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enjoy the rest of the evening good evening to beautiful summer evening
a few things by way of housekeeping first why i wanna thank people
quite a few people have pater made a donation for the class and
we really beauties he really appreciates that
so and and i do not receive any compensation for these classes because we're were paid in a regular way but so all of your donations to this class goes to support
busy see which is which is great at a time when some of our income streams have been a really limited ah we're doing okay financially but are we will need to pay attention to that so so thank you for your donations and or if any of you who have no
not done that you are welcome to go to the are too busy see website and you can make a donation via paypal or you can send a check to berkeley center
so thank you for that
as i said this this is the third of four classes which is basically an introduction to yoga chara
ah and play a practical introduction
today's class is going to discuss something that certain regime brought up a in lecture on saturday he talked about ah the seventh consciousness man us and ah
he had a very
a simple and elegant formulation for it and we're going to take that a little further in the course of tonight and to me it it's a toronto most interesting and mysterious aspects of a this
it is kind of buddhist psychology that we're doing and so will have a chance to explore from a number different directions see how it fits into the overall system and
see what you make of it what your what your thoughts and perspectives are as we go on
before i do that first thing i want to do we just see if there are any
hold over questions from last week
ah if you have any questions let's let's address them now and as usual you can raise your hand digitally
or you can just raise your hand physically and i will i will track that so
please let's let's begin interest let's begin with integration when you have a if if and slash when you have a question also and when i call on you please on mute yourself so it's only thing that continues to be on your mind ah where than you feel some clear from last week
when we before

a christian
i thank you either this question for actually a few years and sometimes i think i get it most times i dont and it's than it says that the way is not difficult if you're not picking and choosing there isn't directly the subject of your time but he came up during the last class
ass up that
yeah i guess that's from the saga and with the second origins from actually from our machine should mean became a poem by the fourth and sister lives in thank you but then but then i've also heard conflicting things which actually may be complementary and i'm just not getting it is at a great
great faith ah that we wanted to discern of because it's not trying to say not picking and choosing doesn't is not encouraging us to be a sponge mind wages just mappings things outright can you say something about that for us please sure
it is connected to what we're talking about what we're going to talk about
but you should always remember that every buddhist teaching
is like a medicine
and the objective of a teaching is to bring one
into balance
so someone one thing it's like medicine is not food right ah you just just like a homeopathic medicine you take you take some to bring you back into a proper balance so if you take anything if you take that teaching as absolute
then you're gonna have a problem living you know you have to pick and choose ah we're constantly
moment by moment making choices
ah and the other side of that is to recognize the choice and to be free in the midst of it
ah to be free in how we choose so you could make a choice for example
you know i might choose every every night you could say
here i am with my toothbrush
and ah i think i'm not gonna pick and choose so i'm not gonna choose to brush my teeth were i'm not going to choose to take a shower
does your daughter choices ah so long as we have a body we have to make a choice but i think what this is getting at and this is what what they're teaching is getting at is to be is to recognize that there is
a perspective in which ah
the things unfold in ways that are beyond our choice
and part of what the methodism this is what we will talk about i think tonight and next week bore is how
how we see our lives in the midst of this if you will psychological construction that we're doing ah and what is then put forward in the field of as wisdoms
so manners when we will get it has been when mars is when there's transformation at the base in other words when you when you have
really let go of a self centered view of the world then manas manifests as the wisdom of equality or each each being each thing hasn't has is equal and you're not separating yourself and other you're not make
king that distinction ah and same way
the elia vishnu on the storehouse consciousness which will talk about next week is is the great mirror wisdom so it just reflects everything ah so that's a perspective the function of that the medicinal function of that
ah if you will is
to get us to recognize that that ultimately we are not caught in this bubble of self concern
and that's that's what we'll talk about today but that's that the way that that teaching dovetails with ah
with the what we're gonna study and i think that the hazard of that teaching
yes arm that you can you can fall into oneness
you know you can see
everything is one everything's acceptable killing giving life to all the same you know and actually ah there's there's a moral and ethical perspective that also applies and that's also a stream that runs through the through the dharma so on
it's great to think of these things as medicinal and it's also really important to recognize that medicine if you if you ate a lot of medicine because you think a little is good for you and a lot gonna be much better than you're gonna get sick ah so
the zen sickness is to get stuck on one side or the other
and the challenge of living is actually to be able to fault to be able to fall out of balance bring yourself back recognize that we're always in motion
so that that's what i would that's a tentative answer dear to your good question
ah julianne

okay can you hear me yeah
okay i i was a little confused about the concept of karma and ruins of the radicalism and just and
confused about that okay
as a director
it seems to be introducing a different kind of a different function or the definition of karma than than what i'm typically used to hearing of it as i know we discussed this a little bit last week to bed and but is it would you say that the on the way that karma is dealt with in the yogurt
tara is like totally something separate from what we normally think of as like our instant twisted karma or or as is it is at the same
i'm what i'm curious to know what you think is different how what are you see what is the get your seat that's given them and well i'm in in ben connolly's book it seems the here he talks about karma being neutral and on its it seems
i don't know it just seems difference me it seems like karma's and it feels neutral i say i don't think it to me i don't think that it's not that karma is neutral instead karma exists karma is simply action
by definition ah what we tend to think of as karma you know in sort of vernacular contemporary terms you know is
basically negative
and in fact what your hr is talking about and most and all buddhists systems are talking about that i that i understand is that
karma is wholesome karma and unwholesome parma
and there are activities that are essentially seen as non karmic if you will they're they're neither wholesome nor unwholesome so ah
in a let's say in a ah
in the sense of seeing your guitar and seeing our practice as a path
ah we are cultivating we we make an effort to cultivate wholesome karma not unwholesome karma if we cultivate an awesome karma then we're leaving ourselves deeper into kind of swamp of delusion and if we're cultivating
wholesome karma guen were leading herself in the direction of awakening
ah but awakening itself
is beyond karma
ah but you can't be beyond kong and so certainly states reminded that these states of being that your guitar system talks about as kind of its objective ultimately these wisdoms these wisdoms or non karmic there they transcend that and
really what suzuki roshi says and what sojourn wrote she says ah is that
for the most part jaws and is non karmic
you know it it takes us while we are sitting it takes us out of the realm of doing good or bad it's beyond that ah which is which is actually just the activity of
it's just awakened activity
ah now we could talk about that forever but that's my understanding of the way you talking about the with the way that the guitar system in other buddhist systems basically talk about karma and it's very different
internet i make it's very different from
earlier or other indian systems
that used the same words then use the words of karma
ah so in many ways ah
in other indian religious approaches and also in kind of in vernacular ah we can't think of karma as like feet
and what buddhist system is talking about his comments in our fate core me is the initial action that action has a fruit
that fruit you know then ah it bears fruit in our lives whether in this life for future lives whatever ah and
the the great opportunity would radical about buddhism is that
in the other systems
karma is basically what is determined by your birth
so your gender
your race
your ah
physical abilities all of those things are seen in a kind of deterministic universe and
your responsibility
in some of these religious systems is to live out the place that you have been born into
and not to try to transcended and what the buddha said which is radical is it has nothing to do with your purse your karma and your karmic position has do with your action and if
if i have a
a a vengeful or hateful thought about somebody and i can see it step by step away from it and not enacted then the the cormac result of that i've i've tried i can i can transform what might potentially have a negative fruit
into one that has a wholesome that make any sense yeah yeah thank you very much
okay anything else before we go on

i'm not seen any hands and i missing any one me look over here no okay
so i wanna do a little review briefly
and just to say
i'm going to chair screen here
i can
can you see that
are you seeing that now yes okay
so this is a model it's not necessarily the the greatest model but the best that i found online or we're talking about eight kinds of knowledge or eight consciousnesses
and if i had it
if i had some way of have altered and is easily what i would say that the entire box
that contains these four circles the entire box is what we're calling mind
and all of these eight manifestations of consciousness are part of the entity that we would call i've used it before we call it mind king
ah or cheetah
so maybe perhaps you can argue also that outside of mine king because we don't deny that we don't we don't argue that
everything that you perceive exists in your mind and other words it's not an idealist position there are things out there you know there's this computer use the table there's there's my children ah but the only way that what it is
saying is that the only way i can perceive or think about them is by way of of mind
and so it begins with our
the five consciousness as as for which which
our site touch hearing taste smell
and those consciousnesses are ah
awareness or consciousness of objects
ah and they also include the sixth consciousness which isn't a second the second ring in which is ideation as we talked about last week as mono vision he ana and motto virginiana is also
it has a double function in functions as a sense consciousness
ah so
our thoughts
our are objects of our mind
at the same time as it has a
a sorting and distributive function with it's taking the sense information
that's coming through your sense organs and it's organizing it you know it's saying august one ghost you know this goes to the to the site consciousness in this one goes to the to the to the hearing consciousness and it's that's that's kind of it sorta like a switchboard
i'm so it's ah that's what you call ah
it it has this double function of being both they both a sense consciousness and also a a mental functioning
what we're gonna talk today talk about today is the seventh consciousness which is this kind of blue grey circle
and that is what recalling manas
and manas is
where ego and self are created it's kind of a filter and i'm gonna go into that in in greater detail and it is an intermediary and a kind of messenger
between the larger mind the mind of senses the mind of thought the mind of ideas and them the route or the base consciousness which here is called seed consciousness and it's ah what we what is technically known as the
elia virginiana which pretty much as translates as the storehouse consciousness to swear all of the experiences that one as had in one's life ah are stored it's it's ah
re close to what western psychology might call the unconscious
i'm just reviewing reviewing those a consciousnesses ah it just to say it took me
he took me a long time to get this street ah and i think that in import it took me time because i had
i had some resistance to a kind of
what are we seeing as a
the kind of mechanical mechanistic a depiction of mind
but i finally have it kind of straight my head and i encourage you to the you know to the extent that is useful just
i'm not arguing that this is exactly the way the mind works and then it goes step by step you know from from one into the other and then back and up it's like it's not so it's not so neat but it's a way of looking at yourself that you can that you can fly
find helpful
particularly find helpful as as christian was was was asking you can find very helpful in making your choices
and also ultimately helpful in being beyond choice so that's that's kind of an overall review
and ah before i take off and to manas there any questions about that structure

let me read you there's three verses
vasa banderas thirty versus that are relevant
directly relevant to tomatoes where he speaks about maness and ah if you have a copy of the text or if you have been connolly's book they are number five six and seven
so five
vasa bonder says dependent on the store consciousness and taking it up as its object manas the consciousness of self arises which consists of thinking
mahnaz it is it is always associated with for afflictions manas is always associated with for afflictions self view self deception self pride and self love
and it is obstructed but karmacally neutral and will go ethical and that ah along with these four seven
from where manas is born
come selves sense contact attention sensation perception and volition
it manas is not found in enlightenment
nor them meditation of cessation or the supra monday and path the a the enlightened past the to path of being awake bath and beyond
every day awareness though those are the three directly relevant versus
hum let me talk about them a little in their in their own terms ah
so dependent upon the store consciousness in other words
manas as the self
ha mind to self centered mind ah is drawing it's references it's information
from the store consciousness so you know like a
we talked about this before so i hold up this bottle of water
my mind is a perceiving it it's a bottle of water because i already i have experience of this that's been in my ah that's
been in my mind deeply in my mind and it's their seed for that psycho recognize this as a bottle and it's got a clear liquid in it and basically i'm assuming
that that's water because i'm so i am aware of all but causes and conditions somewhere that i'm aware from from looking at the memory which is also in the store consciousness that
i filled this bottle with water from the same can put in refrigerator and got it out and
i would have been very surprised if that was just a jug of vodka
you know ah that wouldn't have accorded that doesn't accord with what my ah what my store consciousness is telling me it probably is
so on
when you look at the workings of manas ah in everything that i just said
ah monarch is functioning the reason i recognize this is
they can say
went to the sink and filled this was water i put it in the refrigerator to cool it i took out i know this because i did it you know not because lori did it or not because it magically appeared but in everything that way
one does there is the
there is this underground sense of i which is also the flowing sense the illusion that there's continuity
there's a continuity dead
i feel i've i filled this bottle with water and put in refrigerator if i had left it for four months
you know country for trailer might open the bottle and it would be empty hands and and i would think well where's the water that i put in it
i didn't remove that how does that happen
man us is constantly using this i referenced and going down into the alive vision and getting up the relevant seeds and projecting it onto the perceptions that i have
ha and that's thinking ah and it comes that brings us to the to number six it is always associated with the for afflictions self view self deception self pride and self love and
those are four primary
afflictions that we have that
tend to arise before we even think of them
they're really part of our of our
you could say it's part of art or neurological functioning that's an interesting discussion know and what one of the commentaries i have says that these for afflictions the word for affliction is
the closure
now closure is an interesting word ah i think it means in in sanskrit it tends to mean
it it's derivation or etymology is that it it's a kind of obscuration or to covering
ah and that's a you know it's a really interesting way of putting it it's it's the covering over you know in in buddhist church it's like a covering over the the true nature of things ah and the true nature of things are not
afflicted so this is what does commentary says ah that the for afflictions are always present except when one is deeply engaged in the past ah so that's what i was saying about zazen be non climate it's not afflicted ah or one has
one has attained the kind of transformation that yoga charred talks about transformation at the base where the our consciousness is are transformed into wisdoms ah or one is you can also put it at one is enlightened
but usually going to the seventh verse hob
from where minors from we're manas is born
comes since contact attention sensation perception volition these are steps on the eightfold path of being and at once we enter that we'll then
it flows from self and and flows into self it's all about the wheel of it's the wheel of becoming
self harm
that's vs i see akos hand is up so go ahead eco intentions
thank you
i wanted to point out something that you pointed out but attack and you know a way that it came to me was
i could see that bottle of water as plastic capitalistic values dominating our world and the fluoride and chlorine in it as that somebody else ruling body chemistry you know it's just as easy to go one way as the other and i'm drawing on my
the storehouse consciousness but what is the twist or would you talk about the twists that guy causes me to
choose it's not so much water as it's a political issue nor for example a poison or like that
the whole that question because i want you guys to disgust and question ah one one thing i want to say is just to point to a oh an assumption that you made from your
storehouse consciousness which is interesting is it this is not plastic
this is glass yeah but you know just like it's understandable why you why you made that assumption because mostly were using plastic bottles right ah
yeah anyway i wanna talk about that this is why i find managed to me is the most interesting and mysterious part of our this buddhist a anatomy of mind ah and i wanted i want to just give you a whole bunch of from pers
perfect ivs about it before we talk about it because i'm curious to know what you think whereas is come from as that's what you're asking great yeah okay kenshin
hum i'm thinking about the three poisons read hatred and delusion and on
i don't know if these are exactly the same as clashes i'm wondering if they
come with the territory of a liar if they're on sort of innate productions of mine asked on how they a fit in here
i think i think out that the same question really and i want to come back to that i don't think they're in a you should remember in verse on
six it says it is manas is always associated with the for afflictions self few self deception self pride and self love all of those are expressions to another way of framing greed hate and delusion then it says
it's obstructed
meaning you know it's it's tangled it's complicated but as karmacally neutral it's comically neutral because it can be transformed
and this man us can become a wisdom and so it's just like it's like the question and julianne was was asking at the beginning that karma is not necessarily negative karma can
a comment can go in either direction and can be transcended so ordinary mind
and we'll get it this in some of the some of the commenter in the middle order order mine keeps us keeps leading us in the direction of our of delusion
but it doesn't have to be so
to let let's let's look at that let's come back after read more of these pieces here i see a couple of hands let's try to keep the questions brief job ah
yeah thanks on
okay to kind of to take up on as the sense contact in verse seven cents contact attention sensation perception volition
that sounds to me also like the scandals yes it's well and we could get into a in all the sideline hear that there are parallels between this condors
there's there's overlapping systems in broadest
a better
they're not interlocking they're sort of overlapping and some bugs one is redundant put the other but guess these are these are
you couldn't think of them as quite
resident with scandals and that they are also the another way of looking at it is the wheel of the twelve volt will dependent origination run and
both of those systems the scandals and the twelve volt all depend on which origination our systems by which we create
something that i call me
and so that's where that's what this is referring to okay thank you manas is
mars is the me creating function of mind okay gary thanks
funny how you
from to
can laugh at the doctrine of no cells then it was like spot on was modern kitchen was the common people were needed on the side screwed go ahead
it's you know the buddha dharma as one taste
know it's the taste of liberation and you can split hairs about doctrine but ah
really it's about what we do and how we act with ourselves and how we act with with the with with others and with the world around us and ah the doctrine is supposed to be helpful and where it's not helpful throw it out you stupid
i'm okay i'm gonna go on a little here so what surgeon said
which which i like quite a bit ah
expression was manners thinks it's the boss
and that's true
samana stinks
you know it's the boss because really it's it's all about me
you know ah
and a part of the problem that we have in this world is you think it's about you
but isn't actually that me
because man as is the boss
and so manas is distorting minus is carrying these experiences it's carrying them in both directions it's
it's getting the sense information through the sixth consciousness
and it's drawing it's kind of
bringing material back and forth between the store consciousness and the sense consciousness ah to see what what fits what what perception or what memory or what experience one has had his in concordance with what one is thinks one is perceiving at the moment
but every time it does that
it puts me in the middle
and every time it does it had its crean you in terms of me so ah a redo a couple of far
a couple of plication distance from d t suzuki ah manas roughly corresponds to the mod to mind as an organ of thought but in fact that is more than that for it is a strong power of attaching itself to the result of thinking
manas first wheels then it discriminates to judge to judge is to divide and is dividing and in viewing existence to realistically
hence manas is tenacious attachment to the dualistic interpretation of existence
will and thinking are an extra probably well over into the texture of manas

now tip not hot has a slightly different really interesting perspective as as he usually does ah
when he said he says we speak of the seventh consciousness manas as the self center
manas represents grasping loving appropriating
in vietnamese we call it the lover
that's really interesting ah the lover the consciousness of love but this is not true love because there is delusion in it
in the seventh consciousness there are four basic afflictions which we mentioned self delusion self love self view and self conceit
the basic illusion inherent in all four afflictions is the illusion about self
this body is mine is me this feeling is me these emotions or me this consciousness is me and i am independent from everything else
the lover
and the victim of course is the eighth consciousness
so what manas does is it ah
it casts his there's a term that's used for the seeds during of virginiana ah the term called perfuming
i'm not so sure it's about perfuming as kind of just ah
raising a stink
you know but that can be transformed its you know it's it's
it's imposing the smell of me
on think so that were just perceptions and bear experiences
so the things in in one that one experienced ah
in an ultimate sense in the elia they're not about me they're just they're just their experiences but as soon as we access them
we've perfume them with that
with that sense of me

that's another
well there there i found of
i encourage you to go look at the actually that the wikipedia page about monarchs there's ah there's a variety of descriptions ah
and endless descriptions one of things it says that manas is not consciously controllable
it said to be a mind of a realm that gives rise to the illusion of conscious decisions and to incessant self love

the other thing that it would say about mars is it's the agency that gives us the sense of continuity
ah the illusion of continuity know
this sense of i that there's an eye that is here today that is identical in some way identical with what
we encountered last week
ah and
it's not but that's that is the illusion that's cast by
by this sense of pride is this filter ah and to me what's really interesting is to speculate on
never get to speculate where does it come from
i was talking with a friend on saturday will happen here surgeons talk is up
his religious background is a sufi ah and he said oh this is
this is very
much like the notion that you find in the koran of or something that's called knifes
in a fs
knifes is also self or ego is the aspect of the psyche that can be viewed along a continuum and has the potential of functioning from the grossest to the highest level
the self at the lowest with level refers to our negative traits and tendencies controlled by emotions desires and gratification
ah sufi psychology identify seven levels of knifes ah which comes from the koran and you work through these levels the rebels are a they're interesting with the tyrannical self
the regretful self the inspired self the serene self
the pleased self the pleasing self and the pure self
and i i think it i just think that's a lovely
a concordance between that mystical tradition and our it's i think it's it's pretty close and when i was talking with my friend and we were playing this out it was very close ah where it come from
you know
one the things about buddhism that that i appreciate his
dell doesn't really deal with beginnings and ends
it it doesn't get into the
the impossible question about
where where things come from ah
what did but it tends to look at is how things work
oh how things unfold and ah
i'm comfortable with that
at the same time
i'm intrigued by the mystery of why it is that is that this manners is so powerful
so there's a bunch of questions here and i think this is a good place to take him i'm gonna start with bud
thank you know i spent many errors training as a biologist and this whole model
to me is a perfect example or revolution that's what what a rise in my mind from evolutionary pressures that the survival value of minus i think is obvious
ah but russian my question is maybe a little premature because what current pounds me is our ability to step beyond this our ability to
yeah well transformation of base is expression that
to me is amazing that we could evolve this her
this capacity at the same time what is would be the survival value stepping beyond the i just i find total him is
yeah oh i think that that's a wonderful question or in ah
what the manifestation of that realization is we can spend a lot of time talking about ah but what i would but i would argue is that all of us
have moments and glimpses where we step beyond this
whether you know and as gets back to the the christian questioned the beginning about picking and choosing you know
i haven't met anybody who didn't arm
take a shower or brush their teeth or you know put on clean clothes ah i just have never met anybody like that certainly and i've and i've had the opportunity to meet a lot of great teachers to you will or so-called realized people a day
they had they had lives in the real world as well on but they were also
i think particularly in in their interactions with others ah one thing that they were able to do and this is the manifestation the site when manas has transformed it transforms into the wisdom of equality
and that's really powerful that means when i am talking to you ah i may have some residual self censor myself but i also have a sense that ah
i made a be able to express but that in that moment we are one
this is why like this this
this image of the bodhisattvas embrace that when bodhisattvas embrace beings
you can't tell where one begins and the other one ends
and then they have to step back you know but all of us have moments like this the the challenges that that often we don't see them and of and the self centered moments are very powerful a negative moments are powerful ah the ah if you will be hard wired
really powerful ah but it's not all powerful
so let's see what else we have been
hi hassan thank you so much for this class i especially really appreciate the band connolly book i am
really really enjoy it i guess my question is when in connolly's book when he talks about monarchs he at one point describes it as a sense organ so to speak
and i don't get too caught up because at that point he's talking about the eighteen daughters which i don't quite understand but it's interesting to me to see it as a sense organ like it's like them it's like an eye and ear but in thought ah
and that makes me see it in a slight at a slightly different angle in his formulated i just don't interrupt irish
i'm not convinced that he says that ah i just wonder if you're confusing manas and model virginiana know he actually has them lined up so the a on page one sixteen safe he has this of eighteen god choose at its
and i don't want to derail where the the lovely note dated eighth the conversation is going cause there's so much to say about minus as you keep saying but to me it it felt a little fresh and interesting he has you know body has body consciousness in the sense object is touch manas is the so to speak
organ of thought mano is the thinking consciousness itself and the objects or thoughts
and i guess i found that intriguing
i'm still sort of sitting with it but one can they came up as the conversation has been unfolding as that
it might sort of talk it might relate to us talking about weird as much as come from are really what it's function is and i find it interesting that
it seems to
this formulation seems to point to it being neutral and sort of essential to the functioning of thought
and that when it's transformed
it's into the wisdom of equality that it's in that transformed state that it's
it's operating as a perceptive mechanism in the mind in some different unobstructed way
i don't know if any of that is tracking with anyone but i just wanted to bring out that part and share
thank you i mean this is this is partly where yoga targets gets really complicated in terms of our it's ah the different reputations and commentaries ah but
let me show you another map here okay from that a shared screen ah and it be great to have been here and discuss it with him because i think there's some there's some
thinks about that particular short that i'm i'm not sure about on that seats share screen hang on
okay here we know

okay this is you can you see this now know who seeing it yes so
this is another this is another chart and
again there's some challenges that and you can see that mono vision diana is in the middle and actually i drew these arrows because the the arrows are going everything's going both ways so manners is a function is part of mind ah as is a liar
whether it's a it's a consciousness ah and i think it takes as its object
the self
that's that's what it keeps seeing as it's object
you know so ah the elia it's objects are the seeds of experience that are embedded in it a model vienna is taking as its objects the the five senses and also thoughts ah
and it's connected to mana a switch as the object of its as the object of his consciousness is constantly self referring so that's the object of it i think oh yeah a big sense to target would say yeah yeah that if i could save one quick follow up its
i find that really powerful that line in the thirty versus what it says it takes the store consciousness as its object right and it just makes me think like all these seeds we have right like that's what the monarchs sphinxes us
that's a self it it converts these these rob experiences memories everything into self right and the seeds being more of the self and sense objects being more of the of are usually and then just one more quickly what comes to mind is like
wide as manas become the wisdom of equality when the a cartridges be consciousness has become the for wisdoms it's like maybe at that point it sees the equality of inside and outside so it no longer sees to see bad as this is my this is my and this is myself it sees all phenomena as itself
well i think it's because it's in contradistinction to the effect of mona's effect a back self centered mechanism of manas when you create yourself right away you create other
you cannot have the self without there being something outside yourself whereas the wisdom of equality is inclusive non distinctive and that's that points to the higher reality which is ah the wisdom the the great mirror wisdom
was just reflects everything as it's as a cursor as it's happening
thank you so much was on yeah what other hands to pick off your hand up you forget to laura okay
can can you show this again i i missed the a bottom yet yeah yeah okay hang on the computer to put it up an echo you can ask your question while i'm doing this

actually i'm glad you're putting it out because my question is about this the yeah
i met i'm trying to simplify it in order to get a lot of the
if i die you know when we have touch the senses is picking up pressure temperature and when we have site it's been a collar and maybe texture as well and in the minors it's picking up
is picking us experience and tagging it as with the tag itself and then collecting nose into an identity that's why same way a burn fields at first like maybe pressure and then heats the of that for example i'm a self loathing person this
sense of self hatred is is built up from
the storehouse consciousness coming into my body and i'm selecting it out and interpreting it
but as whatever however i'm bringing it in not the raw experience but how i'm bringing it in is really
the mind if that's what
manitoba about miners does that's what matters is doing minuses is always afflicted
in its in its state as manas before it's transformed it is it is where
we create the sense of suffering
so ah and that suffering you know it can be self hatred can be self love ah you know all of all those things those are all manifestations of suffering in the sense that they create the separation of
oneself from the world around one and others around one that's the afflicted nature the effective nature is separation and as you'd like was saying there there's there also could be that you could see an evolution or biological funky
banality to that of course the use much yeah i'm going to put this down as i just i can see every one ah
i have me thank you okay jesse was oh this is a chat or is it as hi thank you so much salsa i put the question i didn't have the best way so ah you made a comment last week regarding race that i am
they shun that was so compelling
that related to the black lives matter movement and even what heiko was saying about the assumptions about your water bottle and
you had said that when we look at somebody we don't know their story and that you and laurie were discussing this i don't know you i don't know your story and i it that really sat with me
can you talk about cause it feels rooted in so much compassion
and that kind of turns the whole thing on its head and i don't know if if that makes sense to this discussion but i think it does because what i want to would i in part of would
my job is
i think about hub
quite a number of us have had layered nation here have rock sous
and on the rock zoom in on the on the lineage paper that will receive there's there's a text hang in there text it says ah
basically will remember that the perceptual perceptual vein the the ethical moral vein of the buddha's is the one great causal condition of enlightenment
and so
to me his doctrines what we're studying is not it's not just abstract
it has it has direct implications for how we act in the world and you know it's i could say
by imputation by guess you know or my opinion i think i know this is a bottle of water and i safely lifted to my lips and drink it i think i know that about it but i know that because there or
a whole there's a whole set of causes and conditions that i'm accessing from my ally of virginiana that gives me more than just the visual information if i had just the visual information i wouldn't know what was in this bottle right
if i have just a visual information of any person that i see in the street i don't know anything about them so i started looking at
you know what are their clothes like how are they walking all of this and out of that i started creating the story but i have to realize i still don't really know anything about that person and on
it's not that we can't make
reasonable guesses but those guesses are just imputation
and what the wisdom of equality here is can i meet things without assumptions
ah as bernie glassman said and i think yeah i finally made images connection ah you know bernie was bernie was very into the big lebowski
ah and he's to quote the dude ah who would say well that's just like your opinion man
and i finally realized last week said
what bernie was talking about when he took that up it was like that was his formulation of yoga chair of buddhism
than anything that i perceive is my opinion and what behooves us to do is to really look at where those opinions come from
and so that's why we're doing things like ah that's what we have to study implicit bias we have to study around histories we have to study what's going on because we don't see those things those things are really deep in the ally of virginiana gonna come up and monarch is going to use it in it's programmed way and
and work to act as if not it's an opinion not as if it's transparent but as if it actually is a story that has some sense of reality to it and we just all the time ah we're not going to stop doing it but we have to the thing about this method
it of of buddhist practice to me is it gives you tools for looking at yourself for looking at how how is my mind working right now what are you know what is this mechanism for of imputation and one is it also just for today what is this self
of consciousness that is always chugging away inside me and it's not the right
rejected or have or a disdain for or you know he didn't want to get kit you can't cut it out but you can release you can more and more see it working so that it is not the it's not the mech the mechanism that
that connect the mechanism that drives us we don't believe that our opinions or the truth
so so that and enough that gets to your question but
yeah yeah yeah they can ongoing discussion i think it's a break while you are going to skirt you know in it's it's both a personal discussions from for each of us and it's a
it's a community discussion it's a collective discussion ah jen
oh thank you are you know but it really is an amazing how this
ah this study of self seem so modern on even though it comes from thousands of years ago and i'm wondering though in the context stove of cultures and communities and i think of my grandparents came from a village in thought about the
village and many people who didn't conceal themselves as their own i'm just wondering what is it
what is is a different kind of self i mean is is is the model self that seems so relevant for us and seems like the individual as i'm in your nose tells me man etc but what about of cultures were not didn't even see themselves as themselves they were part of a linear whatever that's a wonderful chris
is that me the last question there's a good place to end and i think it's a good place where we can begin our next week as well
narrative about buddhist history
ah is that when the buddha came on the scene he entered a
culture where virtually every aspect of life was socially determined
who you were was determined by
your gender your cast
your occupation where you were from etc and we overstock about this earlier and that that so you had a reality that was socially determined
and there ways in which that that make that's a very stable social form ah it also is generally it can be a very oppressive some some people would carry much more the weight of that society than others
what the buddha did that i think as remarkable as he he created a
a system of interlocking ah
interlocking views one one thing where the that he created was a saga so within that community he created community within a larger communal sense he created a song which is a community but within his saga nothing was determined by birth
within his saga your value your worse was determined by your actions
what you said and what you did
and so to me what the buddha was doing that that is kind of remarkable you could say it was a
a very radical individualism but it's an individual's of that was embedded within an interdependent social system
so he was allowing for both of those dimensions to express themselves fully
ah and that's that's the way i think that's where i think of it there's a big debate you know in in knob
ah in
ah ethical analysis or between so called asian systems of ah of rights and western systems of rights ah and of
you know of of course to some extent the western systems are our head dramatic and they don't look what's happening as country right now that it's completely insane we have we have a death rate that's going to the ceiling because we have this ridiculous bogus idea of ideology but it's not
all bogus it has also has value and truth we just don't throw it out but i'm
i think that's a that's a really interesting it's an interesting question and it it kind of dovetails i think with with how we think i've been talk about a liar virginiana next week if that's okay
so going to end their lives and with the a with for vows