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i think you
the morning
well i'm glad we're able to have zoom i would rather be in a beautiful berkeley than center zendo that i have said and so many times so it's good to see so many are familiar faces and
today i'd like to talk a little while and save some time for our engagement a qa you know questions and and will do that lab done ah i guess you've raised hands i don't know
okay yes all right
so i'm
i've been doing a lot of dharma talks in the last year
i kind of have to watch my email every day as i get like five or six request a week and i'm starting to say no
and so are you guys are sly men
and and the tip of of the burn out
so i'm have to do home temple right so anyway i thought i'd talk a little bit about a boundlessness
and maybe this notion that there might be a fear of it's so the fear of boundlessness
and of course we might not have a definition of what boundlessness is
but maybe when we hear the word or think about it or when we were introduced to such a thing
it might have a mate you wonder made you stand away from it i want to come to it without even knowing it you know you're the type that likes to dwell in in the unknown and to discover you might have come try to like
get into the boundlessness that that has talked about by all of the zen teachers soto and nice thing rinzai as well talk about boundlessness and my teacher zinc a blanche hartnett top to bottom quite a bit
so am i started reflecting on it and for myself and realize that i'm
most of the time of my life ah it's gotten better of course since at practice but a lot of times there is a restriction that i live in you know everything's were kind of rigid and have to pay my ideas i have my perceptions ah
i i have what i like him what i don't like
and maybe you're the same way
and so most of us live pretty much in are restricted a sense of like a very restricted air restrict them says supply and so that's why that i'd read this topic forward because we're definitely in a world right now in which would have
many opinions and ideas about what's going on
we can have fear of this a great in a global death with the pandemic you know i'm this moving out of people leaving the world as we speak you know as i speak
so i thought i share with you i don't know how many have you been able to get this book the deepest peace
i actually i was telling someone i think this is the book i enjoy the most reading myself because when i read the other books i can put them down right away because i find myself editing at this book i i don't feel bad i don't feel that sense of editing and so i felt like i
was riding from a place that was at wet only what i believe or an opinion or would i think my concepts are or a precepts but they're still in there there there but it's how i presented them and how they came through me and so i
i wanted to share with you a peace with son on page one hundred if you have a bookie don't have to read it i want to share some parts of it with you right now as as an anchor to this talk or write and in i like you to just listen and and may be
since for yourself whether or not there is a fear of boundlessness you know and that kind of habit of retracting to a very strict it way of living like okay
all right
okay some page one hundred is called falling into canyons the fear of boundlessness
and i'm very excited to read this when i haven't read it out loud to very many groups because there's a part in it that i think only zen people understand people who practice then and so here we go
the desert is boundless
i can feel the fear when i walk alone in the open
it feels like there's nothing in the vastness
there's nothing to hide behind or hold onto
for this same reason i always feared going to the grand canyon
it was no different than any day my fear of swimming in the ocean
in my small mind something much larger than me was capable of snatching live
i could fall into the canyon or drown in the sea
i feared the pull of boundlessness
one summer i decided it was time to meet the boundlessness they give them and take a plane
in essence to meet here
so as joined by a beloved we spent the night in williams arizona and took off early the next morning to travel the south ridge of the canyon
as i'd hoped few people are a few folks are there when we arrived
we pull over to park
i step out of the car
the wind sucks at my breath
i walked slowly to an overlook
i turned the corner and the open gap with a staggering mountain sides and nowhere to go but down took my final breath
i go limp trying hard not to paint my knees tremble and buckle
i'm giving in to that destiny of falling into the canyon
except there's no fear
i want to fall in
i have impact leapt head first wings spread
i'm a conduit soaring in the canyon
i'm being held in the wind that greets me at the gateway
i see the ancient native on at home on the cliffs across from me
in the end i'm still standing on this side looking down and out at all
since that time
i stepped off the hundred foot pole as they say in said
i've fallen into many canyons in my life and landed on my back unable to jump onto my feet right away
each time while lying on the ground for days
serenity crawled up and out from inside
on the ground i realize there's no need to bear the open
the work after a fall into a vast canyon is to breed
to remember creeks rolling over stones
and to consider that step along and going into the vastness there may be peace
how far is a hundred foot leap
a student asked in a ceremony in which as head student i'm invited to answer questions
the nothing to be
no thinking just spontaneous messages that arise from sitting with silence
some i say we are meant to speak the voice of spirit or as sisters after all we've been sitting for ninety days mining such wisdom
i asked the students question
how far and wide
is it for you
the student repeat the question was you so
how far is a hundred foot league
i pause and look
the student in the i i don't know
how far is it
the student asked the question again with great frustration how far is a hundred foot leap i answer
only you'll know when you lean
i then pound as there i'm holding
on the piece of the word at my feet
driving the inquiry into the earth and giving it over from our small minds to the vastness from which the question arrive
the pounding allows the inquiry to stand still
so that it can evolve into wisdom so that it can be suspended and the vastness and not be weighed down by the mine
how far does won't fall when stepping off a hundred foot pole
better yet how do we step on a hundred foot pole
without falling
hey it's only a part of it
so i loved i loved better
now that exchange ahead of them that she saw at i remembered it very well and going back and forth and the person still being frustrated and again and i have read that went out loud to ferryman places because i buy a ticket they might not really understand made completely with the eggs
experiences like of being as she saw on
or you know jumping on offer hundred per pop or leaping off one
so am i would like to buy you in your heart and mind to consider what it would look like in your life if you were to take a leap
from that place and since that place a concepts opinions and ideas that how you see the world to take a leap off the bat and considered that that that part that rigid part as this hundred feet maybe even higher to jump off of it
and then and see how you feel and where you think you might land and whether or not
there is ace it may feeling inside you that were
make you feel
ah there's no peace in that
ha and there's no serenity and that
and like a certain a piece for me serenity kind of crawls out when we're on the ground it was is already inside
and so on often we want that serenity and peace to come from legislation ah to come from a movement to come from a teacher a spiritual teacher to come from any place but ourselves
and we are afraid of that part like home if it comes from me that nothing's gonna happen
not going to be very effective in the world ah that feels kind of bomb a self indulgent and are you might think that way
but what i found in a my years is that the supreme that on is available in my own life in in in people around me is the place in which the peace and serenity comes from right where i am so to be
in that place i have to take a leap
our has to stand aside and have to stand wait for a moment of what i believe in what i am
i'm thinking and feeling
coming into zen practice was that that experience for me to step aside to take a leap i took a leap you know coming into the practice and
especially a practice where it really can't be explained before you participate you can't have it all explain you know the uk explain that chance to me what does it say what are you doing why you were in assist too many questions right and thus because there is this some ceremony
e aspect to them and ritual aspects to it that is often misunderstood by those who come into our practice zen ah
i think most people are in the world especially as mindfulness becomes very much a popular that you come in and you sit
the poor minute and then and then here comes buddha t v that the dumb talk buddha tv
and then you're done and i'm someone that doesn't happen you know are you waiting all day for the talk you know and it since the shane are you know in off everything else is going on you know the rituals ceremonies and bowing the standing is all going home you're waiting for the talk
and oh and it's really the talk is our say is not arm is my aunt that the the talk hopefully is a a guide so when i would hear the talks you know as a person is great for people who are beginners like i was to hear and listen
but if it's a zen teachings often times it seems a little bit too abstract is not grounded yeah no and up so am i expected the ground to be presented to me before i took the leap i said i need to know where i'm leaping to the quorum going here and am but eventually i am
i got that the ground was by here yeah know that the that this this or and i'm glad of newburgh one to this earth is a very powerful place to be and can also be bagged that foundation in which i jumped off into you know
i take believe in to so to take the leap into this bass around here
definitely arm
was the beginning of me understand that the larger that is often talked about
an exam practice
so when i wrote the book the deepest peace there was an effort to not right from the i
i am
he went on speaking that way today and it was very difficult cause know things that makes sense to me eventually i gave that manuscript to the publisher and they were like ah whereas the i think there's no eyes and
and i'm i told them what i was doing and why i wrote it may set what can you put a few more eyes back in there
you know so there's no eyes or act adjectives
and the purpose was not to say that to be eagle list or anything like that but a way of
actually allowing the reader anybody who encountered the words to be in the reading themselves instead of reading about me reading period you know like it to create an experience like that where the reader can just come in
i am feel the experience
without me describing it to them are telling them how to feel it and so that that part to me was a practice of a
not i wouldn't say i for boundless as i'm having a boundless experience but hopefully to open the door to one because of i say i'm having a boundless experienced then i'm not having a balanced experience because i've decided what that looks like but if i if there's a way which from what i
right from the teachings that i have heard to practice those things of stepping aside not having an opinion and idea of of description to just leap into something and discover it again and again and again
then it it opens to the possibility of an experience of boundlessness nice still may not be able to name them and that that's the good thing because it
we know you get to the end of the spiritual path and where have you gotten we all know this
i think in today's world right now that that there is a fear of that the fear of ah entering the boundlessness of of life
and so on
even though you might not know what it is just basically letting go for a moment so that something else comes in not not so that we have peace and not so that everyone begins at behaving the way he did them to behave in order to have peace but that
and the stepping aside and leaping or with everyone in call it for yourself there's a there's some a space for something else to come in to one's life and to the lives of everyone around you
and so i am and conscious of the time again and gonna look over to blake how many company that is to i happens i want to have qnap
excuse me
a century you have plenty of time we usually begin que de between ten fifty and eleven o'clock and it's ten thirty seven now so ah you can speak for twelve minutes or twenty minutes
it's more however long you'd like okay all right all right thank you
so i'm
some hoping when i at what some of the things and saying or are resonating and that am
there's a way that your can see that your own thinking as a boundary he'll just just eight bot is a boundary itself and on i often don't spend a whole lot of time when i do talks are quoting the buddha or on
quoting our teachers necessarily and i used to and i found that home
many people will spin the energy trying to understand it so that means i am i'm speaking from my experience in my practice and that that can be pretty dangerous right eric if it's not quite you know
i'm on aligned with the teachings but i have gotten a lot of thumbs up so from other teachers to for me to continue in this way that i do because i think is important now to speak i'm from this place without on the cool
not necessarily that to trust that the buddha is in this book for me otherwise i wouldn't write it or that the the experience of zen is in this book and i always wait for someone to calm me and said i'll send you know that wasn't it and i
haven't gotten the call yeah but maybe you've heard of ready to call me up and say look i don't think home
so i i really am encouraging at this time is for people to look at their perceptions and conceptions and to see if the boundary of them can be moved
ah from where you have placed it were your thoughts can be moved even at this moment what thoughts do you have that you came in with em
today to sit and and thoughts you're having right now in the moments that that can be changed in but not even changed just moving that boundary of the perception yeah no cause for just let moving it and not feeling it in all i i know zingy or a manual i am
i remember when she was this earthly manual yet our whatever hannah and kind of just moving that then saying i know her i know her i know her
way out there and then a thing where where you're left with this person that speaking to you right now and that you're willing to
ah sit and listen to and engage and and so i think it's important to you take some of this reflection action and reflection in our lives so that we can see where the boundaries are where we can move them and whether or not we have a fear
a boundlessness yeah no i'm
and whether or not we have a you know our fantasy or mind says oh i think i'm
i think if i let go of that and i remember that when i first started practicing if i let go of that than oh
what kind of person am i going to be
who am i going to be
and then even like i'm adding a name zen jail our woes that you know who who is who is send you and there was a little bit of a struggle around man because i always felt that if someone named you you should use it and so blanton i had a struggle around that one because i wanted to use
a akai which is my first name a cai zingy you as she said no don't you don't use a guy that's that's informal and i said okay yeah no she said has been sent you
so i said not at nyu send you i went to a guy can if i had a he like earthling you say how superficial
had to he what on earth like as though i still have m you're still be friends
by holding on and then i'm
ah she heard me at the dinner table lunch table at san cisco the zen center and they said someone said oh what is your your new diamond name and i say a guy really loud and happy
and blast looks at me she said as you keep to reprimand me right in the moment as as i've told you not bad mood and as i to really serious about it as though i dropped it i stopped using it right away and then it took me about three years three or four
for years and someone came to me it actually was a medicine person who had seen my name's andrew somewhere
that the methodist your name xinyu and it means complete tenderness they have read it i don't know i have been written some place and i said yes they said you need to use that name and that's how i can be used the names and you will send you threw me into complete a boundless the it's complete boundlessness
cause people didn't know what happened to earth one
like literally where it earth my manual though cause i'm a
i had already been known as a writer before i even came to zen center so they they knew or my manual but they couldn't find who else is a you i couldn't find earth my man leave him ah would send you could send you didn't have a resume
and she hadn't she was not
ha who i knew
and that that opened the door for me to actually entered zen more deeply because i was able to
enter as not as earth when with all the things that earth when had achieved and done but to just be zingy with no resolution and know degrees i shouldn't have it nina i had all the degrees ba ma dump it all of it and that it in a matter zingy did it i stopped using all of those
letters to and zingy i don't use lot of people try to come doctor manual but i don't allow it actually
and i got all of those degrees i got my masters at twenty one of my parents gotta a very young u c l a
so i think it's important to
find these places that i open my whole life and this end i was afraid to i was afraid to be just send you you know because i didn't know what that meant and i'd better be it easier named and earth one but it turned out it wasn't his for some reason par for people to say
i am still shocked yeah canada have the same zen and over and over zen
so you and i think they just don't attach it to someone who looks like me
so anyway
that that's the journey i love life and i loved the practice and and i on
i just bring my practices along with me my christianity my african yoruba i bring along my nice shrimp buddhism that i did for fifteen years and i bring that all to the seat
and as and all of that becomes still revealed to me
his still rebel like whoa that's what christianity is oh that's what your body is all about what nice friend was oh my goodness so on and on there still being rebuilt always so i'm gonna stop here and take a questions are raised hands and play some ways right on the button
chris it in events do you have a video yeah great yeah thank you i have two questions but i only ask one ah
and dharma sutra that are old president zen mind beginner mind is a new relatively new among the older sutras and so present in buddhism which one's which one or ones heads i helped you
corrupt dharma understanding please okay for me and the lot of nature and the heart chf
and i learned learning more with the diamond sutra to but heart sutra is always at the core of my practice i think because it lands on compassion and i've studied it from different traditions and i i am i fight
find that is but as i didn't understand it when i first read it that i began to
understand more and more about a distinction and how distinction gets in the way of compassion and experience of compassion and now you cannot really defined that either so thank you kristen thank you very much my pleasure thank you to
i don't know the who came in what order
cao cao's yeah
has nj thank you so much for years hoc today i am i i struggled with my dharma name
my dharma name is ten to jose and the jose is the part i'm supposed to go by and when i tell people that my nanny of l a forming for the eleven yeah it's h o u s e i
yeah when i tell people my name is her jose
i get a lot of questioning what do you mean i'm so i just i just related to that and am
i've gone back and forth between going as healthy or as jose and design world i think you you have to i was really glad someone suggested that i that put it down for three years after pie and i waited for it to come
to me and it came to me from someone else back to me as i am i always and as didn't cistus see how it comes to you i'm in the students that i've named i we go through a long process i go through a long process we have a nine month intensive a
do puy study and then there is a t they where they invite their parents or relatives or partners and friends calls friends and i asked them questions and the t in a person distance since there the canada produced by they can't speak until the end and as good because usually they just in tears by the end of it
it and then i take all the things that people say this is a this is a
a ritual that a shows of victoria osteen created and so when everyone is done i go and drain it i go dream might take weeks and weeks and weeks and i during their name and of would i feel like during their name and i'm so i think i always say don't use it until you're ready that it's something
that you fail to use and you don't have to use that name at all ever ever ever ever so don't don't feel forced to it's my tradition eat especially among
i think it african religion that when someone gives you a name is an honor and so i was wanting to use that yeah that to accept the honor of having been named but i realized that was the situation i built push the boundary that wasn't a situation where the zen practice you know that i had to do it in that way so it sounds like they're still for you
just settling on your practice and seeing how the meaning of that are those of the name comes through as in practice and not to worry about what people people's said yeah i'll say to you people have set up some kind of really interesting things to me around my
languages like who messes than their minds and so that's okay you know arm but ah i understand how the sound of your name can be ah you know confusing to people enough for you to say said and i'll be has said you know maybe learning more how to say it with a japanese
the on the real japanese because sounding a little spanish right so no no there's a little z going and there so maybe really finding getting the real qaeda
yeah know cause sound of it ah so that when you say it it comes it'll come from differently the people they'll be trying to like what did you say rather than yeah because they want to know it rather than what it sees what
but rather often counterfeit the and i would just go with the meaning is work with the mean thank you have such fear
hi thank you hi line while thank you so much for letting us be one of the places you said yes to
i really i resonated with so much and what you said and when you said
how do you step off the hundred foot pole without falling i know and your whole talk has been very much about groundedness and finding your ground and fighting the ground but what popped into my mind when you said that is oh you have to fly
that's the only way the
and i really feel like that's something you do on your own you know flying somehow is so like what you were saying about have to find it with them so am i don't know if you have any the yeah i did the i did speak about flying like you know when i got to the edge of the canyon i felt like i blew like
connor i'm very surprised have that feeling and i go oh yeah i'm not afraid you know as i as i fly in their their the california condor on doors down there not the other ones from south america but but so they're they're flying there all the times the best way that came as as an image
but i do feel it it is you know flying or swimming in the ocean is still can be is that is really the point is the vastness can you be in it can you be in the vastness and still you know live your life and bill engaged in in this life you know so it's it
the simultaneity of embodiments and boundlessness now the integration of it were either one and and others something over there that might make up like who i'm feeling very boundless has seen i don't believe in this belief in that some boundless but that may not be boundlessness were you or i'm embodied
i need to be a body than and i they'll be here and bodied so that can understand and be engaged in the world as i am embodied now course i've been in both of these places by him and i might revert to those places but what i found in then enthusiasm and through ritual and ceremony that in those
places and in their breath is the the opportunity and a chance for integration of they embody to end imbalance experience as as the integration not the going i'll be here and then been going over there you know for one or the other so when we when more doing this practice practices to me for me
and that was how i was able to am
experience what we call in yeah know but then that's also right undefinable but you know i is grand and it's in it's the offering of of the insects to offer incense and the midst of internalized impression with per pound
for me very powerful and then i can hopefully i'm transmit that that feeling in my life by my presence now i'm not going out the like mood needs to be transmitted
yeah no berryessa transmit something to do an option that into that but a definitely it's important to
you have a have a presence that ah where it spelt the integration is belt and down i think that yes yes yes yes thank you so many yeah l can gay cache you to to i miss you guys
right next been a thank yeah them
send you feel unwell
you talked about how concepts and thinking can create these boundaries and i'm also noticing that are wanting something can create that boundary for me to of or
so sometimes i feel quite comfortable being in the more boundless place and that's really inspired me to continue to practice but i also find that i have sort of these desires or impulses that take me into another space where i feel like i'm going to get something out of it or a fine
chasing some sort of sensory satisfaction or desire or smaller
the be smaller but i find myself when i'm in that place no longer satisfied like i can i can feel that that's not real satisfaction when you no longer and what he has been balance yeah when i'm served turning away from the boundlessness may be out of fear maybe adding out of wedding some something
you know maybe out of perpetual ways of being ah and maybe sometimes you know i think of this this quote from suzuki roshi and that so to used her quote about you know be careful you know what you ask for in terms of
yeah enlightenment or practice because you might you might find that it's quite boring
which is only one side of it but
i have felt that were being in that
less can find space is can somehow be less exciting than some of these things we used i might have chased after more consistently anyway i hope my question is coming to a point for you but so i find myself stuck between the old place that no longer satisfies and the new place
where i feel myself pulled away from some time so what do i do yeah i think it sounds like a in both places there's a there still is a very
kind of knowing you know like and i think that you're you're still working on not knowing
yeah no because when that in that place where you're absolutely loss yeah no and i think that's why powers that be careful right because we don't want to be loss you know we got navigators on a in our cars now whenever we hear a gps the alphabet college
gps navigators and our cars and on our phones that i me is like it's we don't want to be lost and so and being lost though you can you know of course you can you can find you know something a little bit different than what you were seeking so sometimes what we're seeking yeah know it
is ah as canlii you know to that place of a that were thinking are going to so i remember some this came in a dream when i was in india when you earn bell is he had a gun
buy em
when you're seeking you will find
and when you are being you'll be found
it came in during and that unites is held on to the for like twenty years
see like has been that long and as sure maybe longer so i think that there's still this place of am
letting go of where you think you are when you're on one place or the other
and even so that will be when you're in those places am i really they are am i really in that plates bounds and i really in this plates yeah these kinds of things and then and in no danger and letting go of what you think that is either one in minutes i like i would suggest you know ourselves from
my own experience not from some higher
thank you thank you very much i think you're welcome
let's see i did something okay christopher next
jaffa think that writer was married first married mary was first okay meringue all right
thank you send you a hovel
i noticed in my body as soon as you started talking about boundlessness this feeling that i recognize when i've heard people say there's nothing to hold onto him and the feeling has a component of fear
two it on one hand and excitement on the other and it also feels like the same feeling when i'm on the verge of tears and sweat this mix and high on latch onto the definition it's this blend of feeling for her and i'm kind of struggling with the the metaphor of ground listen
his first as being grounded and
if someone once said that jumping off that one hundred foot pole is not a problem the problem is if you imagine you hit the ground that's right if there's no ground and there's no problems so that that as perfectly as this levy that's exactly what i as a good an inactive say a little piece
you just brought this up for me you know it's thank you and i and and to say that
one who sits on top of a hundred foot paul has reached a certain height and once they're what they must either climbed down or perhaps fall or jump to their death real are as our existential is a leap of faith the think you'll survive the bar but maybe there's no had your book call or
cora lee there's just standing fiercely at the edge of the vast canyons and your life afraid of slipping and out you just reminded me of that that part you know that there is you know it's our mind you know working and
what you said about ground and grout was nice that you know
i of like would tell my children says about that about groundless this i don't know if you urgent or teachings around that yeah see really teaches about uncertainty and am i mean most of her teachings are about that you know that cause that's where she teaches that the transformation happens in our lives yeah no and
and even though like in i talk about hitting the ground is not the ground really you know where serenity comes out it's that place where there's there's just nothing and that's when serenity has a chance to cry out a you are interview one way or the other so i don't i'm not really talking about and
literally the ground in the with man but am but i like the metaphors about them a ground in
i remember when i heard msa there's nothing to hang onto and then she paused and said and that's not bad news my home near as good news in yeah that's what she says and mean i always thought that the first that my and to buddhism in nature and nina that mom
my problems and they were like congratulations and out that really upset me because
i was like as so much pay
so congratulations everybody was suffering than i or well so
you love the practice level and thank you man
our a gem
zen do thank you so much for a wonderful talk and wonderful energy and have the communication comes from from how you feel to me as you say it
and when you when you started talking about hiking on the south rim that were on room of the canon i long for the vastness and to jump into the air and fly here and i have vertigo well have be again and so i'm on the to the canyon and a man i feel that energy trying to push me off the edge into the canyon yes
and so is as a kind of translate that one of the one of the things that really spoke to me as you as you were talking is how i build these walls around me with every concept of every word of everything that i think i believe that is true
right you know
for me
when i build these prisons it's because the alternatives feel really dangerous
if i lose my job at my age and the silicon valley what will happen next
and so when we talk about jumping off the pole yeah i'm happy to do that but there were real consequences are trying to to these actions don't smile
i'm frightened don't smile
i'm always smiling because that consequences are exactly what is to be brought to your life you know because i know i've been i've been through that i i i've done a lot of dumping are pushed off or whatever
yeah pushed up by the way that you know circumstances and conditions of life and i laugh because you know i mean and i ended up living in new mexico are heating and is so lovely and so beautiful i love my old some words and
i i don't think i realize the collect couple of years ago as i got i've had a lot of beautiful but i never loved them and then i got here i just like so and love and it's i mean a i lived in some bass gorgeous laid out beautiful places and i had this really small casita with a fireplace and a little kids of the
i love it yeah no and so i laugh at that because those are the things we're afraid of and in in the letting go and i'm really glad i got pushed off or whatever i i jumped in a lot of times you know my family are like me jumping into zen was like okay my
so happy yeah know after when when to what she's gonna say you know cause you know you're really really ball right completely to your skin yeah no and she looks that me and she says
that's hide look if i cut my hair as like okay if though it is because of questions i thought was gonna happen didn't yeah no it was system i think things open the consequences are the openings
nice and what i want to take away is being aware of how i told my boundaries and build my walls and being willing to deconstruct goes and step outside of them at every turn yeah are just step away you don't bail you don't care that you don't do anything nice us that's even more of opening yeah to make you so much it's
really nice to get to listen to you and a cajun okay oh okay somebody has keep tell me about time because i'm not watching it yes we have time for one or two more quiet once again yes daniel a yakuza purees okay
dear nine
how can
entering the ground of this
a body help us relate to
the ground of the or earth
okay i think for me and an island can go every time i respond always let people know i don't have answers that but i'll respond to anything and my aunt told me about that when i was like six and seven that i will answer in the any questions so i haven't changed but it's not to answer and i'll just tell you
my experience is
when i when i see things die in nature die on the earth and when i especially when i see even in an even groups of people and tribes and you know that they have come and gone
and the understanding the nature of things coming and going
and that's how that's that is nature and at that's when i got oh where where nature we are nature we come and go and this body is nature and even though
we kind of attach a whole bunch of things to the body ah it still nature you know and if you want to read a little bit more about that teaching from me the way of tenderness there's a whole section on called body as nature and in there yet i began to experience
myself as being nature now we are because we were full of water you know the heat where he did up so there's fire there is when in our bread where everything that the earth is everything that and anno any and other animal is and in a anything that's alive in anything that will die
so the alive is that we know like a latin will say over the same because we're human but i feel like where the same because we're from the same source of light whatever that sources some people may call it god you know whatever that source is work from that same source now then it from that source there's that
their diversity right so but that is so that makes us the flour if we're from the same sorts from the same mother saying light money to put any put it in human terms on the same lines then they were were were like related
to better but the butterfly and and then we are related you know and that in that sense and then were related to the earth because were other only would we have come and we will go
l a when you get really since that in and reflect dot it not force it into your mind like illness that's really a nice idea of nice romantic idea
then don't do that part just just winning you see something dying no attention so when you see something coming alive no attention some yeah
thank you nice question one more okay
thank you for a soldier free a lot wonderful talk on and thank you for speaking to that fear of powerlessness i think you've probably address the i felt like it was probably important for me to just voice my concerns around that and in interest
sort of name it more myself i noticed this morning that i was sitting before the stock in feeling really open and kind of spacious but there was a part of me that was like looking for problems but why may be sadder why it's almost like
a they're being ah on the edge of their open missed seems so unknown that it's almost like i want a grass fun to these old patterns on anxiety or sadness or know if it's almost anything
ah or become i'm assuming that for it is it seems almost better than that and then when we were reading the heart sutra ah earlier and in in it's certainly from the first time it's occurred to me but when it gets to that part of you know i know i know don't know most with
that can be scary to it's like now
oh and then there is that fear also the kind of been mentioned the but flatness or them water and not having the experience and will be at rather almost be sad or scared vogue
nothing here and so i don't know any thoughts about yeah a couple of thoughts came to mind and that is
often times that's why chanting is really important a chanting and movement before sitting and because it those chance were created to espouse a a a feeling within as a place within us when we chant them so that we all come in with you know
a little a lot going on in our hands when we come to sit and then out when we chant least with my space when i chant and always tell people like if you really you know your minds really going crazy you know this year just starts just chant plans ar na mobil ceo was a linear was a web and just keep chanting and see how how can
notice are coming in there you know this really can't you know and so that's from my chanting did you know paths it would but i still champion i mean national just chance through these things so that we can we're not sitting when we gotta sit were not real fi are sitting and trying to meditate on a problem know that we'd been in kind
of put you prepared for the silence by the chanting in a bowing offering incense all these things prepare as where that and so we can really sometimes iconic noi and says they ignore the bow and then we sit down go okay but all those things are to help prepare for that beds that that sitting
ah that's sitting practice so ah he had said something cause skanska that there were two things he said i see if i can get back to it and
you know about so that's about holding onto some of the things or gas okay i might have a lasted well
the only on yeah thank you it's it's thus much like a holding out it's almost like a wind and free but i can be in that space without feeling kind of boundless nothing when i'm sitting but just can't put them in my mind is like i'm sure your boundless yeah that it's almost like it's i'm trying to generate something
why will the mine's gonna do that because it's trying to look at tried to grab onto boundlessness you i was trying to grab on so the no no no no no remember that chant heart sutra is you know the wisdom of the heart sutra what's what's the wisdom of the heart sutra
kompass me that's the wisdom as being taught in that chance and so when i'm when were chanting the no no no that's no distinction in else of that needs and staying with no so that the reason why that is is because there's nothing
in and of itself so there's no nose in in of itself there's no i know year know and when we began there's no you there's no there there's no teacher there's no you know lt's injured all kurt yeah know and when we get when we get to that place of of not having
that distinction that we gain the wisdom and are not gain and experience the wisdom of compassion that we can ex we can let go of of a lot with out china let go right on our own as were not very good at those kind of thing if we were we were so good we all we need be sitting area display
packaging it them
open i get a
as a bar you know who we are because we're human beings that are we just human beings and so so so yeah suggest maybe study that that no no no and the feeling of it that you have and i'm what is that you know cause when i walk out if when this is ah
over the zoom is over and i take off my roads than i walk out and my neighborhood
they don't see it as employees
just see this kind of like why why she bawled you know or whatever you know they don't see as employees so that you know so that there's this their situations there's conditions or circumstances all of that you know kayak he says tight rather than to saying oh there's a at a woman period yeah no doesn't matter whether
i'm a priest or a by a black you and on top of that yeah so just them you know that way of having no distinctions and knowing that the interrelationship that the buddha speaks of all the time and n n n having that to be
up where where we do our work in develop our wisdom and our love
is it is in the heart sutra and is great to study that one from different traditions very interesting new opponent to bit of move would it would be a whole class of our to teach ah that had to pull out alma journals and teach that to two different ways but it's
to me that the most important sutra nino in the practice and down
you know maybe will come you know come back over and over to learn the lotus sutra other methods to check you know there's so many the diner you know but really learn it that's why i only picked one cause of death life partners two or three lifetimes
of wisdom so i just i don't need to study all of them but i just read them in yeah have something knowledge about them but i'll have an experienced the when i have experience of is the heart sutra