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Right here, you make a silence statement right here. Yeah, yeah. Yes, I'm going to turn my microphone. Does Hozon have a headset on or is that a mask thing? Okay, so in that case, I'm going to... Okay. Okay.


Okay. Yeah. Yes. Hello. Oh. Yeah.


Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. [...] I'll go a little bit faster, you know what the big problem is.


Can you put a cardboard cutout in front of him so he can see? Oh, of course. I'm sorry. Awww. Come on, come on, come on. I can't. Yeah.


And then you get welcoming vows from the Zen Book Manager, and now it's time for… Yes. So the next thing is… So, wait, hang on a second. First of all, we can put this on a microphone stand, so that it's not precarious like this. Second of all, to make it work, oh, okay, all right, and this needs to be turned on. Now it's on. When the light is steady, see that? It's on. When the light is flashing. It seems to be fine now. My gosh. I have... Yeah, I'm not getting any warning now. Okay.


Okay, now... Right? Yes. You stay there. Oh, that's fine, either way, wherever it is, I'm going to face it. So Mary? Hello? Yes. Thank you for inviting me. Dear Hozan Koushiki Alan Sanaki, you have been chosen by our beloved first abbot, Sojourn Bell Weitzman, to be our second abbot, second paragraph, third paragraph, etc., etc. We do this with much confidence and gratitude, and you have our wholehearted support.


So, we'll figure this out. Yeah. Okay. I mean, that's picking up. It'll pick up. it up. Did you hear that John? Can you hear me? Yep, I got you. Does that sound good? So we're not going to use the Yeti, we'll use a Logitech webcam. Okay, for the mic as well? For the mic, yeah. Is that what you've got on now? No, we've got the Yeti. I wonder if I should go up and get the other thing. It might be helpful just to see how it sounds. Say again? The image will be better


with the Logitech. Oh, so it's a Logitech cam and mic setup? Yeah, it's a relatively high-end one. Okay, yeah, that would be better. I mean, you can see the difference right now between the iPhone and the computer side by side here. Can you see the two images? No, I'm seeing me and I'm seeing Steve. Yeah, so Steve's is much crisper and that's the phone, right? Yeah, right. We'll see in a moment. Okay, good. By the way, hello. Hey, good to see you too. And what are you doing for your audio right now? Are you wearing the room mic now? Well, I am. It's not on. I see. Okay. That's one, two, three, four. Now it's on. Okay, and so it's been on. We heard some feedback earlier. No, this is the first time. Okay, yeah. Yeah, I don't think you need it. Let's see how the Logitech goes, but that doesn't really help the audio much. It gives us a little


more echo. Yeah, I agree. Yeah, it really is not great. Okay. I wonder if we'll need it. I think we might not, especially if there aren't any statements that are happening on the altar side of the room. Is it just bows and whisking on the altar side of the room? Yes, on the other side of the room is just, no, there's some statements also. Okay, what do you want? I can't hear you guys. What's the Shinmei connected to, the Blue Yeti or? The Shinmei is Blue Yeti right now, I guess, but it's like, oh, it's not.


No, we just connected it. Okay, and now just through the, well, now you're hearing me through the sound system. Okay. That's, then you're hearing, you're picking it up on the computer microphone. Okay. Yeah, it tends to be coming and going, it seems like. So now I've turned it off and I'm just speaking to the computer microphone. That's better. Okay, so let's see. Let's see how the Yeti works, how the Logitech works. Okay, sounds good. And Steve, can you hear me? Are you right there? Steve, the statements that happen at the altar, are those, who's making the statements? Is it Shinmei? The Shinmei makes all the statements. No one, well, not exactly accurate. The president. Right, which we got from another mic, yeah.


But the main person is making the statements, and all the statements that come now will be from the Shinmei. Okay, so that's what I need to know. I think the way he projects, we should be okay with that then. Okay. One thing I wish I had was some kind of cue for when Mary speaks. I don't, I'm not, I don't see that on the script exactly. The cue for Mary speaking. Hold on, we've lost your audio again. Maybe, no. Can you hear me now? Yeah, now I can. So I'm speaking for you, and I'm also speaking to Alan, so I'm waiting till he's able to hear. Okay. So the cue for Mary is, the


zendo manager has just done three bows, and Alan returns the last of, the zendo manager does three full bows, Alan does a standing bow, returning the third bow of the zendo manager, and then. I actually picked up my zago, so it's going to be a minute. And then the zendo manager picks up her zago, folds it, and they do one final bow, and Alan is just standing there. When he's just standing there, Mary will begin. Actually, I'm sorry, we have to move the monitor in front of Alan before he, before Mary can start. Oh, so that's a better cue for us, actually. I told Mary that when she sees Alan in the monitor ready to hear her, but I don't know how she's going to see him if she's spotlighted, so.


Yeah, we'll have to switch from the zendo cam to the hozon cam, basically, at that time. So, I would remove this one, have this one ready with Alan, and then I'd bring in Mary. Okay. Can John give me a moment? Oh, Mary's not on. Can you spotlight both of them so they're side by side? Yeah, that's what we would do. Mary is not on right now, but it would look like, you know, it would just look like this. Should we try to do that? Yeah, I think Alan went to get the other camera, but in the meantime. I think that's okay, because after you're done, Lori's going to do this piece of this, but she's going to have to wait until you're done anyway. Done, okay. Oh, I see what you're saying. I mean, physically, you'll look in.


As long as he spotlights it in time. He doesn't want to spotlight it while I'm moving it. Yeah, that's the trick. But you can poke your head in the door and see. Poke your head in the door and when everything's quiet and set up. Well, actually, Mary will be able to see. If we look at the ZendoCam, she'll be able to, because we can see you moving the laptop into place on the ZendoCam. Right. So as long as Mary's just kind of paying attention to where the ZendoCam, to where that laptop is in the ZendoCam, when we see that placed, we see Hozon facing it, then we'll switch to that spotlight and then she talks. Because Mary's, she's not on the laptop though. Okay, so now we're using the Logitech.


Yeah, let me get this one out so we can see it bigger. Yeah, that's better. Using the Logitech for the, oh yeah, it's much better for the microphone and the video. Yep, I like it. Good. Okay, so let's review and make sure we're all on the same page. I'm going to say it as I understand it and then correct me if I'm wrong. Carol, as the Zendo manager, after the Jundo, she will step back, Alan will be at his place. She will step back eight or 10 feet. She'll do three full bows, putting out her Zagu, doing three full prostrations. The last of those prostrations, Alan will return. She then folds up her Zagu. Lori, right around that time, moves this gizmo, this setup from back there to up here.


When Mary sees Alan in the video, in the camera, then she knows she can speak. And then you'll spotlight her or do whatever you need to do. Tech people will do whatever they need to do so that she can be seen and Alan can be seen and she can be heard. Is that correct? That makes sense to me. So I think that Lori moves this after. She can't because... After Carol. No, after Mary makes a statement. How can you see Mary? I can't see Mary if you've moved it. No, we're talking about her moving it, Lori moving it from there to there. Oh, from there to there. Okay, I'm sorry. So that you can see her. All right, all right, never mind. Sorry, I thought you were talking about moving it back. No, no. And then after the statement. Well, I didn't have trouble. So after the invitation from Mary, so are we up to that now?


After the invitation from Mary, the next thing that's going to happen, the next major movement is Shakyamuni, Daigenshuri, Bodhidharma, and Mahapadapati. That's the end of the Buddha Hall portion. And then the next thing that will happen is Alan will go to the founder's altar. But for this Buddha Hall portion to be complete, don't move yet. Let's review. The next thing that happens is Lori will move the camera, this back to there where it came from. She'll pick up her statements and fragrance box. In the meantime, you are going from here, Alan, to here, because you're going to do another offering to Shakyamuni with the statement. Yes. But just, I think it's just, I guess it's three full bows, but without the bells. Okay, should we do that?


Yes. Okay, I don't need to hold my box while I'm hearing this. I just realized, because I don't need it until I come back here. Right. Okay. And just a general note for everyone. If I move it, I don't have to have this. I thought I did. It's better to move too slow than too fast. You can show me that. I can hold that. Yeah, just hold your hand when it gets back here. If you lose a cable, if something happens, move it on the slower side rather than the faster side. Okay. With statement to Shakyamuni. Okay.


So it's come to this. Wait, hold on a second. Let me use that thing. Right. That's not a, that's not a little packet? No. Flowers are on the altar. Right. It's easy to remember. At the altar, it's always the flowers that are on the altar. Three full bows. One. Two. Three. And on through the Vajrayana Shurpa. Oh, watch out for this guy.


Okay. Yes, Dayan Churi is just a single standing bow. Yes. So maybe a good way to remember it, Alan, is Dayan Churi is a lesser deity, one might say. So Shakyamuni, Bodhidharma, and Mahapadepati are all getting full bows. Did you decide you wanted to do full bows for Mahapadepati? So those are all getting full bows. So here's, yeah, you're going to have to, uh, add a little. Sir, what do you mean, where? Yeah. Excuse me, Alan, that wasn't in the picture. That's why I'm moving this camera back. Can you go back there and try it one more time to see if it's in the picture now? Yeah, there you go. That's great. Okay, great. Um, nobody has a Zangu?


Yes. Does anybody have a Zangu? No. Okay. Let's, uh, let me pretend this is a Zangu. But that's not the Zangu, that's not the question. You mean, you want to try it one more time? Am I bowing on the floor? Yes. Okay. So you're doing both? Yeah, that makes sense. Okay, you just do it at an angle. That's fine. I think that's the simplest, rather than having to move everything, et cetera. Okay, okay. For Bodhidharma and for, uh, Mahatma Gandhi. Okay. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to come 90 degrees in front first. Where's the shoe on your head? You mean this? So, uh, Hosan's volume is really low. Like, it's, um... Well, we're picking them up from the back of the room here,


but I don't know that we need these statements. Tuti? Maybe we can ask them. Yeah, yeah, that's a good question. Was that a statement just there that he was making when he said there's a shoe on your head? Yeah, like, there was like some statement to the Buddha. So the question is, John, are you hearing me? It's low. Yeah, we were just talking about that. How about now? Now is good. Okay, let's leave it like this. So you just turned the mic on the... So, um, you're going to make a statement right at the beginning from Shakyamuni. All these, the mic has to be on for the whole video. Okay. Do you want to turn it off if you need it? Well, no. I think you just have to go with full volume. People will hear you.


You're full volume reading. Okay. I'll be, I'll be aware of that because I'll hear it all. It's hard to speak. Hey, how do you hear? This is beautiful, by the way. Yeah, we can, so we can hear those statements. Pull down. Down number one. Pull down number two. Pull down number three. We got cargo, full. So, and I think that is the end of the Buddha Hall portion of the, of this ceremony.


Let me just say one thing, which is that, um, my vows are going to be slow. Good. Because I really have to take care of my knees. Good. Excellent. Okay. I think you just go over to the founder. Oh, that's a great little photo. Look at that. Wow. You're so cute. Now, here, do I use, now I could use


film that's on the altar, or I could use this. Okay. Okay. How do we do this? Phone. Okay. I'll do a little. And you know how when people get up from their full bows, they do a little thing. Yeah, that'll be the beginning. That'll be your first tip. Nope. I had just a single bell on the third bow. It's not really on the third bow. Okay. After he gets up from the third bow, he does a little,


he holds up his anvil, and then does a little final uchi. Right, so it's a single bell. On the final uchi. On the final uchi. Yep. Yeah, it seems like now I should turn off the microphone. Yeah, take it off. Take it off? Well, you're going to, you will make a statement out there. But that's the gimbal. Yes. Okay. We only need this in this time. Oh, okay. And then he'll be on the mic, then the laptop will be close to him on the mountain seat. So that should cover that. Yeah, when you actually are doing this, we'll rehearse this next time, Alan. Yeah. Let's actually, you know, you'll set your whisk down. We'll take it out. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Rather than it is more important. Okay. We are ready to head on out. Hozan. Before you leave from there, yeah. I don't know if they can hear me or not.


Yeah. I think we're. Oh, whoops. We're live for our screen share. So there we go. Okay. Oh, why is it set up?


Alan has his full robes on. There we go. Also, if you were like a server in the restaurant, you pulled his chair back for him. Okay. So, Jen, another thing. It was like an armless chair. Okay. I want from the office. I want a chair from the office. Oh, yeah. Or from the zendo. I want a wooden chair that's armless. Okay. And the thing that you could do that I've had experience with at papaya is to pull it out and also help me so I'm not sitting on my robes. Help me help my robes. Okay. That would usually be a job for the DJ, but I think in this case, it's better. It's the zendo matter.


It doesn't matter. You're right here. Okay. No, from the zendo. Got it. Yeah. Okay. You know, when he says not sit on his, okay, so you know what he means, right? You're going to be lifting it up and just making sure he's not sitting on it. It could be between him and the back of the chair. Okay. Yeah. I'm going to put my tray down. Yeah, I got to help him with this.


Okay. Now, where does he put, one question I had when we practiced is where does the whisk go during the G then? Is that good? Well, it needs to go somewhere, but that's where the tray is going to go. That won't work. What if we maybe, um, yeah, that tray, I was going to say we could switch tables, but all the same, could he put, could he put that on here? Could I? How about this? Mary, would it be okay? Instead of just moving the tray, just move the whole back on table. Okay. Sure. Would that be okay? Then you can put the whisk there. In that case, put that table here. For my whisk. Oh, okay. All right. Good. Excellent. Okay.


We are in the G then portion of the ceremony. He makes statements. Oh, I put flowers and then, oh, the statement is already up. Okay. I come up here and I see, I, I, I need another, do I have my own little pocket? I guess I could. No, no. I need to have, and I'll go here. Yeah. Do I do a little bow? And then I do a long, long bow. And then, oh, and you do this. He makes a statement, which is right there. Stay here for the statement.


Thank you. Book, book, [...] book. Okay. Baba wawa. Is anything said or not? Okay. Now I move to this side. You don't, after Alan's statement, everyone does a gacha bow. And now we're doing the business with documents. Okay. So, is this your tray or BCC's tray? It's become BCC's tray, but it was Mike's and my tray when we lived up here. I just had to get you. It doesn't matter to me. It just was clear. Yeah.


So, I'm going to say this now and I'll say it again later. When we're done with the ceremony, I'd like everyone to go home and visualize all the different parts of it, because we're using a lot of scripts where we're all reading the script and et cetera. And of course, during the ceremony, the script, you have to know what's next. So, visualize. I got a question. At what point should I go before she comes to do hers? No. Yeah. All right. How's my audio? Is it still on? Yep. Yep. It sounds good. All right. All right. Okay. It's the light is obscuring my LCD LED screen on the little microphone.


So, I can't see. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Audio is perfect out here. All right. I wish I had done this first. So, pretend I did that first. There goes some very important contrast. Now, when I couldn't find the red. Now, what am I doing here? Character. So, Alan, what you need to remember is, first, you're looking at the wrap thing to make sure that this looks kosher. Now, you're looking at this to make sure this looks kosher. Okay. And then, you're passing it to the teacher. But then, do you think that the ink should already be over here on my side? Yes. And did I say that there are tissues here?


Is it comforting to have flowers on this table? It doesn't look. Well, if the flowers are going to be in here, I think it's okay. There's not much room for much else besides. I have to have it in the office. Put your fingers out. I have to have it in the office. Is there red on it? Yeah. That's the problem. We'll clean it off. I'll clean it off. I'll clean it off before we do it. Okay. So, I'm going to go. Wait. Now, first, you have to sign the thing, I think. Yes. Yeah. Next, we're doing documents. Where do I sign it? You know. Down here? Yes. At what point do I sign it? We need to figure that out. After he signs it. Before he seals it. It makes sense that way.


You hand it to him. He signs it. You sign it. And then, the seals get put on by him. Kind of sealing it. So, which seal next? The temple seal first. And then, the person. You need to know which side is up. Or, you can hand it to me and I'll look. Yeah. As long as you know which side is up. So, this is down. This mountain is lower left. No. I've already inked it. You have? Pretend. Okay. So, we need more. Where am I going to seal it? You have your own to put on there, too. Well, you're putting your personal seal here. This would go wherever you think. Yeah, like there. For example. Okay. Now, let's just see. I didn't ink it. You know that, right? I thought you said you did ink it. No, I didn't pretend. I didn't know you were making a big mess of things today. You mean it. Okay. It's going to need some padding.


Yes. That's the usual thing. Yeah. It's going to need some. Like a piece of felt. So, the president should have a piece of felt on her tray. And, at this point, slip it in there. There's some in those. Now, this is what I'm saying. Okay. Is that clear, Mary? I have no doubt that you're right, Ellen. I have a question. Now, it's really messy. Right. So, I'm just saying we'll wipe it off. You're going to need some place to put this. Okay. Okay. Now, let's not do this one for real. All right. Okay. But, you've got it upside down. This is the inside. Whatever you do, don't get any ink on that table. It's not fun. Okay. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Now, I would be wiping these. But, those things, we might not be rolling.


They might still be wet. Don't roll them. Yes. No, no ink is going to be wet. Yeah. Okay. So, then we leave. I leave. I close this. But, I leave pretty much everything as is. I think. So, you could hand me one of those seals so that I can weight this down. So, it doesn't fall away. You know, I'll show you. It's probably not a great idea. I'll show you. In Mel's office, he has some seals. He has some weights. I think that's better. I think you should just keep the seals. You may not even have time to weigh them. What are you going to get from the office? Weights. Paper weights. I'm going to get the weights for the belt. Yes. And, also the red and white. Yeah. Somebody like that. Okay. Oh, wait. Do I have a pen? I think you can do it without the red and white strings myself. I do it around here. Okay. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. I was going to do some better ribbon.


They're pretty easy to use. Yeah. They're really easy. Okay. So, now we're getting ready. So, just hang on just a second. Using red and white string to wrap the belt. So, Alan is providing. Okay. And, he's also providing the belt. Oh, you're going to do the belt? Yeah. I'm going to find all the stuff. I know all the stuff is good. I just need the weights for the belt. Okay. Okay. Okay. So, the business is over. The signing the documents is over. And, now we're doing vows. Acknowledging requests to teach. So, we should probably not have all this stuff there though, right? Correct. It should all be there. Exactly where you have it. Do I give back stuff? I know he stays sitting. He's going to be, he's going to remain sitting. I don't think he needs to have that. Okay. So, this is when I do this, right? Correct. When I come here. I'm waiting for the vendor manager to join you.


And, are we going to put out the documents? So, let's think about this. So, what's going to happen now is the president is going to come forward, walk for flowers from the cargo. You're going to do three full vows. The vendor manager and president. Then, there are the statements. You know, you make your statement about after a long time you've arrived, etc, etc. Where do I get that statement? You're, not you. Oh, I'm sorry. The president makes that statement. After the first statement, the president attempts to unfurl her zaga, which she doesn't tap because she doesn't have a zaga. And, do three more vows. And, it's that point, like a shuso, like shuso ceremony. You say, oh, that's okay. We send the manager. We're doing them together. You're doing them together. So, you finish the seals and the documents. You come over there. He shimols over there.


You're going to be there. Now, I think now would be the time actually. Before she does her offering, right? Hold on, I can put it on. You've got to be careful. Oh, I know. Okay, all right. I would say right in front of where Mary's standing. Okay. That's not a lot of space in between us. Well, that's okay. She just has to make an offering. She can step between us. Yeah. No, I didn't mean that. I meant this way. We people, you know, setting these down. Yes. That's true. COVID wise. Yeah. Okay. Something like that. Yeah. Okay. Please go ahead, Mary.


Okay. Okay, three full bows. First full bow. First full bow. Second full bow. Third full bow. Upper one. Okay. I think that was one of my notes. After a long time, you have arrived. Just so you know, that light is coming back. After a very long time. I can't look at my watch. You're all very great. And we wish you many happy days and nights. Hold on a minute.


Is that loud enough? Um, a little bit. You should project. Thank you for asking. Yeah, you should project a little bit more. Yeah. Yeah. After a long time, you have arrived. Yes. May you have a life of 10,000 blessings. I wish they even louder than that. What do you think? Definitely. John, how was that? When she takes the mask off, we can hear really clearly. But if she has the mask on, she's going to have to really project. So masked, maskless is better. If you're going to keep your mask on, which is fine. You're going to have like acting type stuff, right? Stage, Berklee Repertory Theater type stuff. There you go. We haven't seen you and we really are appreciative of your being here. May you have a life of 10,000 blessings. That was good. And it's there's 25%.


Well, since you're, you have a small, um, part, I mean a huge part, but there's 25% that you'll, I can lab you up, but this little thing is going to be on you next week. So it'll follow you around. So the audio will be going right. So you, you know, so it'd be right there with you, but we have another one that you could also wear, but for now project. Just project. Yeah. Yeah. There you go. So you've made your statement and now you're going to try to do more. So there are, hold on a second, is Carol Zogu's still down? Uh, no, I think she's picked it up at the end of her third bow. Okay. So then do I stop her before? Yes. Yes.


I'll be mindful. Uh, trying to, if she goes low, I'll make a gesture to raise up. Okay. With the volume of her voice. Great. Today, next week for practice and in the ceremony. Yeah. And then the full dress rehearsal, we'll have the conference call back channel going. So I guess, so you'll be able to hear us give you feedback. Okay. And Blake, as much as possible, if you're able to keep the right notes. I can't hear you guys. But once they go back in, uh, we can talk.


Okay. In the meantime, the Incan is going to just keep on doing the one hits every 15 or so seconds. While they go in, stay here, while they go in, do their bows to the, uh, empty mountain and come out. When they come out, the Disha is going to grab her basket, get behind the shinmei. The president and center manager will be facing the shinmei. And you'll be over here waiting for them out. Right. I guess on the staff. Lori asked to give me the staff. Right. Actually, why don't you just get it? Because they're going to be in there doing business. So while they're doing that, you can just walk over and get the staff and just be waiting here. Of course. There'll be five minutes or so while that's happening.


Query. We go back to our places and then process, or do we just recess? Oh, good question. I think we were talking about a final bow here, you know, with you going back to your places, but maybe it's simpler. I think, I think we should just do it from here. You just finish your bows. You finish the statement. Is there anything after your final three bows? No. So at the end of those final three bows, they pick up their daggers, they put them on, everything is settled. That's the beginning of them going in. So why don't you guys go in briefly? I'll come back and stack these and I can give you your staff. You can do an abbreviated version of bowing to the mountain when you're in there for the rehearsal. So, uh, we come out, we're out here, you know, everyone's stopped, then you're gonna do a


roll down, three bows with four bows, and then they're going to process again, and you're going to continue to do single bits while they're processing. And when do you stop? Tertiary, tertiary, here, you guys are being quiet. There's two sets of three bows. The first set with just Mary and Carol. Mary makes a statement. I'll set that up. This is, um, let's see, we're going to the teaching mode. No, the teaching mode is after you go out and bring it in. But I mean, it's part of that. Okay, yeah, I mean, it says, um, you should go through place.


You should go through place. Then, uh, we line up in front of the mountain and there's one standing bow together just to make it happen to us. Okay, so then I guess, uh, and I know I'm supposed to be sort of facing. Bow to the mountain, standing bow, and you're going to do two strikes of the incantation. That ends that portion. I think it ends the incantation for a while. Those go from the porch to the ground when they do the bit. Now, no, come on over. Come on over here, because you're going to process again. It's just about where I am, actually. I think that's a good place for Alan.


He grabs that. Lori grabs the thing. So Blake should pick them up when everyone is settled. Yeah, behind Mary. Should Blake pick them up coming out of the zendo? Uh, maybe. If you want. If you'd like me to get them coming out of the zendo, um, let me know as soon as we get the time. Okay, great. We're only processing back. Uh, you could just stay here. I think that's simple enough. I'll just, and I'll just, uh, okay, sure. Yes.


So you've done your bow. Yes. But the next thing that happens is DNA, which is your room. And I think that that's mostly between you two. You're going to be facing the mountain. I'd say step back to the rest of the area. And one thing that I had a question in the script is, is he receiving that new rope from me or from someone else? From you. Okay. Yes, but hold on. So, but you're going to be back here just as, uh, Carol is doing. She's going to bring this up and come forward. Are you okay for Jokey? For putting a rope? Yeah. Okay. Right.


And I basically just exactly this, um, you know, you're holding an hour. Okay. Now you just wait. You fold that over. Okay. Set up. You take your time. If you put it away, you get the new one. I need to give you the statement, but maybe I, okay. I think it's a new one. Uh, statement, statement. Yeah. Wait, hold on. Okay. Yeah, let's take a look. Yeah. Sorry. Blake, can you hear me? Yeah. So one thing I noticed was that the, on the right-hand side corner, I could see the,


I don't know what it was. If it was the lens, I mean, whatever. Something was on the, uh, the cap, the pictures, right-hand side corner, bottom right. I don't see it now, but, uh, here, it looks to me like it's the gimbal, Blake, just like the gear part of the gimbal. yeah. Was that a problem of this gimbal? All right. Um, it wasn't a huge deal, but it'd be great. Okay. Um, I will, uh, I will put that in my notes and I will look for it, uh, over the next few days. I will record myself, uh, record, do a recording myself in my house and, uh, see if I can allay that problem.


Yeah. Cool. Anything else? Yeah. So when you were stationary, Yes. The courtyard, the camera was still moving up and down. Uh, when I was stationary, what? When you were stationary, the, there was still movement. Uh, uh-huh. So just wanted to let you know about that. Yeah. I'm being very, I'm, I, I only finished a year of film school and then I dropped out. Oh, that explains it. That totally, that totally makes sense. I hadn't even been really thinking about my primary job. So I'll keep it steady. I never even used the gimbal when I went to film school. Yeah, this is literally, I've used this gimbal more in these last couple of times than I ever have. It means basically brand new. So, all right, cool. Anything else?


Nope. Okay. I'll try to keep it steady and I'll look for that. The gimbal intruding on the frame. Cool. No, no, no. To me in front of it. He's got the mic back on. I think you should have it from the side. He's got the mic on, but it's not turned on. I don't think. Yeah, the volume's pretty low. One minute. I can still hear. Yeah, he does. He says he does have it on. Damn. This audio is tricky. Like you can hear Lori almost as good as him, but he's got the mic on. Yeah, it's pretty low. Could Rob or Mary tell him to.


Okay, I'll go. Place it in coordination. The only place that we put the wraps. Okay. So, of course, I'll go on our head. If you have to move the envelope, is that in coordination? Ted Cruz says your microphone isn't working at all. My microphone isn't. Is the story that he's going from wireless to the speakers and the speakers are projecting down to another microphone going into the computer? Yeah, the laptop mic is just picking up on the overhead audio speakers. There's a speaker right there. Are you hearing me now? We can hear it, but it's muffled. That might be the mask issue too. The mask, how about this?


Is that better? And the volume is higher too. Yeah, can you turn the volume up a little bit on there on the speakers? Can you turn up the master volume, which is the large one? Master volume, also the pickup in the computer itself. Yeah, that's for outside. When you go inside, but you can leave it on. I don't think we can because we need to use the... Anyway, see if you can turn... You're turning me up more? Okay, how about this, guys? Yeah, that's better. Okay, all right. Is that too loud in the room there? No, it's not actually. Okay, that's good then. That's much better. The second one from minimum. Okay. Yeah, that's better.


Thank you, Mary. I'll turn up the grunt when I'm doing this. I don't do that. Am I going to need the headset elsewhere in this day? Maybe, I mean, it depends on where that is for the teaching and all that. Further back. All the way against the phone. Okay, now this is too high, so I need a different... Then... You want me to try to put this down? No, I don't want you to try to put it down. But what's worse, this thing I had before? Yes, you are.


With the wrist or not? With the wrist. Well, you're going to sit down and then you're just going to have to do it. Okay, first the wrist. So, tech people, can you hear me? Yeah. So, Alan is going to sit down and when he is settled, he's going to be receiving the supporting statement. And Mary Beth, what's Mary Beth's last name? Lamb. Mary Beth Lamb will introduce each supporting statement. So, I'll pretend to be Mary Beth Lamb. We have Mary Beth Lamb here. Oh, she's on. Oh, okay, good. Go. Oh, Mary Beth, I didn't realize you were here. Alan sits down and once he's settled, that's your cue to say, to introduce the first supporting


statement. We will now hear statements of support for the new abbot. The first speaker will be Gengo Akiba Roshi, Bishop of Soto Shu in North America. Akiba Roshi's words will be translated by Dr. Paula Arai. Thank you very much. As Gengo Akiba Roshi, I offer my support to you and as the translator, I translate that support into even more support. I don't respond to any of this, right? I think just what you just did. What did I just do? You nod your head, you bow or whatever. Okay. But you're looking here, right? Yes. I mean, do you want this in front? I do. You're not illuminated. And Mary Beth, I'm not going to put your camera back on except for the first one. So, you'll just speak, but I'll just switch the speakers out. We could open that for this part. Good. You know, what would help is if the overhead lights were dimmed because he's got these


two orbs over his head. You're only going to be here for a few minutes. The main thing is seeing them. I think I'm sufficiently lit. Can I take my mask off or no? I should leave it on. I'm not talking. Okay. I think the less business we can create, the better. It's already quite complicated. So, Mary Beth Gengokipa has finished speaking. The translator has finished speaking. Alan has acknowledged them. We now invite Berkeley Zen Center's board president, Mary Duryea, representing the Berkeley Zen Center Sangha. Chinmay Osho, dear friend, et cetera, et cetera. Now you are Abbott, et cetera, et cetera. We give you our full support. Now we welcome Joanna Macy, representing Friends of the New Abbott.


That's you, Rob. I'm a friend of the New Abbott, and I really offer our support from all of your friends. Is that it? That's it for statements. So, Raghav, this might be a spot where we're just going to have to communicate, but it's tricky with all the video switching, so I may need a hand there when we keep talking about you. So, the next section of the ceremony is Todon, where you ascend the mountain. You're going to stand up. There's been a letter to remove the chair. You're going to receive the staff back from the geisha.


Make statement nine. Before staff, make statement nine. John, sorry, what were you saying? When we're switching out all the videos, I may need help on some of those switches. We'll have to work that out. Okay. Oh, that's a good point. Thank you. Okay. Why was it there in the first place? When he came in. But in this case, it should go over there for this very reason, so then you don't have to cross over. Like laying down? No, like against the front, right under the belt. All right, okay. First there's a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is. Yeah, that's going to be tricky.


Okay, now the microphone is on. Okay. There still is no mountain. Could someone move this thing there? It's dripping off here. And Mary Beth, just a heads up. You're going to be a co-host so that you can mute and unmute as you need to. You mean unmute other people or? Mainly yourself. Just worry about yourself, but this way you can unmute yourself when it's time, whereas the other people will have to ask to unmute when they go. Okay, thank you. Oh, maybe not yet. Never mind, never mind.


Let's see, wouldn't you do whisk first? Oh, right, yeah, I'm sorry. I'm not sure which one this is. Jackie Mooney. Jackie Mooney. Oh, good to see you. Jackie Mooney, buddy. Okay, now I'm going to go with flowers. Second statement, the founder and former abbot. Oh, now, yes. Third statement. Members, daughters, families, deceased members. Yeah, this is kind of a long one, I think.


Is the volume on? Oh. On him? Yeah. Yeah, it is. He's not speaking very loud, I think, is the main thing. Now, my microphone's on. Okay. If you could mask off for the statements, that would be great. Okay, what's this one? This is a root teacher. Root teacher. So, this is the hobitsu, I think. No, no, it's not. Onshu. Onshu, so good. Again. The founder and the root teacher. No, I understand, I understand. There are separate ones. So, those are done. Jisha, you're going to step down.


Yeah. You might want to move yourself. Move it away? Maybe not. Well, just so you're not stepping on it. But anyway, we find it. So, this is the invitational bell portion of the ceremony. The Jisha does uh does one standing bell, move to the side, and then Ryoban do it. Wait until they do their bell. Are we chasing each other? Am I not joining them? You're not joining them. We're not facing each other. So, it's like this. He's finished making these statements, these four statements, offerings to various people. Now, you're inviting him to teach. The invitation is three parts.


First, she comes down and does offers and bows. Please teach. Then the Ryoban, all 17 of you, come forward. Bow. Wait a sec. Offer. Bow. Please come and teach. And then the picker, number three, she goes up and offers up there. And then she comes down and does Longjin. But wait until they do the Ryoban, please. Now, when you say when they offer, what do you mean? There's no offer. Oh, they don't offer. Excuse me. They just move forward and do a bell. You know, it does say when she's coming down, she removes the tape. After I do an offering up there, I go back up and do an offering. I do a Longjin bow. And then I remove the tape. That's correct. Okay. So Ryoban, all 94 of you, please come forward and bow to request the teaching. Then you step back.


Then the Jishas go up. All six of you. And this is when she holds in on your territory. You were good there. You were okay. There's no offering here, right? Oh, yeah. Just did the offering. Right. Yes. Everybody bow. Everybody bow. And then you remove that. And that's the cue for Halita Roshi. We'll then say, et cetera.


Which is, you know, say that in Japanese. And then it's time for some tech people. Do you want me to carry one? That Halita Roshi is going to say something, you know, in that kind of information in Japanese. It's not translated. And then the first questioner will be Zenju Earthling. Yeah, because you're standing. So you can see. Well, I can't. And you answer them. Oh, I'm gonna turn. Wherever you want it. I think that's a good way to do it. All right, that's good. So he has said that. And Earthling will know that when he's done saying that, he will ask her first question. I have on here that the Shinmei invites the questions with dragons and elephants. I'm sorry. So this was a question for you, Ellen.


Do you want to say in English? He said that in Japanese. You have the choice of either saying it in English, dragons and elephants. Let us call forth the Dharma or not. Okay, so Mary Beth. So Halita Roshi will say that. And then once Ellen is facing the camera, you will introduce Earthling. We now welcome our first questioner, Zenju Earthling Manuel, guiding teacher of still breathing Zen Sangha. Here is my question. What color is your beard? I thought I was going to shave today. I forgot to shave. Thank you very much. And then he answers the questions here. Okay, so you're going to answer. Okay, so we're keeping you both on. And then we take the questioner off. And the next one is introduced. We now welcome our next questioner,


Kenshin Catherine Kasai. Yes, here is my second question. And here it is. And there it goes. Is it raining up there? Always. We now invite our next questioner, Miyoko Susan Moon. And there may be some questions that have one or two back and forth, like this one, where the first part of it is this. And then you respond by saying that. And then she continues and says something further. And you say something. Okay, whatever. All right. Thank you very much. We now invite Ryushin Andrea Thatch to question. I'm remembering something that I didn't mention, which is important. So after he answers, the questioner will say, thank you very much, or should say, you should wait for them to say, thank you very much. Great congratulations.


Yes, thank you. Each person is supposed to say that, which would be your cue for introducing the next person. At least they don't have to walk back and get a round of applause. Right, they don't have to. So why don't we go to the very last questioner, Mary Beth. We now invite our final questioner, Alex Sanaki. What's up, Dad? You're very far away. Yes, I miss you. And congratulations. Thank you. And great congratulations. Okay. So that is, that's the end. You don't say anything after that final person, Mary Beth. And now we're ready for your teaching statements, the five teaching statements. And now we have two questions. Does he use the monitor or not? And where am I when I'm giving him a statement?


You're here to answer your second question. You come up and just like every other time, you're up here choking. So after the last questioner, I come, but let's answer your first question. I don't have an answer to that. What's the right answer? John, what do you think? Well, here's your choices. If you're speaking right here, which I like, because you're close to us, we can see you really well. The other option is the ZendoCam, which is this one, which is a lot further away. Yeah, this is much better. Yeah, I agree. And it's simple too. Just leave it on. Wait for the teacher to come up. And I'm going to take my mask off completely for this. Good. Yeah. It looks pretty weird. Yeah. Yeah. What? But I'm going to, I'm going to turn. Yeah, what about the, do I have to? There's no fragrance. But there's a whisk thing. I'm not sure. I'm not sure about the whisk.


Can't hurt. So what are these? This is, you know, what do you call it? Taito, Jabu, Gyakutsui, Gio, and then Soko, Ketsuza. Okay. Those various ones. Right. Basically all of the rest of them. Okay. Fundamental backbone. Appreciatory statement. Personal statement. Understanding of the koan. Concluding statement. What happened to world peace? That was earlier. You know, when you talked to Mooney at a world peace or something. Oh. Don't worry. It'll be on the card. Okay. Okay. So then your last one. So he finished with his concluding statement. You want to take it from there? Morgan? Okay. I think I stepped down from the mountain. No. Wait. I don't think you need to do that yet. So I follow him down? Yeah, you can just stay there. Because now, once the five statements are over,


the main action that's going to happen is that Ueshiba is going to hit the tweaking and say, in Japanese, clearly observe the dharma of the dharma sovereign is thus. Right. And I'm thinking maybe the last statement that he makes down there will be down already. The thank yous are down. Thank yous are all down. He's down there. Yes. Or maybe I just take the tray down with me. I'm not sure what your question is. I'm trying to get from here to there. Wait for him to finish. Wait for Hiroshi to say his part and then just follow him down. Okay. So grab the staff. Oh, yeah, right. Hey, what was the Hiroshi part? Does that happen while you're still on the? Yes. Oh, I see. Yes. He puts the cap on the whole thing. Then I go down.


You guys should move the stand down. I can get rid of this. Question. John? Are you imagining that you'll spotlight Hiroshi when he makes that initial statement as well as descending statement? Yeah, because that's when he would know when it's his time to speak. That's my take, but I don't know. We can do a split screen of Hozan and Hiroshi. Yeah, it would be like if. Yeah, so it would be like this. Okay. Just checking. Watching. So somehow we have to communicate this to Hiroshi. Yeah, okay. So when Hiroshi makes a statement, we'll move this out of here. After it. Oh, he says, I see. Yeah, but he's going to need this to see people's congratulations.


So I still need this down here. Where do you want it? Here? We'll see. I think off, kind of off to the side, like it is now. Kind of just off to his right side. And he can turn to face it. Okay. Yes. Okay. So should we move it before he tries to? I think so. Yes. No, not while he's doing it, after. After Hoitsu, we move this monitor. Well, if it's on, if the camera's on Hoitsu, can we move the monitor at any time, then we come back to his end up here. But he may want to watch it. Are you going to watch it? Well, it's part of, yeah, it's part of his part. Okay. Not that much of a backstage in this thing. Where's the main room? Oh, what's your writer? It's really beautiful.


It's soft and stiff. This is, we need a red thing, a red rubber band. I can see the edge. You don't see that really. So this is the informal part of the ceremony. You're going to hand off one at a time, your staff and your whisk to the Jishi. You're going to put the basket down first. Take that, put it away. So the rule for you, Laurie, should be, always think if I'm getting something from him, I should have two free hands. Okay. Then don't, except for the whisk, right? I mean, except for the staff. Not from getting the staff. You missed the Mary Beth statement, I think. When possible, you should have two free hands. How many of you with a stand?


Doesn't he offer informal thanks first and then I start? Yes, that's correct. But I have to stand first at the wreath. Oh, I see. All of the business that just happened, Mary Beth, happened. Then he offers informal thanks to everyone or whoever he does it to. And then congratulatory statements introduced by you. So either, Mary Beth, you'll know when he's finished doing his informal thanks or there should be some last step that you agree on. So she'll know what you're doing, whatever's obvious. I'm waiting for the full list. Am I standing for all this? You're standing. Sorry. Yes. Did you write a thank you statement? Not yet. I mean, are you planning on it? Yes. This could be ad lib. Oh, no, no, no. It can't be ad lib. There's so many people involved in this. I want to ask that question.


I was going to do it, but it's redundant. He will do the thank you. You know, my closing statement. I see. Yes, yes. I really want to try to include everybody who's been working on this. Oh, OK. OK. So you made that. So I've done my concluding statement, Mary Beth. My thank you is right there. Well, now we will hear some congratulatory remarks. We now welcome Hoitsu Suzuki Roshi, Abbot of Rinzou-in. His remarks will be translated by Dr. Paula Arai. You did a great job. We now invite Shotoharada Roshi, Abbot of Sogen-ji. His remarks will be translated by Shisan Priscilla Storrent. No, Dai-chi Priscilla Storrent. Oh, sorry. We had that wrong before, Mary Beth. Dai-chi.


Dai-chi. So like D-A-I-C-H-I. Right, that's the dominant name. Dai-chi. Dai-chi, chi. Dai-chi Priscilla Storrent. Hold on a moment. Hold on a moment. So in the program. It doesn't say that. It says Chi-san. OK, so you're going to change that Mary Beth? We will. Thank you. OK. Chi-san is the informal. Everybody is a san. You know, so like they take the last syllable of your name and add san to it, because it's an informal way of reference. OK. So the last one. Mary Beth. Lastly, we invite Kosei Lori Sanaki. So I think if I'm here, this will pick me up, right? So does this mic, does the webcam mic pick me up if I like this? Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers brought forth.


John is holding this number. Are you Kosei or Myokai? Well, everyone else was using their first. So I put my first. Should I do Myokai? What do you do? What do you use? I don't use either of them. Who everybody else? The other like Myoko, all the other people. OK, I don't care. It's up to you. Let's go with what we were. Ask your teacher. Yeah, I'll ask him later. Well, hey, only only trick here is the camera view, because I think we can only get you on the ZendoCam. So we've got your backside. Oh, no. We're going to get from Chris Evans is going to really complain about that. I'll cover that up. I'll have to cover that up. I think we should have a what would Mel do? What can happen here is that we won't see more. Is that what we're talking?


I think I think Lori can be where Steve is almost like just standing, standing. Yeah, but standing there. Yeah, that's fine right there. That's good. How's that? Yeah, that's perfect. And then we can hear you and we can see you facing. And we can see you four score and seven years ago. Yeah, well, our fathers brought forth new nation. OK, OK. And then when I'm done, we'll bow. Good. Now, the next thing that's going to happen is the procession is going to leave simultaneously. Carol is going to come and say final words to the assembly while the procession goes out to the other area for bows. You know, leaving the staff and the list here, right? Yeah. OK. I'm not really sure about that, but that seems fun. And it has the benefit of simplicity. And I start right away.


You start right away. Don't you? And I guess I'm going to go from there. That's a serious camera. I'm going to turn off the microphone. We want to thank everybody for coming. Now, bye. And then do we go? Are we outside or is this the last shot? OK, he's going to go on for a little while, so then we're going to end out here. So, Alan, as would usually be the case, once Carol comes here, why don't you put your hands in that trail with the signal and start to roll down the tree boughs. OK.


I think we need at least two more rehearsals. We only have one rehearsal scheduled for a week from today. I think we should schedule another one. In addition to which, I'm sorry, Alan and Lori, I think it would be good if you two walk through it again once or twice on your own, besides our great rehearsals, because I think we need to work out all the... But our final rehearsal should be just going through the whole ceremony without any glitches, without figuring things out, because, of course, for the ceremony itself, we're not going to have the opportunity to figure things out. So it would be great if we could schedule another one. Let's be clear on Friday, because that was our tentative... Now are we talking about a tech rehearsal? Hold on, I want to respond to what Rob just said. Trying to talk to Blake? Yeah. That's fine.


No, he's turned off all together. Okay, I think he's done it. I was just going to say that I don't see the gimbal on the corner anymore. Yeah, that's right. Maybe you've resolved that already. I could only see it at certain times. That's why I think it's the gimbal. When his view was looking to the left, you didn't see the little gear on the right. That probably was it. For us, Mary Beth, Raghav, you and I, when we're cycling through the speakers, let's be patient with that, because it takes a little time. What we might do, Raghav, is I might switch the video, and you ask them to unmute themselves. I wonder if we could do that, because we're going to have it set so that nobody can unmute themselves inadvertently. When it comes to the speaker's time, we have to ask them to unmute. Yep. If you hover over Mary Beth, for instance, are you a co-host now?


Yeah, you're automatically a co-host. If you hover over Mary Beth, do you have the option to ask to unmute? Yep. Okay, good. It might be I do the video switching, you ask for the unmuting, because it's like we're doing a lot at once for those things. Sounds good. Okay, cool. Yep. So let's plan on that for the dress rehearsal, too. We'll try and mimic that a little bit. But Mary Beth, for your purposes, too, just like talking nice and slow as you introduce people gives us the time to switch the people in and out, so that'll be good. And your pace was really good on this, on what you were doing today. Is there any way that I can help? I mean, it might be hard during that part, because I'm unmuting myself and muting myself. But if there's anything else I can help you with. Yeah, we'll keep that. We'll definitely keep that in mind. But I think as long as you're taking care of your own muting and unmuting, checking our pace,


waiting as you see the people come in, then I think that'll be good. What we do is we have like a back channel, which is like a conference call line that we're all called into. So we're all muted, obviously, during this thing. But like Rob and Raghavan Blake and I will all be on just like headphones on a phone call. It may make sense to add you to that. I'm not sure. We can figure that out by next week. I will be speaking. Well, that's true. That might just be too distracting. Yeah, that might be distracting for me. It might create some back sound. That's true. That's true. Yeah, we'll keep you off of that. And you'll just be following the cues. Because when you start each time, I'm going to spotlight your video. I went off for a few minutes. I don't know why. But since the winds might have been a little bit fuzzy, but I was able to get on before I had to speak again. Yikes. Yeah, that is going to be nail biting. Yeah.


Well, if that happens, I don't know if you have a backup or anything, like a phone hotspot or something like that. No, because I don't have that kind of a phone. Okay, so if you have a script, then maybe we need to make sure that there's some contingency, just so that somebody else has that script as well. So just in case you drop off, that somebody else could read those intros. Yeah. And Raghav, there's been a request for another rehearsal. And we have one set up on Saturday too. We'd also like to try doing one on Friday too, if that's possible. I can't, because I'm at work until 530. Okay. Maybe we can have somebody sit in for you. Yeah, I mean, because we're not going to be trying to. I think if we have, we were just talking about having her script and worst case scenario, if she dropped off a call or something.


It's Friday. Yeah, I can do Friday. That works for you? Yeah. Okay. And we're also trying to decide what to do if we have rain. So we're working on different alternatives for that. Yeah. But I'll let everybody know that you're good for Friday. Okay. I can make it. Great. Perfect. Perfect. Okay. There's somebody else who could do my part and they could, if they can practice on Friday so that they're. Yeah. Maybe. One suggestion I have, maybe. Yeah. Is. For the audio part, you know, what you can always do is also, you know, just call in to zoom with your phone. I don't have that kind of phone. I can just call on my regular phone.


Yes. Regular phone. You mean like, as long as it's not like a rotary phone, right. It's. It's a, it's a landline phone. Yeah. Yeah. So landline. I wonder if you can still do it because it's just like keys, but it might be pushing it. I mean, you can try it. You can try it. How does that work? No, I didn't land. Yeah. Landline. All you do is you call a number. Where it says for phone. You just put the meeting ID. And it should work, but it might be difficult to hold it and all that stuff. Unless if you have a speaker or something, that could work. There's. Yeah. We could try that on Saturday just to see. Yeah. Yeah. If you, if you feel like that landline is not, you know, it's, it's going to be solid. You can just have that as your audio.


And then, for example, even if your video goes out on zoom, we'll still hear you. And I will be able to hear you to know where. Yeah. You'd be able to hear what's going on. Yeah. Yeah. It's a, it's a redundancy potentially, but I also don't want to make it too complicated for you. Yeah. So we kind of just got to balance that out. I mean, how often does your internet bounce out? It seems strong now. It's usually fine except since the windy day that we had. Okay. Just often on. I've been on zoom calls at work and I bounced off two or three times. Ah, okay. I think it's a good idea though, to have a script. You know, at least between us. Yeah. So that in case if that happens. I don't, let me see if I can share the script.


Lori is the one who shared it with me. I think I might've seen this actually. Yeah. You're shared on it, John. Yeah, that's right. Let's see. Uh, I don't see. Yeah. Yeah. Here we go. Do you want me to put raw golf on it? Um, I think here I can do that. I think, let me just check. I'm not sure if it's. Yeah, here we go. Grab your email. Okay. Let me do it.


Didn't ask to send an invite, but, uh, as long as you have it, John, that's, that's, that's okay. Like, yeah, it's not letting me add you for some reason, but, but yeah, I have it. So that's so worst case scenario. We could grab it. Yeah. Okay, cool. Okay. Then I'll be prepared with the phone. Yeah. If it's easy, if it's easy and, you know, uh, we'll see on Saturday how well that works. Yeah. Yeah. That would, that'll be a good test. Cause it'll be the same time. And, um, Raghav, do you have the phone information for, for what the call in is on this? Yeah. On the Zendo channel. Uh, so, uh, let's see, leave compare switch for you. It was it in the invite that Mary sent.


So it might be. So for example, maybe. Yeah. Um, do you have an option that says, you know, where you see mute? Um, do you have an option that says, uh, switch to phone audio on the mute? Yeah. If you, if you near the mute, do you have like extra options? Does it give you like another menu? Uh, yes, it has switched to phone audio. Yeah. So if you click on that, then we'll give you, uh, joining by phone and it'll give you the numbers to call in any, any one of those numbers. Oh, and then you'll see the meeting ID and the participant ID at the bottom. Uh, so you just have to see that in when you call the number and the participant ID, I would have to put in the pound signs with those. Um, I forget right now. It might, it might be. So at the end, I'd be sorry.


And then a number and then a pound sign. Yeah. How do I mute when I'm on the phone? That's true. We will, we will, I guess the phone itself. What do you have mute on the phone itself or no? Let me see. There is a mute button. Okay. Yeah. So that should work. And this is, we're talking only if you're like completely lost your internet, right? Otherwise what's going to happen is even if you joined by audio, you will be able to, is that true? Let me, let me try that right now. So hang on a second. Maybe I can call AT&T in the meantime and say, you know,


it's been knocking off since the winds came. Yeah, that's a good idea. Um, it's been steady on the modem. It says it's steady, but it won't be. Can you guys hear me? Yeah. Hey Rob. Um, so I, we're pretty much wrapped up here. How did it, how did the technical side? I mean, first of all, how did the, I, I, I hardwired all the beacons. Yeah. How did the network look? Wi-Fi was perfect. I didn't see any drops at all. So that was good. Okay. Um, I noticed that when Blake was filming the stuff out in the yard here, it looked a little jumpy when he would move the camera. Did you see that? Yeah. Raghav, Raghav talked to him about that. He's going to pay attention to that. Are you muted Raghav? Yeah. I thought it was either the, it was either the mesh or, or the camera itself. Uh, we're thinking it was a camera.


Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Um, but he didn't drop any, so that was good. Yeah. His, his connection was solid everywhere. The outside part was, was in good shape and the mic is good on there too. Yeah. And I set up another beacon out next to where, um, where Mary gave her talk out of the docusone hut. Oh, perfect. Yeah. I think it's, oh yeah, we got you. Yeah. Yeah. I just want to see if I need to know anything or do anything. Uh, I don't think so. I mean, to me, when we're looking through, when I'm looking at the notes and what we've talked about, the hardest, the biggest trick is the audio in the Zendo. That's the biggest thing to me is, um, making sure we got that turned up a notch so that we got a clear audio on, on. So, so, um, this went by kind of fast, but, um, Blake mentioned to me, you know, he has that lavalier mic on the gimbal.


That's the area mic for his outdoor stuff. He suggested that we put the, and it's just basically a square. It's not a, it's not a lapel mic. It's just sort of a chest height that we put that on, on hose on. He'll pick up everything around him during the procession. But when he goes into the Zendo, you can mute. He can, that, that that's transmitted to Blake's phone. And then he'll mute that. Right. So that'll knock that mic out. If you need to, you can turn that mic on again. He can turn it on again. And wherever, wherever hose on goes, you'll have a lavalier attached to him. I'm afraid if we do that, well, it's possible if we mute, if we mute the, um, the laptop in there and we turn that on, but if we only had that and we didn't have the sound system or the headset, or we would, wouldn't we take away all that other stuff then? And how far does that have to be from the gimbal to still work?


It doesn't have to be near the gimbal at all. Cause it's, there's a, there's a, um, the lavalier. Well, that's a, that's a good question actually, because there's a transmitter, the lavalier transmits to the, to the gimbal and then goes into his phone. Um, but that's just, I, I just mentioned that because it's something we might want to experiment with on Friday. Yeah. It could be, I would say just that it introduces a lot of complexity. So I would say if we could, if we could turn the volume, like what, when you guys turn the volume up a little bit on the, like what you did, Laurie volume. Yeah. I think that got us enough because we also want to get the ambient sound in the room. And we'll lose that if we go to the lavalier. Okay. Okay. That's my take. I don't know. We're close, but you're saying that's the biggest problem, but we're close with what we have. We just have to tweak it and refine it a bit. Yep. And we got to remember to keep putting on the headset,


turning it off and all that. Yeah. I'm taking it off. That part. Yeah. That part is a bit of a dance, unfortunately, but, and I also think the other thing that improves things tremendously is if, if he's taking the mask off to make his statements and just that is going to improve the sounds a ton. And that was the same with Mary in the courtyard when she took them. I'll tell her. Cause it's cause when you got the mask on, you lose the trouble basically. And so you get this Laurie Carol, Carol says that she's she's Carol says goodbye. She's leaving. Do I need to lock? Do I need to lock Mel's office then? Do you need to Ross is going to do it. Oh, great. Okay. Okay. Bye Carol. See you next time. I can't believe we have to do this three more times. One other thing on the lighting. The, one of those windows was open and I, I cranked the blind shut,


which seemed to improve the lighting at the end when he was doing, I think he was doing the question and answer or something, but, but there was a period when, when he was in total darkness. And it, it was a really, it was kind of jarring how, how his face had no light on it at all. We tried to turn the room lights around. To face him. That was when he was in the chair or something. When was that? I think it might've been, I think it was when he was in the chair. Yeah. So, so that's just something I really kind of jumped out at me. If, if that persists next time, we might have to look at some other light source. What, what was, what he was, his video feed was the laptop in front of him. Yeah. And we had the back windows. We, we figured we had to have the back shades closed because when he's standing up there, he would, he would be backlit. Yeah.


So then what are you saying, Rob? Well, we had those, you know, those area lights that we had facing forward. Yeah. We turned those toward him. And it helped a little bit, but, but you move them all the way around in front. We probably could. They're pretty easy to move. I mean, I don't know how long the court is, but. Yeah. Well, I just want to, I want to highlight that because it, he's actually having a doc. He's having a dialogue with some of his, some folks out there and other locations. Just listening in that part. He's not talking. It was really dark. Yeah. Well, I'm not sure we have a solution for that yet, but okay. That that'll we'll work. We'll just highlight that. Yeah. But the rest of it seems to go pretty well from an, you know, an observer's perspective. I mean, I talked to Blake about picking up the,


you know, there's people that the three folks that went into the Zendo and bowed. I mean, it's like picking up people as they exit the Zendo. That transition was. Yeah, that's true. Stay, stay in with them. Cause he had walked away to, to go to hose on. So if he just stays with them, with you three, and then you three rejoin the procession, basically. Right. And that happened when the, that happened when the procession came out of his end of the first time too. So that's true. Watch that one. You guys, thank you so much. Sorry. Sorry. Just one minute, one minute on the document. Something. And I just want to run it real quick. So, so where we put the. Okay. So. For when. She speaks the first time. Yeah. And it said,


put this in the chat. But I think that's actually. She made a statement over here. Yeah. Well, we, he's not going to say it. We asked him on the spot there, whether he wanted to make the English version because. And so you can just delete that. In the chat. Take it out of the script and leave it and put it in the chat. Yeah. No, leave it there and take it out. Just delete it. But I guess we, I guess we'll say she may invite questions, which just means. That. He said he wasn't going to say anything. It went, it went directly to me to ask. Yeah. And you'll, you'll know and you'll work it. You'll have a sense of when. Yeah. So we, so Raga, we should take it out of under E. Take it out of there. And just, it'll just say, she may invites questions,


period. Each questioner does three fold bows off camera. Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah. That's a good point because we weren't sure when we, there's a few things in the script that we weren't, we haven't still not sure about how they're done, but. I took that out. Okay. So for. Translation. I think this is the right translation. What are you saying? You know what he's saying? I think there, there was a later thing from Steve. Let me look in. Let me look in my email. John, do you want to hop off and we can rock and I can. Yeah, sure. I will. I'm going to depart as well. Okay. Me too. See you Friday. Bye. Bye. Let me just see. I know there was a recent one from Steve. Correction. Correct.


Correction to translation. I checked with lab. You looked up the Japanese. What? Oh, it's a row. She strikes the itching. He's saying dragons and elephants. Let us call forth the Dharma. And when he speaks and strikes it again, at the end, he's saying clearly observe the Dharma of the Dharma. King is thus Dharma. Sovereign is thus. Sorry. The Dharma. And then, yeah, I got the other one. So I'll just take this out. Yeah, I think, I think maybe you're, you're right. There's there's. That document is by no means. The final. In its final form. Okay. Sounds good. Not that it ever will be, but. Thank you so much. Everything. Okay. From your end rug off doing this. Yeah. Yeah. I think we caught everything. We could. I mean, this is really great. You're, you know, you're, you're pretty much if we ever have to do anything like this again,


we may not need to tap John. You, you may be able to do it with on in-house. maybe. I think John's got like more, you know, way more experience. Yeah. It's very comforting to have him here. Yeah. Yeah. But we have to. My piece is really small, but I'm, I'm making sure I'm following him. Yeah. I think you you're, you're shadowing him in case. In case we ever need you. Okay. All right. Thank you. See you. Bye. Bye. Bye.