The Fire of Zen

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the kev tropical winter morning for her
it's it's a little worm out and stanley so enjoy it
so later this afternoon in san francisco
i'm giving a the yamaji for my old friend poet and activist most congressman
more friends for fifty five years
hello i admit error kind of it
poetry seen it at columbia university and ah
sixty five
way our friendship survive done
psychedelic drugs and music in politics and political work and even her huh
a political collective that we had in san francisco her and continued down ten day of his death in october
fold my laundry
superboy if i'm reading a paragraph from it
this is no longer how i remember him
man as a rail striding quickly down broadway smoking unfiltered camels words flowing fast and clear
this was a hipster in allen ginsberg's sense of the word a quotation burning from an ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night
burning for the heavenly ancient burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in a machinery of the night
actually the desert storm this paragraph that i'm reading actually as i read back through my poems and memories and restless poems it was clear
that we're all passionate and burning in those days
on fire with the joy of language
arrive for arrive in a time of war
longing for the transformation of american society and the coming revolution
ah which we're still waiting for
what our words and also heard the music that i was frame
file system fire is burning from the ancient heavenly connection
watch i suspect level of us know in various ways
there was also about the time that i took up zen practice in the summer of nineteen sixteen
actually that summer
that summer was this summer after we are a little group of people who are
de mayo had occupied the president of the university's office at columbia and other buildings and i
no office with one hundred people are so for a week
it was very
the simultaneously
a more exciting and
very crowded
ah so we came out here with the intention of ah
that seems rather than
and we ah i found the vocals and center i'm right way that that summer
i think it was a a year old at that point but the lovely sandro in the area cabin built we sat there some days i'm going to alternating that would go into psychology
the first san francisco zen center ah i was straight jab disco
and so
a chicken with this zazen that i wrote a poem
that summer which was titled so said
j kind of ah
i don't know for vedic for me as i suppose ah yes some similar answer it ah
i asked sick set
the rare step back and ride down when i said
the horse flies up and shines i will star in the firmament
the kitchen is a festival of dancing ives
all happens as i said
apple for the energy
ah you can hear it in that in those words
so i felt that most of us
i come here when it became to sit zazen
most of us come with that kind of fire
not all of us and i'm not sure it's entirely
prerequisite but
it really helps if you're gonna throw yourself into it
i can call it jane
why you can call it energy
but it's the quality of intensity
the helped me
enjoy those
long hours of pain
a restlessness
of people government it's a great word bewilderment ah some kind of lost in the wilderness you know ah yes
set of core rising
ah wonder and amazement
and had also some
edge of fear concern
but those first sessions
in first needs a sessions for the first ten years ah
were marked by pain and restlessness to bewilderment
nearly everything that we encountered that i encountered was
i expected and knew it was being it his mind
and this fire
it's also it's the awakening
of bowling center
of our brother mind
ploy pointed me towards sir something that she's been reading in a book by geography chopper ah compunctions or the profound
medical supplies town
ah or practice of zazen and also are just the practice exam the larger sense
charter rights
a lot of things have haven't been answered in our life he was still searching for the questions
that questioning his put nature
it was a state of potential
for satisfaction
the more questions and more doubts there are
the healthcare it is
for know about something to ego oriented situations
bribery constantly woken up
have i think that was
there was a sport of what
but i brought to practice in those first years i came to practice
because there was this fire that was burning in be
and i had no idea what it was about
and i didn't know our town
in composite and called it
and i had to do something
and occurred to me
maybe i should practice in
you know and i i started and as soon as i came here i felt at home

what's inside
trying to sell duct cleaning
but when i came and sat all i do as i had to do it
i don't know what was going
i didn't have a a goal you just like okay this is what i'm doing i said he will sit on my missed our son alex
yeah left ah on monday and
taking a caught the car and it's taking the car to japan
it's taking to play he always took the car you never knew the car was when he that alex take the guards ah he was taken a cab from ten japan town go to a zen monastery and lived there for year and have
and much is that in itself as amusing is probably a whole other dog but on
i feel like he can articulate why it is exactly that is doing this
ha and
i never pressed him but instead he has to do it
that's that's this fire
so the fire when i'm speaking of is energizing
it's fine
and catalytic
the history of
violence the element necessary to doesn't work of transformation
nothing happens without fire
and a fire it's interesting to note first it as a location and your body
traditionally seen in alchemical term says more ticket on your solar plexus
ha ha your horror
you know it's what we call the fire in the belly
and although this fire
but everything is at firehouse a
it has an emotional
quality to it in in this context the context of
of alchemy and that quality fires link to desire
and get to that desire bad right
maybe maybe not
i'm talking about the fire was necessary for us to practice
and as they said it came out of working there days
palms that i had written in that my friend whereas and others of us had written and seen this at the same time ah
i guess raising the question
what is the fire now
ah and it doesn't burn the same way
so of course there's another side a fire in the buddhist tradition
the root of the world nirvana
walls are in
in a number of ancient indian languages it carries and sense of a flame had been extinguished or blown out
and that is look
that's the analogy for liberation
yeah the flame of desire the frame of attachment this has been extinguished
as a counterpoint ten of fires of
grey hair trend
television rust and so forth which the border
clooney post as as images to awakening
there's a forest fires sentra yeah
i got apparently yeah center
ah i know people are familiar with that little adventure just a little bit of it
because all is burning and what is the with was born in the eye as burning firms are burning i consciousness is burning eye contact is burning and areas burning sounds are burning the nose is burning almost are burning the tongue was
burning flavors are burning the body is burning tangibles are burning the mine has burning i bonds are burning mind consciousness is burning mine contact is burning what i've always felt as pleasant or painful or never present nor painful oh
that arises with mine cod that arises with mine contact that towers burning problem was what
body with the fire of lust problem with the five hate bringing the fire diversion i say it is burning with birth aging and death that sorrows with recommendations with pans with graphs and with despairs
it's interesting you can flip with this sensitive ah
ah this is what the heart surgery took and turned inside out
what as the eye is bringing
ah and forms are burning the ears burning those when will eyes no ears no knows no tongue nobody no wind
no burning to concern yourself about
as as what was said
i sit in the middle love
does different fires
and as long as we have a moving body
no kind of right a memo of fire were actually cooking wrong and ninety eight point six degrees fahrenheit which is pretty warm
how can a little fire temperature goes down with was and were not alive
too much fire
you know we have this does physical condition that we have to be were called inflammation
george fire and were inflamed
and were crazed
so the practice of zen
to try to regulate or life
if to files are back to know my raise them in we bring our energy up to where we can serve others and ourselves
after fires are roaring
we have to turn down the heat
so i don't burn others and ourselves
diy boy was for kind of complete
the by calling him completely
just enough to send the situation at hand
so as i get over i have to watch my energy more carefully
my physical reserves field
limited in a way
i tire more easily
certain joints ache
i'm partial to a nice nap in the afternoon
something that never occurred to me until about six fifty five february
when i think about sashaying or maybe a period of monastic practice
question is not about whether i have been in my legs because actually chosen as really doesn't it's a different thing now than it was ten or twenty years ago and it flows ah when i sit down i ever noticed this morning it's like
false easy
and and for so relaxing
the syndicate this morning ah
wait for a service is like i
can i didn't want route run to bring the bell you know i just was really happy just sitting
by looking at monastic practice or sushi in the question now is not whether i'll have a pain in my legs
but about whether i'm gonna make it through a long and tiring day and then another and another
what i i feel pretty sharp at least for now
i think about his watch from the gospel of matthew
the spirit is willing put the is
well fish is weaker than it was
so how can to the fire the question is what fired we need to practice what fire i need to practice size him
well as i said i'm in the early buddhist tradition
it's about
call was calling those fires ah until they sort of fall away
what from ramayana perspective i really
it was for description
berlin for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night
when in fact that something simpler
i was listening town it has been doing some interviewing it helps i've been doing some internet with surgeon she and i sat in on the internet of it that they did about two weeks ago and ah
the surgeon was recounting canopies wrong way
his early days of practice and as very clear that he had to fire you know that ah he has stopped when
the well when he started to him was just throwing himself into zen practice ah and one point
he asked since september she
he have been heard in a transcript dating from one of the one of the one of the lectures women kinase and so air the suzuki roshi what is nirvana
that's not the where she answered
same one thing for danny end
that's really good
saying one thing through to the end when he so bad
at in this interview i just i found it
for inspiring who some said was that inspired him for his entire life have i can say now
love is facing severe difficulty
he's still during this one thing so
anna takes fire to do that
you know you'll have to keep shovel my aunt nicole
ah to keep that burning to persist
but i find that the practice that was given us biases your people are ashamed by sojourn by all of our borders any ancestors
and that if we follow it if we
can follow that that healthy fire
hey i can
what can say our were already a weak moment by moment
but we have to keep tending the fires
so i asked myself
most my fire
right now
and ah
it's still there
sometimes i have game
kenneth for a purse and ah
bottom board on so that it flares up but it's there
can i would ask the same thing of you
but ask you this morning
where is your fire
my god what's what's happening in this world
regardless of
the flash mob global warming
bush also
my trying
of our bodies and our own diminishment
where is your fire
it may may need to find it
something that's where i'm going to stop this morning and ah you know if you want to answer that question ah please to our if you have a question about the question now going to ask that to yeah ten
lately i really appreciate the imagery of fire something that i've been working with the line and something that's for me is when i looked for my fire at times the book or the flames of fire is a lot of places
it is
the and
where's there's even the cash
it really useful and wonderful you know it's me
and so on
that's what i i have been trying to expand and they look for not not just the flight and on especially when i'm feeling down because
when that's the case it is
this fire
they dig around in that actual have bad days before the
so long as are yours
anything can happen

i can control costs in terms of
it's a choice and he wants this is what we are constantly wrestling wars you know an exam practice is like
for all choices is just they're right but ah if you don't say it
i can
what it then you can you can't use it
so that you might be helpful
to yourself and others ah and count it can die from abrupt why gone wild

but it's potential is there so long as you're alive when i think it's wonderful
you could say it's the markets when you encounters or want somebody was dying it's like in a moment and appears at the flame has gone out

how much


those kids and
project persistence

and i think
utah there however
ah this is what also wonderful
diversions in japanese buddhism for example there's the schools seen as as self our school that you're gonna have good shepherd interjected yourself and v there was somebody other devotional schools i've a chinchilla or
same as other power schools or and to me it's i get to completely false distinction and say
guess we have been given a rod yes we have to practice distance this is why we practice and
i accept bolstering yeah work
how he got here how many blocking the door gear well i have a bunch of narratives about it but essentially
it's pretty staunch you know because it's it's like way outside of ah
background is perhaps certainly is mine
swords it and has both those elements
because he


i saw sort of i to
a over
ah my chess
it's called struggling for for far
while depend on each other's fire
at the mosque of saying to watch

i've had a fireball in the middle of the saga from fifty kilometers
i thought
how the responsibility as ours
does responsibility as ours
top bar fine and located
can also comes to the store
what is necessary
to be a week

the whole try to talk about this
but always has my total us us to like a beautiful english as word is
yeah my question to myself

i have always been so long time been given
actually i'm asking all of us tend to share that responsibility
basically for the sake of the world the world that's obviously
logic to check
you said
i got a fire

whenever there's
history paper is a great information
surgery is that my farm
it also comes from there
why fire now
he was so pitiful said
well actually it up and it's a say a about
twisted i guess i haven't of this coming year after after years of wandering in search api coming here
i found that you credibility my fire you to the word that has been done and well as the support that i found
okay i wasn't just as bad because the world
right i edited the machinery like ginsberg but grounded support it and yes yes is worth pursuing ancestors so goes on is worth pursuing and but what's
that's right
welcome to my silence
probably all his heart

how do i
my own time
is it
what you like
he wants
dare to burn
yeah ah
it was me
you know it's not always and as as trump or will say had parents that i had always fun
but also life


right were like this
sitting with the ottoman empire
want focus as several your headphone fighter
it it's that's a little different that i think that what i found ha ha
i can on iraq in your i felt at home i was lucky not everybody feels it
i don't quite a normal people have felt it had no in ah
i mean time for some or for worse they came over way but ah
what god wants to me yes
my final dollars explanation and finding us by it together
which has warranted and thinks about community and tongue is actually that when we don't want alone you know we're sitting right next to each other ah and
that's i get right to sort of what but anchor was seen in i
what a relief
but my camera

what is fact
burning with fire as grief breaking the fire and passion burning fire conversion that he said
everything is imperative
spreading ourselves
just like matters right
it's that time
the matter

all the pedophiles them to ah
a lot of the teachings of all buddhism or about calling
what the goal of extinguishing
ah hands or that's kind of the orthodoxy on one side
i think in my diana ah booking had something change talking it said ciampa in tibet and teachings they're they're looking at it you know in a multi prospect
working perspective vision and so that's why i was trying to bring a boat scientists
but and elbows and it's not so simple
know that
the fire of desire
has positive aspects and negative aspects
and may have to figure out how to work with then if he's suppress
if was suppress one side or the other have know if you're going more price at push it down try to extinguish it to something lesson i think that's my feeling
we dispense
hes they bring this up because i can't really remember so many lines from it but because susan up the and fires in ts eliot's before for and such there's a little set piece about it does with flaming means to says and it's about sort of the pentecostal five
from the fire nation is really a few of all these dances ends with our only choices to be safe from fire with fire
the strikes me as very sad symptoms are so we just recommend if anyone's interested of a dancer that furthest corners
from boston has called the firestone
is that to ah
the long awaited which i did the other day just not developed more friends but clearly he had this in mind
you can hear the list
for me
what happens the previous or and i stopped and i started my the surfers and to sondra
it's just self and other
get yourself or not it
when you go south
in other era and stuff
it's that way
for and fall
as for example my power to me ma'am
watch and enjoy the rest of the weekend