Ramaytush Skillful Effort

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and care to abbott comes on i was snarky for an invitation to speak today can making a connection
of could see you all for being here
my heart goes out to you and joins with you in the sadness at the recent passing of now
high school i are my grandfather who
and of course as like sad
blank a student she's my key now i said he will vicky austin gill on onstar will sell you could say i'm in a relative's house today
so my own the same family
so for the last five days have access to certain sangha has all the now
this is our fifth day about the he
doesn't always it's some incision i'm say in particular is a time in which we are with the absolute completely
suzuki roshi and not always so
what they are enlightenment is there says
in a practice the most important thing is to realize that we have buddha nature
intellectually we may know this but he is rather difficult to accept
our everyday life is in the realm of good and bad the realm of calamity
what buddha nature is found in the realm of the absolute where there is no good and know back there is a to fold reality
a practice is to go beyond the realm of good and bad and to realize the absolute
it may be rather difficult to understand
i myself love me and then when we begin we know already perfect
began with some plunging with insane to the absolute one am i think many of us are drawn to them because of the emphasis lab absolute
hell no
perhaps for many of us me most of us however in our daily lives
neither internally or externally does the world feel like this
so i like all of you have been in the causes and conditions that have brought about the current state of phones in united states when i was so as a teacher of course i'm always trying to figure out why why
digging supports us to be with what is currently
and just before we wanted to sashimi
or the weeks leading up to of courses and an increase in violence against asian americans and pacific islanders and basis so hatred and violence
i was looking for a way to how to offers on teaching now it's a point teapot and i'm pretty much been submerged in that the four noble truths
and so i picked one of the list which i think helps us as finding ways to respond to condition was which is skillful effort
just as a reminder because i'm sherry on home
eightfold path is for as the fourth and the four noble truths and it's made up of three greetings one is what caught cartel wisdom contained skillful understanding or you which is basically of the four noble truths and karma
skillful righteous and and translation i got towards skillful you can also say appropriate war on complete i'm so thought and is
thinking gill as it literally means that are thinking but it's a very purpose of thinking which makes sense because of the wisdom aspect goes into that the classically the second aspect which is the sealer or the ethical conduct aspect i like to say the compassionate
duct and that of course is skillful speech action and livelihood and then that the being is what caused that and not a table with somebody or a qualities of awareness i'm saying that would just skillful effort skillful mindfulness and skillful concentration
so scuffle effort is in the meditative aspect and a lot of time you can think of the meditative aspect as the bridge a tree or wisdom when we understand and our intention snow or understanding of the world and the values we have
and how we want the aspiration of how we want to do it and then how we behave in the world
a meditative practice is the bridge both to
haven't we know to be true and our in our values into our an accurate and then also when we behave in a certain way or speaking as or way i live in a certain way and it also helps us when we sit down to could be the process is that an alignment
to simplify it for the purpose of this courses as much a scuffle effort than week i would like to propose is the carefulness of how he is our life energies to respond the conditions internally like in session
socially zoom sushi much much much more internal i would hope and an externally in the world
the great thing i think about the a full path
is that it's very much it's very clear and it gives us both descriptors and practices about things so i'm and skillful effort shows us for ways to apply effort to meet and be with ourselves and our experiences and the broken down into
two categories one is what's called a negative for the an unwholesome when the unskillful and then there's the positive with a skillful
sometimes i like to say useful these days i'm also thinking may be the holistic mean with a wholesome
and they are on
four and two of them are for each one is for when the negative arises on what hasn't arrived risen at how can you prevent it
and if it has arisen how do you abandoned it
and then when the skillful in terms of skillful on how do you cultivated to arise and then how do you extended when it has arisen so noticed that pace p a c e prevent abandon cultivate an extent
often the other words you use it and i have some of those are very classic a knife on frame it that way because i like to the work at the acronym pace because it oh in english of course it means to do something in a slow and steady rate or so
speed in order to avoid overexertion exerting oneself
and it comes from the or french and latin which means to stretch like that justice
take it easy and fine ease in this way of behaved of framework for behavior

so let's say that because someone and good part of my sanga made up of a api eyes not surprisingly and other people of color
i brought in the way seeking mind as a metaphor for how we can know that we are home creates a way seeking a heart and mind towards home you could say
in part of course because of their
petro foreigner stereotype and hatred and violence that white supremacy has placed on asian americans or often as exactly where do we come from or even told to go home or to have 'em
a virus describe who we are right
i also was inspired because i'm sitting
see this from i can even go back and myself here from to see the gallery the now have to see what i'm holding up
in people see that
i have arrived i am
the on calligraphy not an original
the sun was coming to me actually in a treat a while back and arm i've framed it and put it right by my entrance so whenever am i going to now i see it
and so in terms of how to work with 'em
pace or these for efforts on which i also thought worse if we're told by energy that works really well for retreat going for a four-day sushi or five days the he and i'm so in terms of how i place that i say that
to prevent has to do with an art or and aspects of being with home of seeking home as first we arrive
then we unpack then we redecorate and then we settle in for relax
none because it's a five day i might off wearing a new the first one right and i thought well you done on that than what is left living
and when i think about living i will say the first thing that came up his living by wow
living by wow
mrs the body stuff away
guess what is the purpose
after working all the steps of africa are going to sixteen nets up to learn or to really clarify what it is to live
the law course well then be tucked in this at the end but the for bodies of her vows on the most important
you've been counting your version because i knew this the students would be here so i'm of course beings are numberless i vow to save them as the san francisco sense of immersion and yours is i vow to awaken with them which i really like delusions are inexhaustible i vowed to end them die
arma gates are boundless i vowed to enter them buddha's way is unsurpassable i vow to be in
so on his fifth day i my to talk about what these vows are really fast
an early aspiring new you i'm i hear them i wouldn't aspire to that and yet how are we gonna do it how he in this still last day of sushi but already some of us i'm sure are thinking how to we take this back into the world
so i also think that i'm being an idealist and responding to this my thing is gonna say about beings go go go help people and i also my profession and social worker and so the sense of helping people is a huge aspirate
ocean and yet i often feel i and other social workers i know and the other people in the helping profession we often get burnham
and so today also clue on frame the
the skillful effort as teachings on pacing for the bodhisattva teachings i'm pacing for the bodhisattva
now is a camera and living by vow his book talks about course is for poti sa about
and i'm actually says that i'm
they are actually hum face on the four noble truths and natalie
that's just goes perfectly with what i've been obsessed with his last few years he says
this is the old version here right
i vowed to enable people to be released from the truth of suffering
i vow to enable people to understand the truth of the origin of suffering
i vow to enable people to peacefully settled down in the truth of the path leading to the cessation of suffering
i vow to enable people to enter the cessation of suffering that is nirvana
of course he is as that's an important thing to know because course the foreign of with sugar
i'm accepted teachings in other sects of buddhism and a fundamental to the teachings
so for me
the first one too
if we are to arrived
beings are numberless i vow to awaken with them
set to arrive is to be open to accepting the truth of suffering
the first which was this a heart as i'm always running away from it on distract myself and when we come to practice when we're ready to to sit down or lie down or stand or walk as were meditating on this is that our commitment when we come to sheen is
that on
committing to seen how suffering is worthy of our undivided attention and care

suzuki roshi
and again not always so
and then the chapter called ordinary mind william
the point of my talk is to give you some support for your practice
say if you stick to it you stick to the support not the tree itself
a tree wanted a strong mr one some support the most important thing is the tree itself not disappoint
i am one tree and each of you is a tree
you should stand up by yourself when a tree stands up by itself we call that tree a buddha in other words when you practice zazen in his two sons you are really buddha sometimes record tree and sometimes we called buddha
tree or you are many names of one buddha
when you said your independent from various things and you are related to various beings and when you have perfect composure in your practice you include everything you are not just you your the whole world where the whole cosmos and you are like a buddha
so when you sit you are an ordinary human and you are buddha
before you said you may stick to the idea that your ordinary so when you sit you are not the same being as you are before you sick do you understand
come to practice and we we here
that we are whole and complete tell buddha and yet it's so hard to know that
am the first day of session and it's really hard to know that
eggs and pains hindrances go lower so many practice discussion his leg in i would say are five of them but you usually have a ferrite or maybe to and i often time i hear i have them all i have them all
and i'm so it's really hard in a week and suddenly we start out with this
as a skillful means
know that this is true and yet what comes up for people is
mine mine is really painful ring and mostly it's a of an offering that were saying that your suffering
is worthy may and in fact we start our i say we start out by really been with our individual
sense of that and that is and how be located in our bodies in our posture and then not breath just keep focusing right here what is your experience ahead
what is your experience of it because
until we and whatever as i sit down here but do not mean that you can't have other posture observes
so until we sit down and make the commitment we have been running away
taking out hand says by the way
in a talk about
i have arrived i am home
hum it's a song that they practice
it goes for he says or practice is to always arrive in the here and now we have been running and we have not arrived we have been looking for something we have been longing for something and we haven't found it and so we continue to run
maybe we are looking for some conditions of happiness that we don't have running and searching has become a habit and we are not capable of stopping
we hurt harm past happen the life and we want
you wanna get away from her it's very hard for us to be with it
and so we start out by offering the sun set your experience is like buddha in the sense that
it is worthy of undivided attention and that this suffering is also similar why it's individualistic to you it is also similar to others suffering that we altogether suffer happened the yours as
it's own unique
footprint you could say

so just really coming to admitting that it hurts and this is similar to a way sick in mind hawks you know
and in the way we do in an adult pop in on jeans because i know her and i'm just surprised that there was an accidental thing that i knew notice last night or just double checking my entry today and and the way we do it own and zen center is he you know you say something about yourself
south i are your history your family and then there's a sense of how do you come to practice me and that may include other practice by that we meant to the camp over the place where you're at the sanga where you're at but also perhaps other ways in which i'm spiritual
lady or sense of on has touched you and then also as what is your question what is it what is up for you now around practice
am i remember that
one of my dharma sisters said to me that the first time he chased from back east riding and not one of her first time that she spoke she did way sucking my talk someone came up to her afterward consent ah a how come where is your suffering
where is your suffering you have not told us anything about what what you're suffering from
and the strongest sister was like i realized that i was
being my north eastern south right
offer i have to push my way through everything i effort my way through life and i don't show in my vulnerability and where it hurts
and in some ways i think this is an
the hell is to say we are vodka we hurt
sometimes i like to say that when we come to practice to be a body suffers you or your heart on your
when your sleeves up the idiom or the saying they where your heart and initially were willing to say ah i am a tender be and i feel the hurt and harm the world including mile part of the
so this is the first day
second day we unpack exactly what is my individual hurts and harm because if you've been running are turning away from if we have to get closer and closer to it so they will have a clearer sense
of what where when we're knowing here
oh i forgot to say so the first is to arrive as to prevent so we prevent ourselves from being on to the unwholesome that can arise so we focus we keep focusing on what the unwholesome is a running away in this case
next we we want to abandon the unskillful are the unwholesome that has arisen
in in particular i talk about what has arisen that on
he would have bandhan is what is extra
what we what charlotte gioco back would say is that for suffering
the true suffering and say you hit your toe and it hurts in a false suffering and she said
who put that table they're actually be up a roommate using why do they put it there were or i'm so stupid
i didn't see that
i hit my toe
so we see to the root of our delusion that there is a separate separateness and that delusion is often about defining things about me ray or or the sense of self by that is a socket be about me or about you
me myself and i are you in yourself and or us in them
and that is solid and under
so we keep saying what is extra here

dharma gate delusion that inexhaustible i vowed to end
you know i was our and toss a heroin now it or practice period they're not as last week is i don't know he doesn't three or four something like that
i will say
also get one with rob and i thought that that would be the hardest one because i heard web was so into for betraying and even though i'm a former clean i just thought oh is this gonna be really hard right young and get corrected left and right
and then i don't practice with now and it was one of the hardest practice church never dead
and i was in the dough on rio
and on

two things one is that so that that that i'm no was a student from berkeley's and some turning no not for long time so after lunch every day very are you doing work on the dawn rio for the don't know other people hit all the bows and model
and only the the ceremonies
and also at lunch on we use this when things got crackers to you know say when it starts when it ends certain things
and so after lunch where we met for many many days i'm a the he was a motto us we did the crackers and law
it's always a work show us show our house
and then
next day now tell us the crackers right well tell us how it is
next day now tell us the crackers wrong they'll show us and then finally someone says i don't understand i don't understand
so then the enormous like i don't understand a her
the other thing was right now this is my tag and my moments so this roster to make the point of the story or nothing this is my truth right to is that in the red
practice period you always know when rep was coming he was a lot of pomp and circumstance rang my my take completely
now never knew when he would show up never knew
so one day you know are practicing the mercutio and he comes in
and needs i would you know like them are taking a turn the news like
right so then we're like finally show as right and so he sits down and by the way i'm
greg thing was i had done when i first came to toss a her in the summer of two thousand and two and i'm so there are two ways for those doctors on ya sorry for my students are no the six the local girl is the it's or that one thing looks like a fish that new
hit with a had it
faker to make the sound to lead the be for canter look and so greg had shown me the southern usually to two ways of doing it to schools of doing it to styles and one is the up and down and one is that you know the turn a circle circle right and so what centigrade
turn me i was the circle oh no it's changed but that's how
and so you know was watching me you know nice like using you know like okay show right so he goes any doesn't i tell you i didn't see any difference but then he finally said
you don't hit the cookie
a new hit them
it's like riding a horse you work with the horse you just
find a rhythm that is it works with the cookie
so you're in relationship
and i think this is ours most serious to
is a wiki forgetting that were in relationship with things with objects with our emotions with are suffering with our eyes and others lives of course for the extra is the separation
tom and gates are boundless i vowed to enter
sure choco commerce as the actually i'm lisa different quarters than the for know or choose here this is actually talking about the fourth novel where's the first to talk about first and second
so i'm the fourth number two's of course is the pats make other things i named off in the beginning the three sections
today the dharma gates
i'm in our practice this week
it's day for tech technically it's settling in
so can the a full pack gives us descriptors and practices for how to settle into her life and a way that can reduce
suffering earns and in service of the ending of sorry
and i i just one i don't think i need to go through the whole thing you all have a sense of it already
and so day three is
of course the last line buddha's way is unsurpassable i vowed to become
our fourth line is really the third of the fourth nova true truth which is that the cessation
as possible or in my case i i happened re-framing the four noble truths to be what i call much more engaged and in a very much a restorative way so in this model and being restored after the first voters again because my experience is very cartoony to is that hurt and harm
is part of life matters that just a little bit more clear in a second or of the causes and conditions i'm better at the root of suffering and the emphasis as much more under conditions in a sense of what are the systemic aspects will assist
dammit experts and also in that desert ways than i would learn to react cancer-free my suffering is the ways i've learnt as what is worthy of my attention of suffering and how am i supposed to respond
branson's racism
where are touch what deserves our attention to who in the schema of race and white supremacy is worthy of attention and how what kind of attention
and whether they're suffering is worthy of our attention or not and to what degree
we're taught explicitly or implicitly our location in the system of white supremacy
and we'd wake up to knowing that yes why that construct are really very clearly how we're all
condition talk my family culture systems of oppression
buddhists way
through he kept correct
in the sense of the third novel truth is than as that is possible
and in this framing of engage that is possible to
know that have agency but i'm can unlearn or relearned what i've been taught
and that all of us then can do that and in fact have the responsibility and i think that's part of practice become and what is healing to us is are we so oh well i had that belief that led me to act that way or speak that way or behave or lift my
life that way and here's a chance for me to say
does it fit me anymore does this house that has been built that i'm told that i shouldn't happen or that has confined me
perhaps locked me in even though it was supposedly for my safety or i am told that for my safety
then i'm told was for my safety is that true
now and is it the way
i want my life to be is this the habitat you want to be
is my habitat now open and free and have
i'm i'm willing to have new things
would to redecorate
to see what is extra here the nice to not be here to see what is the thought i want to bring him so as to cultivate much more clearly what is important to me and is in alignment with my but now and that and the
one word value i say are the main value of buddhism or course non harming what here is not harming

so don't know weissman and be yourself completely for to says
she can us that means just doing in this was the practice of suzuki roshi and it's lineage just doing when we sit zazen when we sit in meditation is just doing we don't sit meditation in order to get something we don't sit in order to accomplish
a good house or to make us more intelligent or to gain some kind of advantage when we sit he just said
setting is just sitting in the same way eating is just eating and walking is just working
machine as what we're doing one thing at a time clearly
in our busy lives we have many goals so we forget just walking just eating just sitting and so on
when we bring just sitting into our daily life in the midst of our life based on accomplishment so we can be completely horner activity this is awesome
then we are always stealing with the absolute side of our nature and the relative side of our nature and how to make ourselves whole
ah one
to resume our original nature which is not too
so to me
this is how we can take what we've learned in sashimi i'm taking much more to the students now about skillful effort and the last strike extend him
how we can extend what we've learned about
the last four days and one more day
that were everything that's happening is honus and completeness
doesn't mean that there is no you and that another listen and individualists in a uniqueness to your experience and
how is it that it's being held on the unity of assad not not that we are the same the let me be very clear
and the familiarity or similar feeling similarity of our experiences is the unit
not a specificity
whereas is a key role she was say
the couple more paragraphs from that ordinary my gouda mine
you may say that it's not possible to be ordinary and holy
when you think this way your understanding as one sided
in japanese we call someone who understand things from just one side a tumble can someone who carries a board on his shoulder because you carry a big board on your shoulder you cannot see the other side
we think you are just an ordinary human but if you take the board off you will understand
i am buddha to how can i be both buddha and an ordinary human it is amazing
that is enlightenment
when you experience enlightenment you will understand things more freely won't mind whatever people call you
ordinary mine okay i am ordinary mine buddha yes i am buddha how do i come to be both buddha and ordinary mind i don't know but actually i am buddha and on her mind
buddha in is true sense is not different from ordinary mind an ordinary mind is not something apart from what is holy
this is a complete understanding of ourself
when we practice zazen with this understanding that is true awesome we will not be bothered by anything whenever you hear whenever you see will be okay to have this feeling is necessary
to become accustomed to our practice if you keep practicing you will naturally have this understanding and this feeling it will not be just intellectual you will have the actual feeling
give you much for your attention
reverend then we have a perhaps there was a scheduling thing but we do have fifteen minutes for kuna would you like to do that oh yeah sure but i just thought we chant for first also because i want my students not to stay for the qnap and they need a wonderful a good sanga
everybody we will begin chanting his suit as soon as a ross plum the dawn does the clunk and reverend me and puts her hand and gosh show and then we will do the clunk and then we will chant the on the vows of for bows one time for
through and i invite everybody to unmute yourself and we can all do our best to stay in time with each other i will post the vows
in the chair right now and then once again i'm sorry to repeat myself but i'm trying to be inclusive and clear on we'll reverend man put her hands in basho and then we will go ahead and listen for that clunk i students are allowed to campus

later in the green to the
hello man
the town
hello games and masterclasses
is that
wonderful thank you are there was a team of i invite everybody to meet themselves except for reverend the n and arm for those are in session or need to go please do that and then we will do do qa for fifteen minutes if the
that sounds good to people
so if you have a question and i wanna think as they leave and you can pass the word i want to thank on people who rarely are here for coming to rosendo and for those who rarely come are here just happened to come into the gate i want to welcome use
so do some qnap name and please rate your raise your digital hand and i will call on you and please ask a direct question and there are people and so so we provide space so leave space for others as well your
we're on please raise your digital hand and i'll call on you
the see a human hand okay i'm learning he put the speaker you are still spotlighted or maybe i should just go ahead and do this and the raid arrays of a of a human being here and anybody okay hassan please just give me a second so that i can
spot light you as well that's for everybody just give us a second so we can spot by both are in euro
thank you him take a human hand said wow thank you so much the and from very fine and challenging dog i wanted to ah
to just share with you very briefly of a gloss on the first
the really essential to me i've spoken as a lot it's from the platform sutra ah where the six ancestor his version of the of that vow is sent in beams of my mind are numberless i vowed to save them all
and that really opened that really opened a door from the ah in thinking about first of all how to meet the suffering that i experience ah and the various beans my mind and then to also recognize
is that
other beams as well are beings of my mind and said you saw to share with you it it's there's a whole
is a whole ordination ceremony as you probably know in the in the platform sutra and dark it really looks at things is in a very useful for you for angle so i just wanted to share that

like us back to it
of course
the i will say that
i him
a possibility of calling don't know that i actually i'm to combine our inside practices and then
credit to me ma'am
on how to support people to up was suffering
as people experience as very concrete suffering
that is the interaction between themselves and
what objects in the world and people in the world
that i think it's
that's why i spend most of my time
i invite a bob mckinnon to lower your hand on meet yourself and ask a question

hi ah thank you so much on and one of the questions i had was on you're speaking about duality and the am a man you mentioned how
we add
something on something could affect we add on to are suffering and i'm in terms of arm
you know ah
you talking about white supremacy and ah and how you know have they must i assume that they must be suffering to to lash out and how that how you see that cycle
ha how that manifests six states itself arm and a in terms of dwell the and
and how they add extra to their suffering
i'm sorry reader accustomed data
go first i would say that we are
extra are suffering a one way as political that claims it
for suffering and things that happen in life and then we are how all suffering so suffering
for us the pseudo was stick em
oh so we all have and for suffering and that's why we're locked in essence were practicing to see what is that the year as under the one that needs and most attending to at this point i think for me i'm always finding a over
a that's extra to to the suffering oh that's extracted to the saffron and i and so in essence of the extras not so much a while many of us experiences what is the extra often times the extra is just a lack of this
this is the lack of this and then i then to be more practical oh this is why to me the second noble truths and away that i'm training it as a waiter to to work with novel and first firstly i do not think made that i'm writing now this is what and
for noble to really are i'm not saying that in any way
a to me what useful to understand it is that we are are conditioned
choose think about things london and dualistic way and the flavor of our dualism is dependent on the condition is we are raised and so as a person of color i am raised in a different condition and you're raised and what really matters or condition and by that an undersea our search
around you so that's huge or surrounding is huge and on the things that were taught in bigger and bigger surroundings
and so the other thing is that for instance i like my partner's father just died and i was in tampa
we're pretty lax about covered and you know and someone even got mad at me for putting up you know are passing on a path and i went to put up my mask and stuff over so know keep six the apart and they were like you think that will protect you
any i say wow you know i'm the one mad of people are not wearing masks rates so one as like a minute
i had a moment or could understand i could get close to the their anger not that i believe in that when you you know but he showed me the up for one thing and until i will tell you you are either on homeland to support by my own partner who is a very complex relationship with
her father and he died very suddenly so there a lot to take care of
so you know and and is very intense time
and so like we were thinking of oak
love to go see a movie do something right and they allow you to go in the theater right and so we're like i should we go and there were like
why would even think about right but at first was like oh possibility right and that desire for wanting to go like going to the movies when my all time favorite things to do in fact you know my for summer tatars like ah
i have found my people because at lunch we either we're talking about a buddhist things or will you talk about some new movie someone on that day i off had gone to see and yeah i came back to tell us all this is summer so
so it was a severely clear sense of being conditioned by the barn no matter what my beliefs are in this is why it's an endless conclusions are endless and it takes carefulness of attention anna stick to witness of clarity of our
our purpose and intention
an answer your question
yes thank you
i have one question in the chat that i'd like to get to that okay with you it's the course on how do you understand i'll read it twice how do you understand just sitting in the context to the conversation on being careful and meditation instruction on being with trump
attic experiences especially systemic oppression how much is enough
how do you understand just sitting in the context of the conversation of being careful and meditation practice on being with traumatic experiences especially systemic oppression how much is enough
okay i'm not a hundred per cent sure i understand the question salami make a stab and see
oh well
we think of so there's not cook couple i think about just say so just sitting is a sense of or completeness
as we take the position
as pasta itself is buddha return to know the completeness of am
ourself which includes the completeness of our experienced in this moment he had mind emotion or sensation
and so when you have dramatic responses the am
reaction often very much probably is very strong so in some ways why meditation and mindfulness in particular has become very useful is that it helps us to have a much more flexible sense of her window of tolerance
in our practice in essence and our practice is we your regardless of dramatic trauma is our we're here to just stay with how things are and especially during the retreat we start to see that what what i'm capable of
is much more not just bigger but also just much more flexible and so in sixteen you know we often are much more sensitive and so thing reverberate more but then we also bounce back here we have that's that's the stability that comes from just sitting
it isn't like but you know just sitting in the like hazard just sitting was actually like rising and falling coming and going not
i dunno mean that's what we're thinking of the time but this is art units
and of course we have to have tools for how to work with that one that's not easy to know and so then perhaps if i understand the question correctly than the when there is stronger than it's about holding on
giving more space to how even how bodily and emotionally you can be more flexible to hold what's going on
that the
to be in a mobile or to be that still point is unnecessary about holding still
and to care what is the tending to that in essence has a wider array
presence and partners because it's some online in large part mean obviously and my sancho small people don't know how to do or okay for the most part break so we sit for forty five minutes and we walk before you five which is very their one you know i actually had somebody else
i ah
what is what is this and party bidders again this this sense that i'm talking about and
you know like a city centers on center we do yoga now right
us because we know that we need to stretch and move some cases it's been it's really hard on the body but you can't do yoga online and me of course you could say do this but so much as a dependent on yoga
you know when i notice from the key is you know wiki comes and he just moves you to feel like a mila meter and often you like
it feels better or i understand what she means right but he can't do that online right and so
i'm not going to do some kind of body practice to support people because i can't really help them negotiated and since we we do kurt more and things are harder to be wish you are nice heard about her other parts of tight
it isn't makes sense to have and so than the walks or longer so that the body has a chance to really a move
sending to the question