The Four Brahmaviharas (The Four Immeasurable Minds)

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good morning
can you hear me okay
i'm getting funds up hearing that song i'm new trusted thank you
i am
the slashers topic use the
for brother yards and for unmeasurable minds
and i'm very happy to be talking about this
i can't say that are other we have
we are engaging in practice the term can't even a seated earlier this morning huge
is imbued with the spirit of this practice
can't say that if concentrated around with that much even though i retired my recite the m the better prayer what you see
the creation of a with skirt with champion once a week i feel really great so and we'll have you can explore this little further
the practices for medical minds is a very powerful practice worth keeping an extending universal love goodwill joyfulness to self and others and hope for positive outcomes for our beans
dang down
i'm remembering that up
it wants someone asked sojourn with the story goes that you may have set of several times i probably some of you heard this
that term
someone asked him why don't we ever talk about love
he said
well that's what we always talk about this that's the only thing we're talking about here
and i thought you yeah now that i've looked into this little further i'm feeling ah there's a really deep and fundamental connection between
ah a practices articulated through this and tradition and he's done
is for
comedy of universal love and goodwill that time
oh now what i feel our basic component in our practice
these are our love of matter
ah compassion karuna
joy and in sanskrit meat-eater
and equanimity who are and your picture
then the they originally ah practice in formulating prior to the time with the berlin
the became part of her of buddhist teaching in the power tradition
and i found just the name of this referring to this practice
immeasurable minds to have kind of a deep resonance with
i thought that there are the the my yana and concepts of a very lucky to sure
her thousand hands and eyes
and the bodhisattva vow to awaken with our beans
anyway so
ah you our serve reference text for this greatest pray
junk up here in the by ticket on
the heart of buddhist teaching
he talks about
ah each one of these and these for qualities
are all naturally occurring qualities of the human heart available to everyone
and the practices is fundamentally me a means to nourish self collect self connection in connection with others and overcome hindrances
sometimes it is known as the for faces of love
and each of each of these is appropriate to a specific circumstance and and are independent and functional as and supportive of the others
so these qualities in the for of the arrows speak to the quality of our connection with ourselves and with those
rama pir means he abode of brown
he had a meeting about and brahma mean
the guy products

last week in our hasn't spoke about three marks of existence and how interpretation of traditional teachings like that can make to it on whether engaging with him promote self connection in connection with
others are not
the three march
impermanence not self
and either suffering or nevada
you can man either on separate and about it any on whether or not
whether or not matter of practice

so take hand goes and is in talks about each one of the for proud of the harris on
start with love which is normally often says formulated as stated as
loving kindness and way really admire about ticket on his ability to simply
decide whether or not he's going to use a word is going to be define it is interesting is in his timing of this ah
yes so just love
and in fact he wishes that ah it were not
he said says it
loud and so
you know the in a normal usage that it's become a sick world that needs to be reinstated in it's glory so i accept that
come on
but he also says quite clearly again and again that love what because true love
let's take into account not only your intention and also
the results the impact of would you choose to do
the deep understanding
it's really important
this is part of any expression of love what is it that the person really wants and needs
you beloved
without that love is the wish
ah and after consequential
compassion the next one compassion arena
ah visually needs to combat news to suffer with
but in fact it's probably my view something more like
why can't we see or as meeting
sitting with the person
really taken in whether that as yourself not so much as a
it's not as a cat merging but on
he knew exactly where you are so you know you're not alone
the kind of not to not one sort of phone presence
the next sir he heard his joy
and will often and usually rendered a sympathetic joy are rejoicing and and others happens is not have known as happiness
again took i can can catch the jason says joyce you know
not something's dying to the up
tier one
slice and dice or to do that say one person you're happy if someone else's joy joy just fills the whole room
in the fourth is equanimity or even mindedness ah again has the quality of not to not one
an economically supports love
ah certain used to talk about when he talked about i love you talk about it as
make a small fire it warms everyone in the room
ah not as a raging blaze not as dying ember
but something that
his life and worse everyone
so equanimity is valuable
as sort of support of the other the are as for instance and compassion with equanimity we can he president with someone else's deep pink the are being overwhelmed by it
likewise is joy
that being
overly excited at someone else's happiness are ah
or to earn sad when that's something changes again
and that goes by

so of the characteristics of this practice mentor practice ah before unlimited mine only for a measurable minds
he's a kind of a kind of the boundless cloud into
inequality know gaining mind and i can i get something out of this it's open up it's open up a conductive the boundlessness
so in the spirit of that
when we preferably practice this practice ah we just plunge in and
not trying to measure it and it's a measurable
my judgment or
the stimulating small mind or fear which products which blocks created for collaboration
success as i mentioned before this practice is included on a liturgy which is chanted the metro sitter
the sudan includes both a wish for positive outcomes
now so freedom from negative states and mine
this creates resilience
this creates resilience when you are dealing with life's challenges and down
i'd like to thank you dr martin luther king as persisting in endeavor that can be only accomplished by wagner the example of his resilience is deeply encouraging
i come back to that in best
so also another residents point residents between the for a measure books and the buddies happened advance is a kind of the possibility of accomplishing them
ah on some level
didn't i have a stove non dual nature pointing to an intention not to be limited to small mind approach
now one of the things i noticed about the montecito
hence the we chant weekly here
is the letter f it's a little different from
and also here
the better credits and same way
i noticed it a certain phrase a certain couple of words shows up frequently may i
and i was asking myself on his dad about
as adult translations of the net sitter and saw many of them which didn't include those words
and i kept asking myself
you know it seems like may i ah
has a sister says in the locker room
the test
may all beings be happy meme be joyous live in safety
may not receive another
may i practiced the way with gratitude
may i cultivated infinite goodwill towards the whole world
the that evokes very powerful moment in this is are better suited
because it sort of like
ah what's happening
what is making
of thief
stop request
this is a point when she'd let go of the outcome
that makes it possible to make an even deeper requests
and let go of the outcome
the request is offered it's an offering
you know appear may when somebody say me i will not be employed
we're making a really deep offering of what it is the most the nurse to his most
what is most powerful and alive
and we only really wanted it is freely given an end and it is given
let's see
with joy and happiness the we wish for every everyone
so as a pivotal person word and will come back to end was it

the car which machine or a patricia ikeda he spoke into the pretty center about couple years ago i guess i'm too about
ah universal good will
and i'm i look up an article in hers ah about the for brown and hers and better vegetation
and i'm just gonna need something she wrote
metta meditation is not a magical spell the contest on the population of the u s in order to produce the state of a utopian bliss
it is not a cure all for oppression and unequal distribution of power and privilege meditation metta meditation does that work like that it's about being determined courageous and patient and purify your own art and mine
then she gives an example together referencing dr martin luther king dr martin luther king jr talked about the need for quote addresses nonviolence there are times in situations in which we have to show up and throw down and this may be such a time
whether i do that from a mind of toxic adrian or from the mind that recognizes that every human being as at some point in my mother my parent or guardian depends on how well i practice meta

again of machine case for it
but his form of meditation is designed to do and for many people that's very successfully is to purify us of hatred in your will goodwill is the editor to ill-will will good when our loving kindness is the editor to you will hatred and enmity


i'm going to quote from her article i'm i feel front stairs and public stance the insight meditation website
when the brown of error has become strong they are much more profound manner responses to a happy puppy ah they enable us to cheat love the forefront and all at social encounters with anyone we need no matter how challenging
have to maintain a healthy good will to those who are hostile to have bounced compassion for those encountering tragic suffering and to experience a drift stress free job and celebrating others and to feel the requirements love for those we cannot help

so machine located
gives examples
about you
at this matter joseph
the wording of the meditation
he might choose the research itself sale me or out loud
an traditionally this kind of meditation is recommended as proceeding and stages starting with himself and then proceeding to a friend
alma and then maybe on a neutral person
and then perhaps more challenging someone you don't like
then we're charging and that someone who activities and speech had been harmful in many ways and then to the whole world and the whole universe
so you might say something like this after settling down into a quiet place

it will charge you saw
using these words are others because you can adapt this however you like you begin with these which is a good will to yourself
may i be safe and protected from physical and mental harm may be strong and healthy and enjoy wellbeing
may i be peaceful and truly happy may i lived my life with more joy needs
but sometimes
it said this is the place to start because it's easy in simplest not always perhaps ah
if you think of the last time you get a mistake and discovered that the impact of that way so
ah something in a written like
someone something that someone else within mike
you i have to be careful
but on

like give him
give yourself and with here are a wish for goodwill
then he turned to its friends saying to yourself
may be safe and protected from physical or mental harm may be strong and healthy may be peaceful and happy live with joy and ease

and then for insurance neutral beans but an interesting she indicated as an interesting facts in which is it
are such things actually exists in the world from their own personal point of view rather just buy some sub either like or dislike that you have you're to people who considered neutral ah for instance someone who lives across the street we don't interact with much

inner thoughts only extension of matter to enemies she says ticket harm said or as easy to love local and maybe the unlovable we need i lot more
and so this is a particularly challenging

and of they can be lot of gradations oh
how challenging it can be

she's she writes than to the extent possible you can extend these good wishes to people
have caused more pain and to institutions and organizations to costs you your family and your community pain and suffering
and she gives the advice let us develop naturally relax and invite yourself to experiment with it i think that's the spirit to restore the suggestions earth
see that's included in our institutions implicitly that this is something we explore
it is not a formula for success will be a bit easy to open ourselves to possibility
ha of greater love and connection with others
ah it's really days
car for press

i'm going to learn
those my remarks
oh the a prayer written by composed by mary scott
who is a teacher here
nears pass
and then we can have some discussion
a prayer
may i be well loving and peaceful
may all beings be well loving and peaceful
maybe may i be at ease in my body feeling down and needs my feet and that my back a long and st john breath as it rises and falls and rises
the i know and he lives with starting line whatever stephen isn't how agitated tired or indicating your attended her friendly
breathing in and out in and out aware moment by moment of the risings and assets may i be attentive and gentle towards my own discomfort and suffering
may i be attentive and grateful for my own joy and well being
may i moved towards others freely with openness may receive others with sympathy and understanding
may i move towards the suffering of others with peaceful and attentive confidence
may i recall the bodhisattva of compassion her one thousand hands your instant readiness for action each hand with an on instinctive knowing what to do
may i continually cultivate the ground of piece from itself and others and persists mine phone dedicated to his work independent of results
may i know that my piece in the world peace are not separate
in our peace in the world is a result in her work for justice
may all these be well happy and peaceful
it's occurred to me to say that i really believe this
has the effect it
these commentators attribute to me
that freeing ourselves from
reactivity negative states in mind
he's a really powerful aid in advancing the dharma and advancing peace in the world and peace within our own personal context as well
so thank you for listening to me and i invite ah
and i blake to them managed to and fro going forward here
thank you peter
hum as usual good sanga please raise your digital hand if you'd like to ask a question or you can chat me directly with the word question in front of it
ball on this ah zoom meeting in my feeling is that you should pretend like everybody's gonna get a chance to talk that's how brief your comments should be so with that in mind cause you raise your digital hand and please bring forth some ideas
or questions

add i invite you to and meet yourself and ask a question i'll be a trying to quickly highlight people's spotlight people
i am
would you say something about
how the medicare relates to
self self hatred or self dislike
thank you oh yes
we all harbor
you know
no most of the harder some negative stories about ourselves
ha which are often expressed in our self talk when something comes up the little challenging
multiplayer relates to
have full choice about how you wish
to show up for yourself
are you wish to touch the deepest part of himself
usually do something
extremely wholesome and caravan and valuable underneath that negative story
and on
how to find it
like well for instance you'll see if the in the metro sitter ah there's often a and may i e well loving peaceful and there's also may i be free from always concentrated states
and dog so
the i think an answer to question it's more like i'm gonna focus on this offering and my requests
for years and ts
i'm going to focus on that
i'm not gonna let my attention to be diverted that is a practice
and then see what happens

then i invite you to meet yourself and ask a question
and then
hi peter
could see you see you
it just occurred to me when you were calling up some phrases from the matter suitor that there's a also an aspect and and suitor of
without intending to evoke any bad connotations for anyone but vow of poverty for something like that there's sort of that a wish to not acquire riches or possessions and hope could say something about how that connects to are universal live
well i think it's ah
we all know that
that with council would live
ah great possession sisters mentioned in the city i've come with responsibility
and so the question is do you have an answer is they don't you
i think that's what they're getting out there some people can be very skilled at managing ah
ha a lot of responsibilities
there were on that like that school
so great recession it's about few win the lottery or something like that we can ruin your life kind of say it wasn't certain to pretty strong stimulus for all your stuff
my change your life's were occasionally
first for i think about that
andrea thatch i invite you to i meet yourself and ask a question thank you blake peter thank you so much for a really rich and deep a time i understand time of them
well i'm gonna test you i guess but not really i think i understood them a little differently in this talk and i won't over i wanted to see if i connected with something you are saying which is over the years i've worked with the metro phrases particularly but for
raises for all of these i've often thought of cultivating
a good well i'm loving kindness for myself for others a different arrangement and that's been very helpful
but what i've understood particularly with a sympathetic joy and with what new emotion have said is that actually what these do or help me help us be aware of joy exists lot exists who have served a kind of
don't like to use the word absolute but there is in this place of freedom of not holding onto a trade or stinginess or comparative mind whatever there's this kind of free energy where there are the problem of horns and that we can reside there could you say something
about whether are you relate to that and thank you oh thank you very much and i'm just a to do better when somebody's with how we relate to these this is the matter of choice about our state of mine
we can cultivate a state in which we ah
emphasize join
and don't love him
are we can go back to what's easiest switches create a delusion served zuniga shorthand for lot of stuff i'm descended on
nice since
it's part of our inheritance each one of us yesterday lights and airing now i am a love teaching because it says i have choice about how to manage my be in this world
and i think it's very powerful nuclear
thank you

from the chat there is a question
how might you practice mehta while inhabiting a collective story both own conscience unconscious of it
it's impact in my lived experience and once it comes into awareness
and how might a how am i right anger be engaged as a gateway to fully energized joy i'm so i didn't read that well perhaps we could focus on the latter half or not and how might write anger being engaged as a gateway
way to fully energized joy
what are you might get out your site that ah
i allowed in my view anger is energy
this information
i'm done
so the question is is in the service of joy and love can you
can you bring that energy in a loving state of mind
or is it
are you are already getting caught so he said right anger and then as an american to assume that and the sun
they were talking about
one of the examples i gave in to our forces of dr martin luther king who is passionate and
brought everything all the an anger and sorrow all that energy to
confronting early
know what's being done
in this country
and that's a pretty tall order
but anyway
i think that think it's the key to restoring and anger in its energy and information and which can easily which can be put the service but the question is
when choices are being made about how i'm gonna take your i must say that by am i going to intentionally do things which might stimulate
ah negative states and others sometimes you don't have a choice but on
a thanking him personally if i'm reading the question right are there is always choice about how to
oh that move forward
with positive
it's positive energy
so that's my shudder
mary beth land please and meet yourself and ask a question
hi peter tied
when you were speaking with ed i found that i had a question about something that he said
am i may not get it exactly right but you had said something to the effective that the parts of ourselves that we don't like that we have a hard time with there's actually something wonderful motivating them or beneath them and i was wondering if you could give a specific example about that because that would be
be pretty helpful for me ah
if you think about
on a mistake he made
the cause you're suffering this precious thing fondly you know for yourself or somebody else there there is you know many of media would sit on one of those mistakes that involve not understanding the relationship between intention and impact
and that
but there was some motivation
there are some basic need of yours or mine to to ask him to swearing
i think is responsive to
you know our wholesome feelings and awesome our inclinations and i just didn't understand what i was doing it's a little bit like with take an hour talking about love it it's really important to look deeply and carefully at our motivation
guns and what it is for trying to our trying to connect with another person sitting or yourself for the man
ah their understanding is in star
yeah steeply point when they confronted with you know difficult circumstances
so i'm enough that addresses exactly what you're talking them but i feel like i guess i ever trusted them
that i am always acting and even speaking from a play so i'll put it this way it's gonna be coming out of a little that but i trusted i'm always activities for think even speaking in a way that's consistent with love and it's
same time navy i mean he misled and very efficent a lack of understanding of the circumstances of the people involved or myself in a way to stay eve and done and then i get set up some air
just you the world time in the whole time to wake up
ah so
oftentimes were reacting to the time to wake up stimulus
and we forgotten about how deeply it managed to as to choose where we didn't use that time
we can talk further about this slow tricky
but i think there's something go
it is
it's not just focusing on around a tenant and intention and saying we will be a good intentions
ah but insane if do something deeper than that but to give rise to
something should be able to trust
mm i think more about it and we construct talk about his river you
thank you
susan marvin a place and me yourself

hi peter
hi susan thank you so much so is that
what you just said is that that purity is that what love is is out
how are we how are we ever sure of the security of an intention you know knowing kind of full well that the ego is so tricky
we don't want until we find out
it say
it's like
we need may be the watchword is trust
and trust and trust again after you've learned more
and are you saying that that purity is love is that what you're saying love is ah
the i'm sort of saying this
are our nature
ah a mirror
let's see
i'm saying that love is something which can be next to our deepest wish
for everyone
yes that's what i'm saying in connecting to the deepest wish
islam is where i was talking about what you were asking that
and is that i may be going in circles but is that deepest wish purity
ah i don't know answered her i mean what is at the bottom but is it about there may be in above but there's always something
i like that there may be no bottom
there's a question from the chair again
since we are already in the midst of reality reality as it is how do we break this teaching into a less complex practice without getting lost in the clouds thank you peter oh
let's see i'm trying to figure out where it's really been asked about on
because i think of it is a very simple practice maybe that's my problem
i would recommend
the basic texts like the measure prayer with considering that as on
as a sort of gateway to an understanding
but also i think ticket ironstone
exposition in his book
so it's backwards or whatever been a way of or

i think we here
molly is a lot to say of course on
his attitude is one of out of try to veer towards the simplicity
and care so i think it's about what i can say in response thank you
stephanie solr i invite you to meet yourself
for morning peter morning thank you so much for your talk today
have you are
the some something came up for me i'm as you were answering neary best questions and on i've found that the nonviolent communication model which i think you're familiar with right is it dissipated in those
i find that it's been very helpful to me and to the people i work with because it's really it really
and understanding what our basic needs are
and if we're able to distill down what those needs are
i found that i can come from a much clearer place in the way i communicate with people
so for those who don't know about the model i find that their the more that i have studied the model of the more i find that it really compliments our practice
so thank you peter for stimulating that thought and both for your very generous talk oh thank you you're welcome to do have any question as and was only know it was more of a statement of after i got in touch with something that i think others might
find valuable particularly to mary beth
thank you for just to say than a dog i found the same presidents to him that advantage and nutrition our practice
over the years since be very helpful to me
early do it like
ah beautifully peter hutter
am and we have but to your question we have we can and now we have five minutes i would just like to add while waiting for hand how intimidated ah especially this morning i am when reciting the matter ceuta
and the matter prayer it's such a grand
grand vow than vows i invite kabir ah knobby to i meet yourself and ask a question
i gotta thank you for the great talks on what about them
love and compassion towards the eagles
oh i saw that in the chair yes ah
well we go
oh where do you separate you do
is that is any different from of love and compassion for yourself
i'm trying
it's a battle i'm i'm
i know there's no really a separation of am i'm studying i have fast and of families system which in the house
pen and hostile you thought a while i go on to the center piece of my books but it
i don't know i don't hate the ego a
there are times that i needed
a me i wouldn't survive wasn't for a minute
what has since i have to be very careful not always give it the wheel you know who's in charge exactly
some and know you know since a year he gets try to keep you safe yet the answer to all sorts of things for you exactly how them you would run out when you'd rather not be involved in rite aid or or just shanti and which i don't think that comedy about the ego he caught
it ah
you know i mean i don't know ah use so it can be little tricky and could be will trickster
but maybe that's just it's nature right me yeah we have those parts of parenthood but if i try so hard to discipline it or to changes or fix it
then i did they becomes a battle where i think you know of some of the robots would suggested in my mind of speeches ah
fiat's an argument let go
ah allowed you know that he's started to go away and it's just gonna come in governments you know this is some part of themselves and wants you to make sure that certain things are taken care of
ha i made some part of himself that wants you to be what ease and the best way to do those stretch yourself with some harm fulfilling
no se ha ha has have some compassion for it i'm gonna go
no clinging right
the see if see him you know there are it
thank you i was first episode and i have a fair question
it'll and buddhism but love and an attachment
oh and your stall
sometimes a hard to distinguish it
it will love it
check out hands says something really useful about that is that when he talks about echo in emily
talks about how
ah most of what people considered love is trying to deserves something yes and when he do that ah love disappeared
and know
ah freedom for the beloved is really important
so here it comes down to oh right are like listeners for likely of the letting go
yeah putting you in finding someone to have more spacious relationship with whatever it is wherever it is you love
thank you so much years thank you well thank you beautiful towns thank you
this time breaks the time of year is thank you very much everyone here are four to spinning been patiently and i love to see soon again for his face which i'm sure would love okay but