Living With The Epidemic

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aspire to good morning
some rain metres good
so i take them over from cairo for the talk and discussion it will have today's
love a time of corona virus
ah no less won't want to
like lively
sasha discussing an occasion
and today and as find that trying to add a little boat and talk about communicable diseases
and the town or on my mind and then i hope it will can
talk about together ah obviously my talking about a new potentials for an epidemic that is ah such town have arrived in various parts of the world
in the us or the town
no also greatest infection right now on is in washington state and northern california
and how many people are silent more fat can we don't know
the numbers right now are welcomed me so particularly in relation to
the numbers of sicknesses and fatalities that we see when the
so-called regular flu
but hey
the trial looking catch him in that transmit transfer transmission of corona virus viruses is pretty intense and my town the beginning to look at what all the ramifications are for
our lives for our blogs and
for me it understand gave me a fortune so on
oh god but disease
is fear
and ah
i think that fan of us are
you can afford me and tibet ah
i noticed one when someone came in yesterday to the who was coughing and sneezing i felt kind of my anxiety level
crank up
ah and
i'm sure we all have situations like that in our lives
ah and at first when contagious fear sweeps through a population very quickly and we've seen this notice will come on a virus what we see this with all the
oh the depredations and the and need a patients in need of the smile and great violence is that happened in our in our lives and in our surroundings and how about communicate to us even when it appears we are not
a mashed them that but we are
indirectly effected on a deep way
so i have to keep these things in some kind of mountains we have to look at ah
what a broad principles of harm reduction
and what are
the places where we are swamped by anxiety and this doesn't just go for the corona virus it goes for for all kinds of a physiological and social viruses you know in our community
i think that
when applicable koran from the blue for appeared that kind of said so the question for
that's how the subject dear sir
cause i'm insulin and record i think this might have been nice showcase ah it's
or a monologue by
zen master hedman
who says
they say that has to very jerry's tracy jerry j jones or
go on i think ah
nelson in sickness k each other
all the earth is medicine
where do you find yourself
also in sickness
k each other all the earth is medicine
why do you find yourself
this is a really wonderful
hot well that sets in the middle of us at a time like the time that we are
a time that were happening in terms of this ah in terms of corona virus the times that we are inhabiting in terms of name
what political environment in this country
ah may say
how can solve a surplus
and our eyes aren't always so open to
the watterson
what town
the fact that scoring right in our faces dead
why i will promise
okay we embody it
it is no place outside of ourself

ha ha

also have a sickness as well classical
the shelter of suffering in the first time central the first channel of the world

ningbo says ah
this is a global transit suffering
both are suffering aging and suffering illness is suffering
death and suffering
long as what has just flashing is suffering separation from what is pleasing is suffering not to get what one wants his suffering
in brief
the five cool harbour gets
our suffering
ah so
sickness has one of one conventional and obvious more of suffering much as not to say that
sickness doesn't exist
he sought to save that pain doesn't exist ah the question of course
was suffering is
how does one
encourage has one made that suffering
he so ah that's the larger context and i think the now our context is how are ongoing tell
enlarge or
what the corner virus
you meet a catcher
so today ah what be decided desert a of people including people from abroad in the abbot some and the
the coordinator in a couple of others have been ah to the pull their heads together and quickly we put our heads together less yesterday and decided that my would go
they only part of the practice this morning and bread or aoki breakfast ah where the mind towards limiting some of the vectors of transmission that that might be ah of concern
and then a we decided that ah today we're going to skip t
so that one been a t after this lecture which is insignificant
moment for the saga
and we'll just need in the period before ah before was overpaid and
and kicked around some ideas for me know
for the next
and let me just say i'm going to say what some of these ideas are they not
they're not yet decisions they are just thinks that mount were thinking about ah and i'm really curious to hear what you're thinking about and the way wanna do that is actually ah
after i get is would turn to somebody next to you and tell them what you think the general and maybe in specific about what btc policies or to be and or animal harvest from that from the group
the people who have an opportunity to speak briefly
oh absurd
our time was very short you know we wanted to to figure out sort of guidelines and protocols for how to maintain
a sanitary standards how to plant surfaces how to mitigate or the kinds of person to person contact much as what the cdc's is recommending
as of today or this morning the cdc was suggesting that older people stay home
ah stay home as much as possible and
you know older means over sixty
ah if he wandered around
except for surgery
oh was not yet reached the older stage
so he can sit here alone
but why didn't even get to that
because on our issues so one of the things that we were thinking about is that we need a way we're thinking about recommending a break from the schedule
for it most for this week
i said this is not a decision this is just throw it seems that so and in that time then will confer with all the can't lock on the kitchen and in practice physicians to see how that how we can ah how we can maximize safety
ah and put those protocols in place
for the foreseeable future
what don't know
the question is always is this
a fear-based reaction
is a reality based reaction
does has gone too far does this go
in no way far enough
now they're know we have no
objective criteria for
for walking that we're just looking at recommendations first for recommendations from the community and also recommendations from
rabbit or anthony's like the cdc
ah so
those things are linked the idea of taking a step back while we see how things unfold over because the next week and more than taking that time to demand and develop some kinds of protocols for a for what to do i was really impressed
i went to a
an eco chaplaincy training at the insane
center in scotts valley and
first of all now approaching people find zero you wanted to give them a hog or she can't just like and like
no my conduct ourselves by bowing which is really good
yeah but it's hard to deconstruct that
time needed to hold back from those lungs in california
will have no soul food and dessert buffet style so before you gotta the food line there was a wash sink and you lather your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds and ever wanted that before they got in the food line
and to the doing and they had never been protocol for a multiple stage dishwashing so they were taking care of are taking care of nice things and wiping down surfaces very very carefully ah and so that
was encouraging to me i'm about to me for empire town for their champions in training program maybe tomorrow and there's been a lot of concern there and discussion about whether we should cancel the chaplaincy
and pi has done a lot of internal work on very the vertically oriented so they have for the thorough resources for taking care of things but still
some people are not coming ah you know people from it would involve you know a long plane ride ha and so those shifts and changes that are gonna happen
so these are some of the thoughts ah
and what i'd like to as our turn to someone next year and what i like ah
three minutes of peace ah
maybe more if you with the time people and and ring a bell after three minutes and is switch and would like how you know decide who goes first and just their person specs uninterrupted me and the other person listens ah and some about three minutes back and forth and and to me
minutes of discussion between new at the end ah and talk about
what you think might be a good plan for bookings and center in the in the near future
for angling grants or got a virus or you can also speak about what your concerns are what you get your your personal anxieties and be not necessarily
watch britney's and center but just in terms of the epidemic itself so he said the make sense so track someone next year and begin a discussion
introduce ourselves



i'm excited because

like as i'm concerned show
extra it
it time
of the addresses
regular basis

the forty five




what else you want

plans change the primary speaker





the guy
hey guys





a nice your personal life
hundred and from magazine covers and graphic figures years like to the
because years ago
okay for
it was refreshing
so you can for years
he says
he just the out eight hundred this
function of restriction is recommended for centuries
to discuss
please to
ten minutes of kind of phone conversation to finish up and will bring about over two minutes

the first time to time
the traditional safety
if somebody the aggressor

for holidays and ninety four hundred going to be here supplier
has been
because of some serious
for the a
sense of humor
when we have to go on
to help any korea
every episode eight of

that's why we it
south africa

there are different families

our we can see
i'm no longer
yeah yeah
a healthy

looks great
rumors and accusations world
please come back to work
facing the central the romance time
not to perform at to ground ourselves and returned to silence and find her best

how fast she
six simply ah which is sometimes my post is for people who would like to share will you come to what you are speculating about we have we have some time to share not everybody but hum if you do is to
i think
one was the suggestion shopping the schedule for a weekly meeting really like
i don't like that
by of course whatever and then then
i was thinking more about solution
anyway there are a lot of kitchen assistance as beat it is up
that's a nice things a little bit more sanitary
our friends dishwashing system and since actually a good i wish to have a week or even staying with us and entire sections on now that ensure that all of our tissues were not just clean during that journey prequels after they reviews and
a hostile things
the way snacks that are groups and saturday lot of touchy things that aren't necessarily he why is it is
yeah i mean it's it's avoidable if that could use air raids on a giant is a kind of touch some of the other confused i am wondering if we should is to and a more
lots of cops thanks comes next snack up
that's are more formal practice be a little bit
his chest
however we're talking about
as the earth i have
our place girl with weddings
he says the catch and i know that here is the
my fears allayed when i more information about how to take care of herself
and how do not pass it onto someone else especially people like character and i know in our office this morning from washington to the house matches was overwhelmed by
how much i love this place
my elders to die
and here
the that
and i know that's play for christmas so great
he wants to the past week

i like wage i can he said
there's a lot
there's a lot of
this is this
here happens

right on track with is actively

right after the to speak
he was because he just done
for some sweater

share prices on

also on cached products wrong and important to remember that we can return found that place of of energy and excitement n thinking talking ah
have the tools to be able to step back and ground ourselves in our breath knowing where our feeder and so forth
and that that is an incredibly
he appointment ah a boy that we have been cultivating for years and just to remember that it's it's not like something separate from that from a nearby a complete we've done it yet same way of huh
of holding it in so ah it's important to do

it first hand promotion
well it's supporting information and sometimes it's really difficult because there are particular individuals who ah
for whatever reasons i bought a boss who catch to fair now and ah
home and insured for all of us but it's not an insignificant thing it also can be
it also can be contagious it can be ah
a hazardous reality
yeah some
why i'm so yeah just right now
i make a canning ideas that are of normal process in a car salesman day and and put out some assets are worrying coaching ah common for from financial on business see website
look on the various community was if you're on those ah and not bulletin boards here will most certainly to step as widely as my can
and we'll try to do it is timely fashion as we can
just getting started

how getting together
system it's a big loss
the work for carefully
course offerings and talked about smoking
world such as my feeling is to take a step back as back
the last for in allowing us to space ten barbara to global tenth about what may what will want to tell what precautions will take and how we how we might go forward ah and
no it's not like
oh yeah or cancelling a dollar for the foreseeable future you know it but
propaganda what that is and so first of all we need ten so what are the preparations that we need to do to face it anyway
yeah it it's it's not just push closing their doors k
they go over a guy
is all outstanding
patriots and numbers
a couple clicks things to share one is that i should first that was too shy to mention my
it as a reaction to the way the media stream and says this to share another side here and believe what else is eruptions are somewhat different
demon's seuss book she mentioned that the south don't wanna say that so to share along with fear and caution and also can come up sort of maybe reactions to what some people might think overcautious than over overworked
i want to share that very briefly and then in terms of the program schedule
i feel very much like ten is gonna go
i had a strong feeling that i would like to maintain the schedule as much as possible even if we flex it in various ways and i started thinking of one thing i've always noticed like very important and season looming catastrophe cautious here i think it's been
play nice that we as people were symptomatic
that we cover our costs we have been practices
with the space we have around each other and with alley and other practices that that we have i feel like
in i'm not a doctor and so i don't know this is true i have sense that
we are gathering together as a group it in a fairly sanitary away whatever still it self contained and then we could increase that in some way i was even thinking in terms of breakfast i feel like you with the especially if winter weather has something for quite awhile would be nice to come up with the way to still eat breakfast together and one
the great things about or gop eating is that you know we're in charge of the cleaning and handling about utensils and bowls no one else is
there's things we can get to servers could you and more intense hand washing service cooper mastery the gloves as well to assure people and you can we can probably get up to speed with a different dish washing system even with their criticism it's better to share some of those cut off
the task and and
the way
what monthly
no injection
they flipped you have a dishwasher
the phone mobile different
really high yeah
the school
the responsibility for us visa
i don't think you could get on the kitchen and room
it's as this means that you mention putting their churches is ninety percent
because not everybody can i touch
we've not seen the church
this is to important to
when we could prove this empathy every day
the ago
what's the visual pay that much cases
in washington
your cousin
those with
i think that because we already teaching things
mgk mg issues

if you're careful how you can do it
and so that part of the practice anyway
who never play
besides it has
the crisis
he also like to live
yes to earth
that's my answer i think that that it was his elder
that you can go on
the other the that
guys i really liked the kneeling just like this gift as an opportunity to up our game and figure out how to do that i agree that like forty sauce and it's not like morbidity over here sanitizing everything and five forty four not sitting zazen maybe we could end
you're a little early and spent twenty minutes cleaning time or somebody there might be ways to or you know some of us can go in the kitchen and clean every during social media everything that you know there's some there's a lot of ways and get creative ideas i also think i just i know that we have this thinking about staying home and if you're sick but i always have the feeling that there
a countervailing pressure that's i don't know where it's coming from but you should be a good today should be a good sense to that you should come you should switch to or reaches
you know i know i do not not to add another fair balanced but you know i worked in restaurants for many years there was nothing about home there's nothing there's no substitute there's no way to stuff there's nothing in a restaurant that encourages anybody to stay
and that there's just it's not set up for that is i can remember deborah madison tell me work through it
stay home when you don't feel if you feel a little under the weather to give yourself the gift of sleeping and taking an after something like just so i mean i just think there's various ways apart game in a way that that is great will be more awake after you know which is the whole point
waking up
we don't have a good baseline congress virus
there are people who were warning from going on every one of us could be a carrier from a reputation as the
reached by for script for somebody gets if we don't know how it's going with that we have so few
the membership richard gere are the ones that we don't know go this recall the ratio and calif wonderful on time we all know
get him in a moment of of of frivolous this sport you how did we had a conference on tuesday when we heard about two thousand people
and i would suggest that we should be making up in the last go ahead and get the water is computer open a music to
your always want to protect your elders people should sell sore
because you get the same time you create horn when you create
the south by southwest four hundred thousand people
so she will
there were small businesses would a lot of people's lives or party system
we don't we always look for balance and we don't miss your own push them and this is this is kind of our closest one is found in the smoke over time crash
the future cause we understand and so as as we all kind of come to this togethers you know have i'm fatalistic about potentially could you look at some point this is seventy percent of the people would be good i didn't understand that no exception
but how we share each other in the midst of this while we wait for street well we re for trees is sort of the market we've got a couple of visceral reactions to oh please don't shut the central committee which is great idea so as we understand how we work together through industry
i think the baseline for me is is is that
we don't really know how superior
having a three point four percent death rate this point space to the skew and the population people who become ill who who what you'd be older workers really really good reasons
susan i think as we find our practice of minor nervous is this great expression of
the africa
a lot of or costume or acknowledge that ah
everything that i experience in my life
des des courses complaint
and ah
it remains forced to continue to top of each other and complaints are with ourselves and
stay time for what they a parcel recommendations we make from the time for one more question or comment
are you are you saying before we come on monday morning we should check the website path
by five o'clock monday afternoon check the website see about to design a life
i won't i won't fact that he a policy about attendants it will put up by tomorrow
and i don't think you suck
the nine mommy's table five o'clock can hopefully earlier but ah
no internet connection what i wanted to change our by our ah now so ah because that's just from active you know in such a gonna try something will try it and will announce it in the course of tomorrow
and ah
no capital
oh okay update or something like that i don't know we haven't gotten them got the disease a
no local and ah how are we do things so we're china do it in his measurement will open away as possible
two cause tiny tiny red like this is their sewing class tomorrow i assume that that will continue it's one of the five
but that's something that we will talk about immediately after this the
stop right away
oh i go on day
but let's go
right also
adds to my phone cut off at eleven thirty okay i j
let's say
i'm hearing it
the a harm reduction can suppose
a card

since always helps to to yet
harmonizing in the midst of really not now
it to happen
in this mode where like something from a man
advertisement indicates are
the for anything but i realized
like perspective of inner voice
i know
is something around
yes choices
my choices
and they want ways
so i'm really
sitting in

that's that's your challenge
sarah possible one

all i know like a voice
because discover
a supplies
can you do
where is a kitchen
the of
but how do they
i have an actual book
it will cause window and by more gas disinfecting soap and corners on the floor by brushing the iphone scale so what time stand have a couple of apple's more subject company about what the call is
when a good
that's just my opinion
how can you
i'm sure the what i say is probably going to roll back anyway
but that's that's an example where
it seems to me like our everyday were going to deep clean this whole thing i mean if if that if we come to that
it seems like overkill in one area like
not that i was the meal boards should not be sanitary but we don't eat off middle you know like baby you touch them but just like you touch that zillion other things the key things are things like a door knob or you know a handle you'd go
go into the bathroom and come out these are things that are probably a hundred times more contagious than something that's on the floor so what's on the floor you're not going to normally pick something up and link it off the floor but you might easily hold your hand on the the bathroom door and then
wipe your eyes are on that happens all the time so
when we're talking about balance i think it's a question of
you know trying to think like what are the real hot points here and not discern get something that's good a people are going to end up paying no attention to because it's just too much that you have to sterilize tamago everyday we
so you know just to get kind of have a i
yeah i think the kitchen is a big little father including the dishwashing thing like growing with towels is not sanitary so
i bought like a green gulch in and a horror they would wash you know sterilize everything and that just let it dry on the air you don't have to use cloth to spread it which probably just spread germs i'm so that that would be an area whether it's a dish washing machine or i'll just
a brine tank that can be a lot more focused i think than these sort of
it's touch him
his pecker
something must change our photographers
i i'm a substantial opportunity for meeting consider and control issues and kind of incentive there's a part of the studies
the catalog and charges apply it is going to be the way it's going to be
yeah i think of
nine percent to wholesome my actual i want to find the motorway ah i can tap into
my control emotions
and bottle cap on to want from whatever you know ah and what will try to tell and he goes on the line of
the generally same but harm reduction plan ah what a responsible
ha approach models thousand little robot bottle for social that the risks involved and looking at what the the losses and gains my body according to what our practices but yeah
ah typical
i have said
be over overkill

on the town audience on epidemics occasions planning for that so is
he's allies
but he says timing really matters
this thing is gonna become and oprah said
let the slowing and and gets us
social and at all time to dislike of vaccines it's just so there's a second night and or
extremely now
i i
her other happens so the offloading or weakness
small resemble was it might also be appropriate to be
a little bit during the holidays can isolate ourselves and and know that
this is an appropriate reaction
i think they are following the news i just especially
two boys
i would say that terms of personal care
far of i see and the
with you
actually entirely extreme
discussion is a likelihood that you get what you do how will find you know whether i'm tryna
i to the south
noticeable symptoms that i start to develop symptoms when i suppose i might need to go to boston
i don't like here the test login instructions are simple see website for that go step by step bad how you how you respond to those questions i i ran for program last night
look at the risk of spreading rumors i know my own sense of alarm is activated and was talking to a friend of mine is a hospital executive nature hospital in the answer
told me that is hospital to spot there and triaging patients
edc is displayed one patient financial effect
by all a city and by confidence are really in the dark now
widespread this fire is right
so full of that of actual powerhouse patients not nine influence it
yeah well as not entirely surprising but it makes alarming rate
the south
look to things ways yeah we closest of to me
and receive i simply do not have
get the thing is i think it would be
you can get us to see what we can put online just
he'll be nice to able to video or here is a nice to be good to sit again

it was a group of my boss and
of a kind of a shifting and ever been a resources
that i don't think it damages overnight but it's really something that we look to when omron yeah ha
you're sitting with everybody else
us a coffee
it's has just moved here
yeah yeah yeah there's a hand back one yes sir

think there

sure about what she's done cheech
the medical for i except in this world kid most
the and will just be another time me to contract i am not personally break from
right now because
the out of respect for people who
the next door neighbor was versatility
a good time
it gets responsibility to take know
the steps to prevent the incidents from exploding overwhelming
systems and also to allow us to get more data better prevention
responses treatment and also to understand this so that for those people who are created
yeah that's we get our society and lamps and the be twenty four or today
you between like a way to
linda my son
it doesn't feel like fear and to me half the incidence is supposed to be grateful to percent as that's really interesting and turning to go
not part of that larger probably fifteen percent max
no respect for those people
it seems like a good
how come
online next falafel today which a place to stop
there's someone else so much to and seventy

lot of you have to go yeah
oh i just said one of my aim here is what the things that is probably one of those powerful things to reduce infection face
because it's awesome
if an issue or whatever you can get out you just killed i'm an i would just be about to or death of something that my face and you learn to resist that are just deficit so why can't we just you know the
four and tony
no no we say every quarter instead of they that actually city thousand countries because
they've got you to become from whatever name is so that the two sides to
at home
i thank you very much for this specials really helpful to soften some perspective and guidance and or for
to borrow the obvious it's it's okay this is a tall building discussion and we need my name each other at this moment in time thank you