumstances look very carefully
just investigate not why
but how is this pain manifesting

when i love or the to to me very resonant and creative
of this permitted by
suzuki roshi and by ah did not harm

tick not han says
let croissant the he is the practice of inclusiveness
including everything that i think this is very much
have in line with what soda wrote his teachings always work that we need to find a way to include everything
in our field of be
and what kick no notice to suppress our pain
it's not the teaching of inclusiveness
we have to receive it embrace it and transform it
i would
i would revise that a little bit
i think arm
sometimes we should be careful about embracing things
sometimes we are not ready
to embrace it
sometimes embracing it may be hazardous
but to face him
we watched some of us last night watch dave ha
quite a beautiful burmese films about some young monks who had been left the long in the forest when their teacher went away and are
one of the monks had the ability to well he was visited by spirits
what he said to the spirit basically was
if i look at you
you will not have the power to frighten me
he wasn't trying to embrace it but he wasn't turning away
what did not harm says and i fully agree with this is ah if we receive it
if we do not turn away from it
this is how we make our heart big
we did we look deeply in order to understand
if we don't understand and will be caught in anger
the hatred
we will think that we will feel better only when the other person is punished
he says to practice sean keep our mika
we need the other part meters
if our practice of inclusiveness of jaunty does not bear the marks of understanding giving and meditation
we're just going to be a we're just going to make the effort to suppress r p and drive it down to the bottom of our consciousness that is dangerous
that kind of energy will blow up later and destroy ourselves and others i think in psychological terms and forty in psychological terms that
it's what's known as the return of the repressed
whatever you repress is going to returned you in some form or another
but if you practice deep looking your heart will grow without limits and you will suffer less
so that's taken on hands
expression of inclusiveness
suzuki roshi
rights the problem with the word patience
is that it implies that we are waiting for something to get were waiting for something to get better
we are waiting for something good that will come
in other words
and this is to me this is that this is a root cause and most of our suffering he said we want things to be different from how they are
and so if you practice reading because you're expecting things to be different than out how they are hum
you just gonna continue to suffer
suzuki roshi rates a more accurate worth this folly shanty
is constancy
a capacity to be with what is true moment after moment
can i think that is that's where
did not on and and suzuki roshi intersect that
capacity to bomb
the be with what is true moment after moment
is the capacity that we develop in practice stoop to broaden our hearts
to be able to include
whatever we encounter
sometimes we can't do that
sometimes it's too much
sometimes we might eat you
take a step back
figuratively or literally
and collect ourselves

reckon with the blow that we might have received

mrs really hard
patience is a really odd practice
the character for patients is very interesting that the diagram in chinese com
it has two parts
ah the bottom part is really the radical for
court slash mind chin
and p
port above that
is a sword
so it's a sword hanging over one's heart and mind that's that's what the feeling of patients can be
that's why it's it's to me it it's very clearly a practice
ah some people are naturally patient
you know and they've been blessed
i think that
i can always stop it so true as a very unusual person ah
because and i think that he was very he was just naturally very patient or at least that's what he'd become i'm not sure that he was always like that but some of us are more easily plagued by our impatience
and we really have to work with it when something comes up that's really odd deal with
we need to step back
and collect ourselves we may need to we may need to speak to a friend
we make it's fine
get help to cultivate the me to have patience
but i really again i come back to this expression it the patience is the incinerator of defilements
if you don't have that the defilements will just guilt is burn free incinerator creates some boundaries around it
so i think i'm going to stop there and see if there any other questions before we finish for the evening

feel free to ask
what to comment on your own experience

yes i am
you were mentioned
from the that book
corey mind for the
yeah handle
and i noticed stay in our american society have
that we we are hard to fault mechanism is rugged individualism yes and then i noticed that it also
it manifests and the zinc communities
we can
is the inclusiveness is that the key to creating a community or enabling the community will take place
that's an interesting question can i take one quick step back and but how do you see that manifesting in the same query
where people pay are
mina seek help right or no wanna do something
your own way and he may not be the right way they'll keep doing it that way because i was given this task and it's my task and that's where i'm going to do by he gets one aspect limited to a as you are speaking arose another aspect is that
to some degree were asked to give up our innovate our individuality
ah in order to do a practice together
and that's that's really
a remedy for our
an attempted remedy for our self centredness but of course
you can build eco on the head of a pin
and as a culture where very good debt stroke

i don't know what the answer is you know it's
we practice and practice and
there are there openings and i'm not talking about enlightened many experiences there are openings were we
reshape a recast ourselves from what we've learned and i will say i've seen a lot of people
for him that's happened
feel to what extent that's happened in me and one of the
things that i loved when i came here was
i felt that people were very kind
and that the the shape of the practice was such that it it was resonant with that kindness and i wanted to be more like that
there isn't a the doctor martin luther king would say the strength to love her as
and disgrace to love is know what we learn
which is tough is that the strength to have not always it is not always the
same as like
we love because we recognize our oneness
did this
and sometimes
like are not like is precisely where we have to practice patience
thank you thank you goes on
questions or comments

in again through my notes
give you one last chance
i've really enjoyed on all the different i've enjoyed studying myself ah this practice period and also the other classes that that haven't given in of of lectures by ah
senior students ah
it just want to thank you offer for participating
we again session tomorrow morning
ah i don't think it's quite registered with me yet but it will when i get up ah and
i hope that many will see many of you there
come on
and then we'll have one day off and then we just begin our schedule again
and you know as some of you may be wondering we are
strategizing and moving towards ah
opening step by step later in the summer and look to have an opportunity talk together about all of that but meanwhile we have sushi
and please enjoy sushi
pay and i'm looking forward to myself